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Hair Relaxer Facts And The Best Shampoo for Repair

Best Shampoo for Repair

As we all know, it ain’t easy to take care of your physical appearance and look your best. It often means discomfort, lots of effort and a whole lot of time spent. You can’t just relax and do nothing after getting your naturally curly, wavy, or kinky hair “relaxed.” The moment you leave the salon, your hair will need pampering to stay straight —and that’s another price to procure! Beauty products aren’t cheap ‘ya know!

There’s a sea of shampoos with different essences and promising perks that nourish chemically treated hair. If we get it one by one, it can fill an entire bathroom counter just for the hair products alone. But do we really need that many? We only need to score the best shampoo for relaxed hair.

On top of the multiple marketing approaches of brands to get their products up at the parlay, curlies will always dig for reviews. Ain’t nothing wrong with checking out the feedback from those who have tried them, which makes deciding less tiring.

Why Relaxed Hair Needs Special Attention?

Yay Or Nay? There’s no right or wrong in choosing to get it done, but it’s important to set proper expectations. Changing the structure of your hair means you are accountable for its well-being. Whether you choose to get your hair relaxed or not, a yay or nay relies on two critical factors; proper application or procedure and your ability to take care of its health.


Relaxer Facts You May Need To Know

For sure you all have an idea what relaxed hair is, it’s the sister of hair rebond, they both straighten the curly, wavy, and even kinky hair. And when done by a pro (as highly suggested) it grants the wish of a hair full of ringlet curls into smooth, shiny locks! Not like you should be discouraged to try relaxers, but the shine has its drawbacks too, —they can leave hair in a fragile state.

  • What does this tell you? Not all thick, curly hair is strong and healthy. If you don’t have healthy hair strands, you’ll run the risk of damaging it if you insist on treating it with a relaxer. It might cost you more on bringing or growing back healthy hair.
  • Keen to get your hair relaxed? Can you handle not washing your hair for four days? It may seem hair-scratching to believe, but not washing your hair, at least, four days before applying the treatment allows it to produce a natural lube. The oil that our scalp naturally produces will protect it from chemical applications. If you’re a traveler, skip the water adventure.
  • Professional hair stylists know the type of relaxer applicable for your hair texture or hair type. At this point, you need to give your hair a break from curly hairstyles, at least, a week before relaxing. Make sure that it’s also prepped and not tangled. Also, it helps to check for the best shampoo for relaxed hair early to save time.
  • We know that the unfortunate fact about relaxers is they weaken the structure of black hair. Therefore, it is a no-brainer tip that if your hair was previously relaxed, leave it alone for a minimum of eight weeks. The longer period you give your hair a rest in between touch-ups—the lower the risk of hair damage.
  • Yes, when you finally have that shiny straight hair, playing with it, adding length and volume in a matter of minutes is very exciting. Hair extension like weaves and braids sounds perfect for a natural girl-next-door look, right? However, as they say, patience is a virtue, newly relaxed hair cannot withstand the tension caused by extensions.

Types Of Relaxers

For curlies, summertime means that humidity can be downright annoying to achieve swingy, frizz-free straight hair. The chemicals applied as hair relaxers are classified by two standards. So, it might be simpler to give you a hand in choosing the right relaxers to help temporarily keep fuzz at bay.

Lye Relaxers

Lye is a strong alkaline solution, which means it’s pH level is higher at approximately 12-14, whereas non-lye with 9-11. Our hair has a pH level of about four to five. The main, active ingredient in a lye-based relaxer is sodium hydroxide. So, what does this entail? Does it make lye-based relaxers with higher pH damaging for your hair?

The good thing about Lye-based relaxers is they work pretty quick, avoiding its capability to burn your scalp. The faster it takes effect in breaking hair bonds, the better this is for you. Lye-based relaxers rinse cleanly without leaving moisture-blocking agents behind. Of course, followed by a good neutralizing shampoo is a must for relaxed hair.

Non-lye Relaxers

Among the three types of hair relaxers to choose from depending on what is best for your hair and scalp, ammonium thioglycolate and calcium hydroxide are non-lye relaxers. The calcium hydroxide relaxers are designed for curly, coily and wavy hair but with sensitive scalps. Albeit its calcium content can cause dryness. At least, using this formula of hair relaxer lessens the chance of burning your scalp.

If you’re relaxing your hair at home, it’s advisable to use a mild non-lye relaxer. Make sure you are careful with the time the relaxer stays in the hair to prevent it from drying your hair out. In case of product buildup, use a clarifying shampoo once during the month to remove the calcium followed by a conditioning treatment to add moisture to your hair.

