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Hair Dryer Guide: How to Use a Diffuser?

Hair Dryer Guide: How to Use a Diffuser?

Some hair dryers are pre-packaged with accessories that include a concentrator nozzle, a comb attachment and a diffuser. For starters, that outlandish looking plastic that can be either be attached or clip into the mouth of the dryer is the diffuser. Keep reading to learn everything you must know about diffusers; how to use one and why you should take advantage of the benefit it gives to your hair.


Can I use diffuser even if I don’t have curls?

What is the difference between a diffuser and a concentrator?

Now don’t confused diffuser with the concentrator. Concentrator is that round plastic with that vent on the end that gives you control over airflow. This is use to create styling precisions.

If you are into hair dryers, you probably know by now that diffusers are mainly used by curly-haired peeps to enhanced their curls while eliminating frizz. Once attached, the diffuser softens the flow of the air that helps the curl patterns stay firmly in their place. It can also be used to lift volume on waves.

Can I use diffuser even if I don’t have curls?

Yes, you definitely can and should! Though it mainly benefits on curly hairs, there are also perks of using a diffuser on other hair types. Because of the gentle stream of airflow, it gives you that minimal hair damage. It can give volume to your hair while eliminating freeze and adding locking in that hair shine. Compared to air drying, it will give you much more natural and defined luster looking shiny hair.

Are there types of diffusers? Which one is good for my hair?

It comes in all shapes and sizes. Some are even designed in the odd looking shape of a hand and other goofy designs. The diffuser that tag along with your hair dryer are designed to fit in to the end of your hair dryer model.

A great diffuser matched with a quality professional hair dryer can help you achieve that salon looking hairstyle. Here’s some of the great in demand hair dryers with diffusers.

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Pre-diffusing Method

Diffusers are commonly used on wet hair. But we can also take advantage of the benefits of using it on our dry hair. It eliminates hair frizz and tangles cause by air drying.

To achieve desired result, prepare your hair before using diffuser on it. If you just step out of the shower, gently rub your hair with towel to remove excess water. Most common mistake that everybody have done at some point of their life is twisting their hair with the towel. This is one of the main cause frizzy looking hair and unwanted tangles. It is advisable to just cover and wrap your hair with towel instead.

If your hair is dry on the other hand, you can apply mouse or gel for easier diffusing and for more obvious result. You can also apply other styling products to enhance curls or wave. The most important thing to note whether diffusing a wet or dry hair is to apply a heat protectant. Doing so can protect your hair from the damage cause by excessive heat and even lock in hair styles.

Now that you are all set, let’s learn how a diffuser works.

The 3 Golden Rule in Hair Diffusing

The 3 Golden Rule in Hair Diffusing

Using a diffuser is just easy as 1-2-3. Just attach the diffuser attachment at the nozzle of the blower and let the tool work its magic.

  • Section your hair. The diffuser cup can only accommodate a partial of hair. Thus to start, section your hair in a way that it will fit into the diffuser. For curly hairs, you can twirl your curls using your finger before popping it into the diffuser. This will give your curl a much more defined pattern. If you have thick hair, you may use a bobby pin to hold a part of your hair.
  • Rest your hair into the diffuser. Start at the top part. With your head tilt, position the finger of the diffuser through the hair strands. Move the dryer in a circular motion and work it outwards and inwards until you reach the end of the roots. Allow airflow to suffuse one section at a time.
  • Make any small adjustments. To complete the process, you can use the fingers to twirl your curls to enhance it. Styling products are also helpful in giving your style a lot more definition.

Try one of this all-time favorite styling formula for finishing touches. Apply the product to your hair strands to lock in your hairstyle, also makes curls look much more natural.

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Here’s a video tutorial to give you an overview of how a diffuser work. In case you are wondering, she is using the Xtava Hair Dryer with Black Orchid Diffuser. Check out the product on Amazon. It really helps you enhance your curls plus its ceramic tourmaline touched for healthier hair styling and drying.

Reminders in Using Hair Diffuser

  • Hair diffusers will work best on low heat settings. The medium setting is also fine but diffuser needs lower heat settings for it not to overheat and does its job of giving frizz-free and defined curls.
  • Patience is needed in drying using a diffuser. It may take a longer time than regular hair drying but this ensures beautiful hair with shine as a result.
  • Refrain from touching your hair and skip brushing it during and after diffusing. You are not just going to ruin your curls by doing so, but will also create unwanted frizz.
  • Different types of curls respond with diffuser in different ways. Some natural curls are better left alone after drying the roots. You can do trial and error to check which method enhance
  • You can also use the method of drying your hair using diffuser to add more volume to your hair or to tone down your curls. You can experiment with the techniques to see which one brings out the desired hair style.
  • Using diffuser until your hair is about 80% dry will lock in that moisture for an increased hair shine.

Mastering the art of diffusing will benefit you in the end. If you are still skeptical about the benefits of using a diffuser in hair drying, I recommend you try it at least and you’ll see a big difference especially if you have curly hair. While it might need a lot to get used to and will require a lot of time than normal blow drying, patience is the key feature if you want to have outstanding results. Keep practicing and remember the tips we told you. In no time, you’ll be doing it like a pro.


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