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Here are 2020’s Best Professional Hair Clippers

Best Professional Hair Clippers

If women’s hair styling investment includes flat irons and hair blowers, men’s investment for grooming includes special tools for hair cutting and trimming. Therefore, it’s a good idea to spend more upfront to get the equipment with craftsmanship measures up. It’s for anyone who wants to save some money on haircuts while you can keep looking good in-between trips to the barbershop.

Once you have some practice under your belt, you’re good to go. Since men only need a few things for grooming, they can be fussy sometimes. So, choosing the best professional hair clippers, rating them on design, features, ease of use, size, and maintenance is important to the overall user experience.

Apart from the price and quality, this article is a ‘tell-all’ buying information on everything you need to know before you click the “Add to cart” button. It will also reveal the brands and models of the top 10 highest-rated hair clippers of 2020!

Aren’t Hair Clippers The Same As Hair Trimmers?

Okay, for newbies and men used in makeshift hair cutting at home, hair clippers and hair trimmers may seem closely alike,—but they aren’t the same gimmick. Both devices share the same task as it’s grandpa scissors, to cut or trim with only a few differences.

What sets them from each other is the size and length of the guide and blade. Hair clippers don’t cut very closely. They are widely-used to cut longer hair and comes with different attachments to adjust the hair length. It’s much versatile in terms of working for different hairstyles. Each attachment varies depending on the length of the hair to be cut.

The hair trimmers aren’t intended to work on thick hair. It has more fit cutting blades to work alongside finer details like the back hair of the neck or chin, which makes it suitable for edging the beard. A trimmer is also an alternative to a shaver for those with acne or ingrown hair. The outcome may not be as neatly stripped as what a shaver can do, but style-wise, it can work for the short stubble look. Moreover, unlike clippers, trimmers don’t always have accessories with it.

What’s Your Experience Level?

A newbie to hair clippers? It’s a question as simple as “do you know the heck you’re doing?” If not, and you still want to baptize yourself into the world of home hair cutting, you’re brave to mess with your hair! Learning how to touch-up a haircut will help save a lot of money. The best part is— you can DIY your hairstyle! You will not learn unless you take the first step to experiment with your hair a bit, right?

Pro tip: For accuracy before cutting, choose a slightly longer clipper size that than you would need. After all, it’s also a useful skill to have. Make it easier to go shorter anytime you want. You know the saying: measure twice but cut once.

Manual Vs. Electric Hair Clippers

Does anyone use manual hair cutters to cut their hair? The old-school hair cutting device determines the barber skills of a person because it relies totally on hand power. Squeezing the manual clipper and maneuvering it at the same time all over your head is not easy to get used to.

Nowadays, it’s an electricity-free alternative with the advantage of being comparatively inexpensive over its lifetime. Most professional barbers have set their skills in motion with manual clippers before they mastered electric versions. You need to make sure you’re ready to mess with your hair before you ever get the guts to put it near your scalp.

Electric hair clippers provide the practicality of maintaining a good angle and a steady hand rhythm as you move. Its motors can be magnetic, rotary or pivot. It’s blades oscillate back and forth throughout a guiding comb. But, one false move with an electric can take a big chunk out of the hair too, so, proper control is essential. They are great at getting the job done much quicker and leave clean results better than manual.

Does Size Really Matter?

The different sizes of the hair clippers are not just for the ease of use in case you have extra-large hands or the other way around. The same principle with the sizing for the clipper blades, choosing the size would depend on the style you’re going for. You’re going for the small hair clipper with a small number on it if your haircut style is often buzzed close to the scalp. Of course, the longer hairstyles call for bigger clippers.

How To Choose The Best Professional Hair Clipper

While it’s best to get services from a barber, it’s not bad to do your hair trimming at home either. Despite the many options available, —some, are just REALLY well-marketed. It can be hard to compare Skepticism still leads us to scour product specifications, product ratings and customer reviews from those who have personally examined the devices. There are important categories for the best professional hair clippers you should look for.

To save your time from confusing yourself with what you need, focus first on getting quality clippers. The size of the comb guides and blades may be crucial to getting the proper length to cut, but, you can almost always buy the different-sized guards separately. Here are the essentials in choosing the right hair clipper.

