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8 Best Blonde Hair Dye for A New And Flattering Look

Best Blonde Hair Dye

Want to change your look and go blonde?

Dyeing your hair in the comforts of your home is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to achieve this. For just a few bucks and a bit of your time, you can even achieve salon quality hair that you can really be proud of.

To help you find the best blonde hair dye, here’s a detailed review of the top eight products we’ve found, as well as a complete buying guide at the end to answer all your questions about finding the right hair dye for you.

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8 Best Blonde Hair Dyes

best blonde hair dyeTake a look at these 8 best blonde hair dyes that are sure to give you a natural looking and luxurious hair. We’ve taken the time to evaluate hundreds of products on the market by testing different brands and getting the opinions of professional hairstylists.

These hair dyes are ranked based on color performance against different hair colors, as well as on their gray coverage, fade resistance, shine and smoothness, and other factors. We also included a couple of our personal favorites and top consumer selections for you to choose from.

1.  Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Permanent Hair Color

Clairol Nice 'N Easy Permanent Hair Color

Taking the top spot is the Clairol Nice ‘N Easy permanent hair color, which is the best choice when it comes to creating a seamlessly natural blonde look that goes perfectly with your complexion.

It’s made with a non-drip cream formulation that is packed with conditioners and is easy to apply, so you can have soft and shiny hair after coloring. It offers excellent gray coverage, looks superb with highlights, smells amazing, and works particularly great for light hair.

It’s also a permanent color fix that lasts for up to eight weeks, so you can enjoy your new look for longer. And, you can get this in more than a dozen different shades of blonde, depending on which one you like best.


  • Best overall solution
  • With built in conditioners
  • 1 easy application
  • 3 tones and highlights
  • Lasts for 8 weeks
  • Available in 18 shades


  • Some consumers say it doesn’t fully cover gray spots

2.  Clairol Natural Instincts

Clairol Natural Instincts

Alternatively, if you like the quality that Clairol offers but would like a less permanent option, you may want to try the Clairol Natural Instincts semi-permanent color. It also makes use of a non-drip formulation that is made with natural moisturizing ingredients to keep your hair nice and smooth.

These include aloe vera and coconut oil, which are great for all types of hair and all hair textures. The formulation is also free from parabens and ammonia, and is excellent in covering up gray spots and doesn’t leave a harsh line of dark roots.

Moreover, a single application lasts through 28 washes, so even with the semi-permanent solution, it offers a decent fade resistance. You can also take your pick from eight blonde shades, as well as browns and reds.


  • Best semi-permanent solution
  • 80% natural ingredients
  • Paraben and ammonia free
  • Works in 10 minutes
  • Lasts for 28 washes
  • Available in 8 shades


  • New formulation is not as good as before

3.  Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Hair Color Creme

Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Hair Color Creme

Ranking third is the Garnier Nutrisse nourishing hair color creme, a do-it-all solution that works excellently in totally changing your look, concealing dark roots, and blending in gray spots for a nice and seamless look.

This color creme is packed with an assortment of moisturizing ingredients such as olive oil, shea oil, avocado, grapeseed oil, and an ultra-hydrating conditioner to make sure that your hair feels soft and looks shiny after coloring.

And, with 45 different shades to choose from, you are sure to find one that works perfectly with your complexion and one that you’ll definitely love to show off. It even works for all shades of hair, so you can’t really go wrong with this one.


  • Best for all hair colors
  • With color boost technology
  • Complete permanent hair dye kit
  • Easy to use non-drip formula
  • Available in 45 shades
  • Comes in different sizes


  • Actual result may vary greatly depending on your original hair color

4.  Naturtint Permanent Hair Color

Naturtint Permanent Hair Color

If what you are looking for is a vegan and environmentally friendly option, you’ll be happy with the Naturtint permanent hair color. It’s a gentle formulation that is completely free from any artificial fragrance, parabens, ammonia, and other irritants.

Instead, it’s made with oleic acid from real olives, as well as meadowfoam seed oil, ensuring a soft, shiny, nourished, and protected hair that looks amazing. It’s an easy to use and very forgiving hair dye that guarantees a healthy and natural look.

Plus, it offers a somewhat decent coverage to gray hair, so it’s a nice option for seniors looking for a color change. It also comes in three blonde shades to choose from and lasts for about a month, so it’s a nice deal all in all.


