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1B Hair Color – Everything You Need To Know

1B Hair Color

Finding the right hair color for your locks is quite a challenge. You have to choose from at least 40 shades in the market. From black to different hues of blonde, red, green, and more, you will definitely get confused with what’s really suitable for you. Stressful, right?

Especially for those who wear weaves, wigs, or hair extensions. I know that it’s also a struggle to choose the perfect shade that goes along with your extensions, especially if you have dark hair.

You can try Jet Black. However, it might be too dark for you, so this is not usually recommended. But, have you heard of 1B hair color?

This hair dye is really popular nowadays, especially for those who always wear extensions. This is also a shade of black, but it’s lighter and more natural-looking.

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1B Hair Color – What is it?

Yes, black doesn’t only have one type. There are two shades of black when it comes to hair dyes.

The first one is Jet Black (#1), and the second shade is Off Black (1B).

As mentioned earlier, compared to #1, which is the richest and darkest hue, 1B is lighter. It actually resembles the natural black color.

That is why a lot of people who have dark tresses use it instead of #1 because when they wear extensions, it matches perfectly. You don’t have to dye or tamper your extensions just to match your dark strands because 1B is already a natural tone.

If you’re looking for a virgin hair extension that is unprocessed and free of chemicals, the one with a 1B color is a great choice.

Where does 1B fit in the color chart?

1B Hair Color Chart

On a hair color chart, the first three shades are named jet black (#1), off black (1B), and dark brown (#2).

#1 is the richest and darkest shade of black, while #2 is the darkest shade of brown that almost looks like black as well. However, if you take a closer look at the dark brown in the chart and when it’s applied to your tresses, you will definitely see its difference.

In between these shades is the 1B color. This shade resembles natural dark hair. So, if you decide to dye your locks with black but don’t want to make it look like a wig, you should opt for this shade.

Instead of #1, most extensions and wigs come with an off-black shade, too. This is because #1 is dyed and not a natural one. In other words, it has already been processed prior to packaging.

So, if you are looking for a natural black tone for your extension to match perfectly with your tresses, you should go for 1B shade rather than #1. By doing this, you will be sure that what you’re using is virgin, natural strands and not a processed one.

How to achieve a 1B hair color?

When you buy extensions online, it will be difficult for you to determine if its shade really matches the color of your tresses. Sometimes, the images you see on the internet have slight differences. It can be a little lighter or darker than your natural hair color.

If this happens, you need to dye your tresses so that it matches the shade of your extensions. You most likely have 1B color if you have natural locks.

If this is the case, you should get extensions with 1B shade so it matches your tresses. However, you still need to do a little touch-up on your locks and hair extension, so they can really match together with each other.

For instance, if some of your tresses are already gray, you can retouch it by applying a 1B shade to bring back its vibrance.

You can use either a permanent or temporary dye on the extensions as well, depending on your preferences.


If you have this type of dye, you won’t be able to change your extensions’ color. You won’t have the freedom to experiment and try other dyes on your locks or extensions if you use permanent dye in it.

Look for a permanent 1B dye that’s ammonia-free to make sure that the extensions won’t get damaged in the long run. Check also best black hair dye article.


The temporary dye is a great choice for those who like to wear different shades of extensions. This will allow you to experiment and dye the extensions to match any type of hair color.

You can either choose henna, semi-permanent dye, or a demi-permanent dye, depending on your preferences.

In achieving a 1B tone, make sure that the product you’re buying doesn’t contain chemicals that can reduce the extension’s lifespan and your cuticles. As mentioned earlier, avoid products that contain ammonia because it can cause damage.

Do you want to color your tresses black?

Do you want to color your tresses black?

If your answer to this question is yes, then there are some factors that you should consider first before dying it black.

Choice of shade

Make sure that black complements the tone of your eyes and skin before dying your strands with black. This is an important factor to consider, especially for those who don’t have naturally dark hair.

The shades of black are not compatible with all skin types, so make sure you get the right tone for your complexion. You can either check your skin’s undertone or get advice to an expert colorist

Black can be a very intense hue for those who have a lighter skin tone, even if it creates an allure of mystery and sophistication. That is why you should dye your tresses shade by shade, and not dye it with black directly.

You can apply medium brown first. Then, go darker until you find what matches your undertone.

Hair texture

Textured hair can become dry or brittle in the long run when you dye a darker hue in it. This is because of your tresses’ high porosity. Read also different types of braids article.

But, you don’t have to worry because there’s a lot of moisturizing and conditioning products available in the market today to keep your hair healthy. All you have to do is find the best, reliable brand out there.

You should also look for conditioners and shampoos that contain a lot of protein so that the strands of your tresses can become stronger and more nourished. You can also buy nourishing creams or hair masks to treat your locks every week.

Color of eyebrows

You need to dye your eyebrows so they go along with the black hair. For instance, if you’re going from full blonde to black.

If the color of your eyebrows and tresses are not the same, the overall look won’t be complimented. You can also opt to use brow powder or any brow product to color it if you don’t want to dye it.


This factor is important because you have to dye your tresses every now and then to cover the visible roots and gray strands if you have any.

Are you willing to do this maintenance every three weeks to keep the dye fresh? Are you ready to retouch your tresses when there are visible roots present?

If yes, then you can proceed. Besides, touch-ups are quite easy because you only need to dye the gray area and visible roots.

Going dark is a commitment

You should take note that it’s not easy to go back from dark to light tresses again. It might not be for life, but it’s actually a commitment that you should face for a long time.

Other than that, going back again can also be rough on your locks. It can get brassy, dry, and damaged, so you should ask yourself first if you’re really ready for this commitment before dyeing your locks.

This might not be the best option if you’re one of those persons who like to change their hair color a lot. But, if you really want to go dark, you can just opt to add some lowlights instead.

Makeup routine changes

A makeup look for light hair may not look good on a dark one, so changing your makeup routine should also be done when you go dark. But, don’t worry because you don’t need to change a lot.

For instance, if your pink blush looks a little too much for your overall look, you can opt to use a bronzer instead. Experiment and check what suits your new hair dye.

Buy new hair basics

Of course, you have to buy new accessories for your tresses once you go black. Some of these basics include ties, bobby pins, headbands, combs, and clips.

You should get those that match your new hair dye to get a perfect, overall look.

Final Word

You have a lot of options to choose from when buying 1b hair online. But, since dark-colored extensions are the most popular in the market, knowing the difference between #1 and 1B hair color is important if you want to have a more natural look.

If you have natural tresses, then you should opt for 1B. It is unprocessed, undyed, and natural prior to packaging and distribution. You can dye it with different temporary or permanent dyes to match your locks.

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