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Asavea Hair Straightening Brush Reviews

  I’m always looking for a great hair straightening that would suit me and my customers. It’s hard to regulate the frizzy, thick, or curly hair that will not take so much of our time. That’s why looking for a great hair straightening brush is a must. I’ve been hearing …

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Sunless Tanning Woes. The Best Lotion To Use After Spray Tan

Not many of us have the privilege to stay longer in places where the sun shines every day. What more dealing with weather that turns our skin into looking bloodless? While the rarity of the opportunity to get sun-kissed skin gets us more frustrated, we run to spray tans to forego bronzed skin …

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Eyelash Extension Aftercare – How to Keep It Last Longer

Have you been contemplating to give your short eyelashes some time but not sure if it suits your lifestyle? Well, the fluttery fringe is undoubtedly not for the wash-and-go kind of gal. Yet, this beauty girl hack saves you your precious time from running to the girl’s room to re-mascara. You can go …

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Lash Lift Aftercare to Keep Your Lashes Sassy

Being a woman is not only time-consuming, but it is also costly to the point that we care to just about every single hair on our bodies. One of the things that lift a woman’s spirit is her eyelashes. I mean, we envy doll lashes the same way most people lust over another …

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Hard Wax vs. Soft Wax: A Beginner’s Guide to Body Waxing

  Goodbye stubble, hello smooth skin! Are you stuck in between hard wax vs. soft wax? Let’s learn a little more about the two kinds of wax, including their pros and cons. All the good, the bad, and the nasty waxing stories of screeching women (and men) have been around that long. Luckily, …

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The Best Wave Brush to Get Those 360 Waves

What do most rappers and other male figures in NFL and NBA have in common? They are rocking those impressive waves! From Jheri-curls, low cut Caesar waves down to afros, these unique and captivating hairstyles have become a household name, particularly with African-American descent. One particular trend is the 360 …

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