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What is The The Best Flat Iron For Fine Hair?

If you are into straight hair, you probably have been eyeing on Jennifer Aniston’s signature sleek straight hair from Friends for a while now. And perhaps you might have even tried recreating the infamous hairdo. Until your fine hair slaps you back with the truth. Lack of volume and bounce …

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Tops 6 Best Hair Dryer For Fine Hair

Managing a fine hair is challenging and at times can be quite frustrating, let alone hair drying. Most women with fine hair seem to be clueless about using the right hair dryer. Yes, it matters. Because fine hair strands have a delicate texture, fragile and prone to breakage compared to …

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Top 10 Best Hot Rollers

Even though our lives cannot be perfect, your hair can always be. The glamorous feeling that a curled hair provides you is undeniably awesome. A good-looking hair is every girl’s dream and getting a hot roller is here to make it a reality. We are going to provide you the …

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Hair Dryer Guide: How to Use a Diffuser?

Some hair dryers are pre-packaged with accessories that include a concentrator nozzle, a comb attachment and a diffuser. For starters, that outlandish looking plastic that can be either be attached or clip into the mouth of the dryer is the diffuser. Keep reading to learn everything you must know about …

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Food for Healthy Hair: What to Eat and What’s to Avoid

Achieving a healthy hair doesn’t always have to rely on the shampoo and conditioner you use. It doesn’t always have to do something with the costly serums or hair care products you apply on your tresses. Sometimes your lifestyle also reflects hair growth particularly your eating habits. You are what …

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