  • Best for sensitive scalps
  • Natural and vegan formulation
  • With anti-aging benefits
  • Lasts for 1 month
  • Available in 3 shades
  • Comes in a pack of 6


  • Not enough gray coverage

5.  L’Oréal Paris Couleur Experte Hair Color + Hair Highlights

L'Oréal Paris Couleur Experte Hair Color + Hair Highlights

In fifth place is the Couleur Experte hair color + hair highlights by L’Oréal Paris, a two in one color and highlighter kit that lets you conveniently apply a permanent color cream base and highlights in one single sitting.

What’s so great about this is that it comes out as a nice salon-level color and highlight that is just the right tone and isn’t dull, ashy, or brassy. It’s also really easy to apply, especially the bright blue highlighter, and can effectively cover gray areas given ample time to develop.

It does come with a couple of catches, however. For one thing, it only comes in one shade, which is medium blonde (think toasted coconut), contains a bit of ammonia, and takes quite some time to really set in. But even with all that, it’s still a great choice if you want some nice highlights on your new blonde hair.


  • Best for highlights
  • Salon level color quality
  • Foolproof bright blue highlighter
  • Two in one formulation
  • Works in 30 minutes
  • Lasts for 8 weeks


  • Only available in a single shade

6.  L’Oreal Paris Root Rescue

L'Oreal Paris Root Rescue

Another excellent choice from L’Oreal Paris is the L’Oreal Paris root rescue, a hair color kit that works wonders in lightening roots and covering grays. It’s a permanent formulation that has a low ammonia content and conditions your hair as it colors, so you don’t end up with dry and frizzy hair.

It also works in as fast as 10 minutes, and comes with a soft bristle brush and a precision tip applicator that makes it really easy and hassle free to use, you can equally distribute the product through your hair strands and roots.

If you want a quick and mess free application, you should definitely give this one a try. It comes in three different shades, gives you a fresh and glowing look, and just works great overall. For best results, use it when your root growth is less than an inch.


  • Best for root touch ups
  • Easy and precise application
  • Blends with your hair color
  • Works in 10 minutes
  • Lasts for 3 to 5 weeks
  • Available in 3 shades


  • Actual result may vary greatly depending on your original hair color

7.  Clairol – Age Defy Permanent Hair Color

Clairol - Age Defy Permanent Hair Color

We especially love Clairol because their products are just so effective, especially considering that they all come at an affordable price range. Take this one, for example. The Clairol age defy permanent hair color is made especially for stubborn hair gray.

And, it does an exceptional job at that, giving you full and even coverage so your hair can look better, fuller, and younger. It’s a permanent hair color cream made with an intensifying pre-treatment serum that works on enhancing color intensity and giving you up to eight weeks of color.

It also comes with a conditioner that’s filled with antioxidants and is guaranteed to hydrate your hair and scalp and keep you protected from unwanted damage. This way, you don’t have to worry about dry and brittle hair that comes with regular coloring and natural aging.


  • Best for gray coverage
  • Made with a triplex formulation
  • Youthful and radiant look
  • With color seal therapy
  • Lasts for 8 weeks
  • Available in 7 shades


8.  SoftSheen-Carson Dark and Lovely Fade Resist Rich Conditioning Color

SoftSheen-Carson Dark and Lovely Fade Resist Rich Conditioning Color

Last but certainly not the least is the SoftSheen-Carson dark and lovely fade resist rich conditioning color, a permanent color cream that offers superb results for low-porosity hair. It’s even perfect for different types of hairstyles, whether natural or relaxed.

It features a non-drip cream formulation that is free from ammonia and works in hydrating your hair intensely with the use of moisturizers such as avocado, olive, shea, and argan oils. It’s really easy to use, and produces great looking colors.

Moreover, it nicely covers gray hair, and lasts for up to eight weeks. You can also get it in four different shades of brown, depending on your complexion, personality, and preferences. All in all, it’s a great option that you should definitely try.


  • Best for low porosity hair
  • Great for women of color
  • With moisturizing ingredients
  • Non-drip jelly smooth formulation
  • Lasts for 8 weeks
  • Available in 4 shades


  • Not the most affordable option

Best Blonde Hair Dye Buying Guide

Best Blonde Hair Dye Buying GuideWith all the many different blonde hair dyes on the market, the key to finding the best one is carefully evaluating your top picks based on certain factors, and of course, your personal preferences, so you can get the best possible results with a nice blonde look that will last for longer.