Hair Relaxing vs. Hair Rebonding

Hair Relaxing

Simply put, as softening very tight or kinky curls, but not completely straighten it. The solutions used are also slightly different than those for hair rebonding —mostly chemicals with strong alkaline. The procedure and cost of hair relaxation are not as expensive and doesn’t take much time to do compared to hair rebond. Considering that its method relatively involves applying the chemicals at the scalp level, chances of scalp irritation are possible.

Hair Rebonding

It’s a permanent straightening technique also identified as Japanese straightening that originated in Japan. Unlike hair relaxers, the means of hair rebond is breaking the hair bonds using a perming solution with strong chemicals. The hair bonds are then reset using a flat iron that straightens the strands. Hence, it cannot be altered. A rebonded hair when done right looks really beautiful with a rich natural texture, and it also can last six to seven months.

No Hair Care Means No Hair Soon..

Straight hair lovers who decided to end their affair with their precious curls know that a relaxer appointment with a hairdresser can bring both good and bad news. So even if it needs such an inducing effort to care and maintain, relaxed-hair lovers can’t be hindered from wanting straight hair. Here are the important aftercare rules for relaxed hair.

Wrap and Protect at Night

If only we can doze off standing upright like a horse, saves us the worry of waking with a tangled nest the following day. Unfortunately, we sleep rolling around on cotton pillowcases. A newly relaxed hair should be handled with care like a newborn kid. Wrapping your hair with a satin scarf at night is a heatless setting method that protects your delicate hair strands. Form your hair into the shape of your head keeps your hair smooth and frizz-free the next morning.

Foamy Shampoos Don’t Help, Sulfate-Free Shampoo Does!

Little did we know that those tiny, foamy bubbles you’ve turned to love when you shower don’t love your hair back. Sulfates are agents found in most shampoos (check the cover label.) It creates the lathery effect giving that clean feeling after rinse. Well, it dries the hair. It’s harsh for any chemically treated hair that needs double the nourishment. Sulfate free shampoos help moisturize, gently cleanse your relaxed strands keeping it in good shape.

Condition Your Hair Once A Week

Relaxers strip off the natural oils of the hair and using petrolatum-laden does nothing but just coat your hair with grease. Opt for good-quality rinse-out conditioners to maintain proper moisture levels in your hair strands. Shape your hair two to four times each month depending on how much deep conditioning your newly relaxed hair needs.

If The Ends Are Bad, Trim It!

Have you noticed that after your hair relax treatment, the ends seem strangely pin straight? It happens because it’s the oldest and the most fragile part of your hair. They get really dry and sometimes brittle. Although you have the option to leave it alone, it is still best to just get rid of the splits.

The Best Shampoo For Relaxed Hair | Sulfate Free!

Finally, we made it to the list! We all want that sense of relief. So it’s important to know what else is in the product before you consider buying one. Now that you recognize the drill, particularly, the imperatives, —let’s go check out the top SULFATE-Free picks. Below are Amazon’s best sellers with reliable customer reviews! The list is made to make choices easier.

1. Carol’s Daughter Monoi Sulfate-free Shampoo

Carol's Daughter Monoi Sulfate-free Shampoo

This coconut-derived shampoo is formulated with the right anti-breakage goodies to feed the most delicate hair. Aside from the fact that it has zero sulfates, it contains Monoi Oil that conditions distressed hair, Hibiscus Extract that detangles entwine tresses, and Coconut Surfactant that cleanses deep. Many users describe this shampoo as a delight even for those suffering from over-processed hair.

Fact about Manoi Oil; It’s a Polynesian beauty secret, and one of the oldest hair repair and conditioning extracts before shampoo even existed. It is a well-known practice in Tahiti, Indonesia, Malaysia, and The Philippines. The way it heals damaged hair is by stopping protein loss in hair resulting in less to almost no hair breakage. With its moisturizing and soothing properties, it helps the hair strands become stronger after repair.

2. Babo Botanicals Swim and Sport Shampoo and Wash

Babo Botanicals Swim and Sport Shampoo and Wash

Why it may be the best shampoo for relaxed hair? The Swim & Sport Shampoo & Wash by Babo Botanicals is specifically designed to get rid of chlorine, salt, and grime. It also shields the hair from sun damage. Now, you might wonder how on earth did this beach-summer product fell into the list of shampoos for chemically treated hair? Other than being a sulfate-free product, it holds two powerful hydrating organic ingredients, — aloe vera and cucumber.