The right hair clipper should have..

A Powerful Motor

Your hair clipper’s motor should definitely have more muscle to hustle! The kind of quality to withstand cutting through the thickest of hair reliably and smoothly without a struggle. Most of the corded hair clippers are able to get a job done no matter how long the entire grooming session is. If you choose the cordless type, it should be able to render enough run time to get through before you need to recharge it.

Sharp Blades That Stay Sharp Much Longer

Some blades just don’t stay sharp longer than it should, even when you knew you handled it with care. Most hair clippers have self-sharpening blades, albeit rust can occur on some models with ordinary steel blades. Get the brand or model with stainless steel blades. Much better, opt for the carbon steel blades, it’s made more durable to last longer. Other professional barbers use hair clippers with ceramic blades as it doesn’t heat up quickly.

Durable Guide Combs That Sit Tight

Ahhh, here’s another requisite high-quality hair clippers must be built with. Men’s hair clippers have adjustable length settings and removable length guards (guide combs.) But, the fact that most guide combs are made of plastic, the kind that doesn’t vibrate loudly or worse, —break. The strength and endurance of the guide combs are one of the determiners of a high-quality hair clipper.

Trouble-Free To Switch Out Accessories

While guide combs or any clipper attachments need to be able to stay firmly in place, nobody likes the trouble of switching them out when you need to change for different cutting length.

Get Everything In One Package

Generally, your kit includes a set of guide combs in different lengths (0.8 mm up to 25 mm.) Other than that, the best products would actually care by adding a variety of accessories. Depending on the brand and model, a neck duster, flat top comb, barber comb, a pair of ear combs, scissors, and a cleaning brush & oil for maintenance are included. For better performance and long life, regular oiling to the hair clipper is recommended.

wahl hair clipper package

A Reliable Storage

Not only women do consider the importance of a handy-dandy storage that keeps everything organized for hair grooming kit. Alternatively, you can always purchase the storage bag separately.

Should You Start With Corded Or Cordless?

It’s quite endearing how the corded hair clippers still manage to compete heavily against its cordless counterparts despite the innovative upper hand of its younger version. Is it just for quick retouches or for long cutting sessions? No doubt each has its advantages over the other. Yet, ultimately, your choice depends on your personal preference, need and lifestyle. You’ll figure which one will make the cut.

“Cordless Or Corded, Both Still Comes With A Cord..”

By just looking at the two cutting machines, you can easily tell that they differ from where the other end of the cord connects. Cordless hair clippers are attached to a charging base, whereas the corded has its cord already attached to the clipper unit. Meaning, the only purpose of the cord on the cordless clippers is for charging the unit. Another thing, in case you don’t know, the standard cord size of clippers is approximately 8-feet long.

Corded Pros And Cons

Pro: It only makes sense that a corded hair clipper can operate with stable power. It saves you from the worry of it running out of power in the midst of a long cutting session. It’s also ideal for those who don’t have time to wait for it to be completely ready. It’s as simple as plug and play! Therefore, You don’t have to wait for the device to get fully charged before using it.

Cons: The fact that corded clippers don’t require batteries, with a bit of TLC, it often lasts longer than the cordless types. The only downside of the corded hair clipper is the limitation of moving around without a nearby power source to plug it in. If you’re the type who doesn’t have the patience of the cords dangling, then corded clippers aren’t for you.
Cordless Pros And Cons

Pros: The cordless feature might make a world of difference as it gives the freedom of movement that a corded cannot. If you hate having a cord swinging and slapping around while you are buff cutting, — choose the cordless. It’s mobility and flexibility to take it anywhere is just a relief. It’s easy to pack since it doesn’t take much space apart from the extra stuff with it, which is a common issue to occur with tangled cords. The cordless also has water-resistant models that you can use on damp hair.

Cons: Although cordless clippers are travel-friendly and more comfortable to control, it cannot keep up if used for extended periods of time. The power lessens during lengthy grooming sessions or when you trim or style your beard. Since it is battery-operated, you need to change the batteries every now and then.

