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Color Melt Hair 101: What it is And How to Pull it Off

Color Melt Hair 101

There are countless new trends in the wonderful world of artificial hair colors, and one of the more popular ones – especially among brunettes trying to go blonde – is color melting. But, what do we know about it other than it’s basically an upgraded version of the classic ombré? …

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Jazzing Hair Color: Everything You Need to Know

Jazzing Hair Color

Love to experiment with at-home hair color treatments? Then you’ve probably heard about Clairol’s Jazzing hair color at one point or another. And if you haven’t yet, well, this article will tell you all about it and why it’s got to be the next big thing on your hair coloring …

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20 Shades of Blonde That Make You Go “Aaaaah”

Shades of Blonde

If you’ve ever thought of going blonde from, say, brunette or any other hair color, you’ve most likely headed on to Google or Pinterest and looked for inspo pics. One thing you’ll notice is that no two shades of blonde are exactly the same, which is great because for all …

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Gorgeous Fall Hair Colors You Definitely Have to Try Out

Gorgeous Fall Hair

We all know that looks and styles come and go – and the same is true for hairstyles and hair colors. For every change of the season, new hair colors come in style: different shades, tones, hues, and highlights. Just take the upcoming fall season, for instance. We are about …

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The Rarest Hair Color in The World

All hair colors are beautiful. But… that doesn’t stop us from feeling ordinary and drab every once in a while. After all, you grow up seeing the same hair color in front of the mirror, and in most cases, pretty much the same hair color family on the people around …

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The Best Modern Shag Haircuts for Short, Medium, and Long Hair

Modern Shag Haircuts for Short

These days, clean, one-length cuts are a thing of the past – instead, you’ll see more and more women embracing the sharp, stylish, and shapely (not to mention modern) appeal of shag haircuts. That’s because aside from looking absolutely gorgeous, shag haircuts are surprisingly easy to style despite the endless …

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