This organic shampoo is specifically created to repair that dry straw covering your head. It’s paraben and phthalate free shampoo which is gentle to permed, relaxed, dyed or any chemically treated hair. Compared to its other counterparts on the list, the ingredients of this shampoo is completely VEGAN with antioxidants and chamomile. If this shampoo can wash off salt and chlorine, it means it can nourish fragile, relaxed hair.

3. Majestic Pure Argan Oil Shampoo

Majestic Pure Argan Oil Shampoo

Who doesn’t know the powerful benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil? It’s one of the most famous gifts of nature found in many beauty products for a good reason. It definitely does more than just cleansing your hair. Argan oil is rich is in Vitamin E, Carotene and essential fatty acids that can naturally transform dull chemically treated tresses into shiny and healthy-looking hair.

This sulfate-free Argan Oil Restorative shampoo by Majestic Pure is the finished product of impressive sourcing of ingredients. Since relaxed hair can often irritate the scalp due to extreme dryness, Argan Oil Restorative shampoo helps soothe irritated areas on the scalp. What more can you ask for from this 100 % pure Moroccan Argan oil blended with contains avocado, almond, coconut and camellia seed oils in shampoo?

4. Mizani Moisturfusion Milk Bath Hair shampoo

Mizani Moisturfusion Milk Bath Hair shampooDefinitely Moisture Milk! The shampoo that will heal and protect chemically treated hair should have a blend of ingredients that not only improve the look and feel of your hair. It’s a must that your chosen shampoo can nourish the scalp and hair follicles. So with Mizani Moisturfusion’s milk bath hair shampoo, the name itself describes just that.

You can’t go wrong with Mizani products. The majority of its users admire how great it smells and how it tames kinky hair. What makes this shampoo remarkable for relaxed hair is it is made simple with natural ingredients. It’s a sulfate-free shampoo best for deep cleaning and making sure your hair is free from loosened debris and buildup. Its nourishment is set to combat any type of breakage.

5. OGX Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

OGX Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

Brittle hair no more and a big yes to intensely hydrated hair! It’s another incredible shampoo made with Argan oil and other natural ingredients, but this time it’s by OGX. One of the best shampoo for relaxed hair. How? It also contains silk proteins that replenish the hair and improves its elasticity against breakage. It is sulfate-free without extra non-relaxed hair-friendly ingredients.

It’s no surprise how the OGX Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo is making the cut in the market. It has the ability to replenish all types of chemically treated hair and also conditions the scalp. It made a great balance of quality and quantity. Another point that makes this product impressive is it’s also cost-effective. Most of the reviews in this shampoo say how a small amount goes a long way. It lathers easily without the need to shampoo twice. Meaning, a bottle can last for at least a month! It’s worth a try, especially for dry, coarse and relaxed hair.

6. Design Essentials Natural Super Moisturizing & Detangling Shampoo

Design Essentials Natural Super Moisturizing & Detangling Shampoo

This shampoo is proof that Design Essentials puts in the time and effort to choose the best sources around the world. If your relaxed hair is suffering from extreme dryness, this product is worth a try! It contains two of the major essentials oils for healthy hair, hydrating Almond and Avocado extracts that help revitalize and strengthen chemically-relaxed hair.

The tedious task of detangling a bird’s nest on your head is totally cringing. Not only the curlies suffer from tangles, —even the heads of straightened hair face the same daily obstacle. Dryness is a culprit of this problem. So for those with relaxed hair, this shampoo can save you from trouble! It contains lathering properties that feed the hair strands with moisture, which easily detangles stubborn strands and mend split ends.


Is it a tough choice? At least, it is less confusing now that you have an idea of what to do and the products to select. Among the six choices, it’s recommended to vouch for Carol’s Daughter Monoi Sulfate-free Shampoo and the Babo Botanicals Swim and Sports Shampoo and Wash. It’s always smart to pick the one with all-natural ingredients because you can almost guarantee that it won’t kill your drying hair.

The two shampoo brands are surefire friendly for delicate scalp and chemically processed hair. Both shampoo formulas are dermatologist and allergy tested but its ingredients are strong enough to do the job for your relaxed hair. Nonetheless, whatever shampoo that gets the job done in cleaning and nourishing your relaxed hair, —keep using.  After all, it’s about what works for the overall wellness of your hair and scalp.

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