Here’s a comprehensive buying guide to help you get started:

Should you dye your hair at home?

Going to the salon is always a fun experience, but salon treatments can easily cost you hundreds of dollars, especially if you want to really change up your look. This is why many people opt for do-it-yourself treatments that they can do at home for just $20 or less.

These products are easy to use, offer permanent solutions, and are generally effective in delivering what they promise. These dyes leave your hair looking nice, shiny, and vibrant. They can even last throughout constant exposure to sun and heat, and regular shampooing.

That said, it’s still not for everyone. While there are some brands that promise salon quality results, chances are, you’ll make rookie mistakes here and there. But if you just want a quick touch up, add a few subtle highlights, or hide your gray hair, an at-home solution works just fine.

Going blonde?

Moreover, achieving a nice blonde result is extremely hard, especially if you don’t have much experience, if your hair is naturally dark, and if you want a really light and platinum looking result. If any of these are the case, it might be best to leave things with the pros.

Things to consider when buying blonde hair dye

Things to consider when buying blonde hair dyeThe best blonde hair dye is one that gives you a nice and vibrant hair color that just glows and looks amazing with your skin tone, all without stripping your hair of the essential oils it needs to thrive.

As such, when buying and using hair dye to go blonde, there are some important things you need to consider. For one thing, it’s often best to just go a couple of shades lighter than your original hair color, since more drastic color changes often require bleach, which is tricky and damaging to your hair.

It’s also important to choose a shade that works great with your skin complexion so you don’t end up regretting going blonde and looking less than pretty with a wrong shade of blonde. And of course, take into account the ingredients that the hair dye is made of.

Below are more detailed explanations on each of these factors:

The shade of blonde you want

Despite what many may think, no two blondes are the same. There are many different shades of blonde, and what suits you best largely depends on your skin tone and eye color. For example, warmer tones work better for those with warmer complexions, and vice versa.

  • Platinum blonde is the lightest shade available, and works for those with fair and medium skin tones with a yellowish tint. It works with any eye color, but especially with blue and brown.
  • Light ash blonde is a whiter shade with a white and gray tint that works best for people with light skin tones and eye colors.
  • Natural blonde is the most common shade that can be considered as “real blonde”. It comes in light and dark natural shades that look great on just about any skin tone, but the general rule is the lighter the skin tone, the lighter the hair color for a natural appeal.
  • Golden blonde is a particular shade of blonde that offers a mixture of gold, honey, and butter, and works almost exclusively on fair skin tones and matching eye colors.
  • Vanilla blonde is perhaps the brightest shade that comes with a bright golden hue along with compliments of subtle pale highlights. It also works best on people with fair skin tones as well as light eye color.

Ingredients and composition

Aside from the shade of blonde, you should also take into account the dye’s chemical composition and list of ingredients to make sure that it preserves the strength, health, and fullness of your health rather than causing harm and ill effects.

As such, it’s ideal to find formulas that come with hydrating and nourishing ingredients such as moisturizers, natural oils, and conditioners, so your hair feels soft, smooth, and vibrant after coloring. This is especially important since coloring your hair can often result in dryness and breakage.

Moreover, try to avoid products that contain harmful compounds that can irritate or burn your scalp, and ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. And, if the hair dye contains ammonia, make sure to apply it in well ventilated spaces to avoid irritation.

Important reminders

To guarantee the best results, you might want to consult with your hairstylist for some professional advice. If you’re nice about it, they’d be more than happy to give you a couple of proven and tested tips even if you color your hair yourself.

Moreover, when applying the hair dye, do a test batch first by applying a minute amount of the treatment on your hair to see whether the formulation can cause allergies. This way, you can avoid a dangerous and potentially fatal allergic reaction.


The best blonde hair dye is not just whichever offers the most vibrant colors and lasts the longest, but one that is packed with conditioners with superior moisturizing capabilities to prevent an all too common problem of dry and damaged hair.

Of course, what’s best for you is also one that effectively addresses your needs, whether it’s boosting your hair color, covering up your gray spots, touching up your roots, adding some highlights, and so on.

Out of all the products we’ve reviewed, our top pick is the Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Permanent Hair Color. It gives you a perfectly natural look with a quick and easy application that delivers excellent and long lasting results, and all in an affordable package.

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