Nonetheless, both are effective in trimming or shaving hair.

The 4 Best Professional Hair Clippers Of 2020

4 best professional hair clippers

1. Wahl Comfort Grip Pro 79610

Wahl Comfort Grip Pro 79610

This brand and model is perhaps the best among the rest at the moment. The high user ratings and reviews are consistent. What makes the Wahl Comfort Grip Pro 79610 the top pick by both professionals and home users? Why Wahl products has the best professional hair clippers?

Pros: When it comes to grip comfort and maneuverability, the design of the Comfort-Grip Pro 79610 nailed it. It is compact and is constructed for comfortability. Other than its ergonomic grip, it also has a built-in thumb rest which makes it comfortable to handle. Users of this hair clipper commended how it can easily cut through the hair regardless of its texture without feeling like their hairs are being hauled.
It has a powerful motor and self-sharpening carbon steel blades (the best blade type of clippers) that don’t snag hair while cutting. The fact that it is much smaller than the standard Wahl models, it has the power of a larger machine with its consistent performance. Another impressive thing about this model is it doesn’t overheat quickly. With its excellent quality, it’s absolutely a big contender in-home hair cutting.
Cons: The slight problem (just two minor issues) about this model is it is missing the taper lever, which is very useful for custom cutting lengths such as fades and blends. The power button is seemingly sensitive that it may accidentally shut-off the device when it’s laid on its side.

Verdict: Overall, this model is not only great at detailing necklines and sideburns, it’s also very suitable for both facial hair trimming and body grooming without paying a painful price tag. The kit consists of scissors, a beard brush, blade oil, hair removal brush, two combs, and 13 attachments inside a padded, reinforced case.


2. Remington Virtually Indestructible HC5855

Remington Virtually Indestructible HC5855

The overall design of Remington Virtually Indestructible clipper is very similar to that of the Wahl Comfort Grip Pro 79610. It may not have snagged the top spot, but it still deserves a hand down. How? It has to do with practicality and customer care.

Pros: For a great quality built product, the Remington Virtually Indestructible hair clipper lives up to its name. Supported by a limited lifetime warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee, it’s the best warranty protection that its competitors do not offer yet. It also meets the impressive performance and affordable price. Professional barbers who have used this have named it as a clear leader for speed due to its powerful magnetic motor.

The Virtually Indestructible model’s high-impact casing, non-slip grip, and a quiet, powerful motor are giving it the durability and reliability that both home and professional users are after. The compact and functional design is similar to Wahl’s, but it has the more industrial aesthetic. Remington is a brand reputable for its POWERCUT Blade System that is easy to attach, secure, and detach. The ease of cleaning is also an advantage of this hair clipper.

Cons: The removable, self-sharpening and steel-coated blades aren’t as ‘wow’ as Wahl’s, but it’s not a problem. The motor slightly warms up a bit quicker than Wahl’s, but it’s not a big issue either. The only thumbs down about the Virtually Indestructible is its storage case. It’s a zippered pouch that doesn’t match what it should be for.

Verdict: Overall, you won’t regret getting it for its very obvious perks. It is very close to Wahl’s with a customer service that is ready to address any concerns that relates to their product.


3. Wahl Elite Pro High Performance 79602

Wahl Elite Pro High Performance 79602

The Wahl models never fail to be on the top lists. Rather, it is one if not number one, of the most favored brands by the professionals. Maintenance hassle-free powerhouse that is equally efficient and durable as the other two before it on this list.
Pros: Durable by design, just like its smaller brother (Comfort Grip Pro 79610), Wahl Elite Pro is made with premium-grade materials armed with steel attachment clips on its guard combs! Now, that’s a leveled-up accessory supporting its powerful motor and seriously solid hair-cutting performance. The elite is pretty much a heavy-duty device inside a heavy-duty toolbox housing an upgraded 21-piece kit.
The kit consists of 10 sturdy guard combs (in a drawstring bag,) styling cape, a blade guard, a cleaning brush and blade oil. And also, a cord wrap. The steel clips on the guide combs are no doubt intended to last longer. Toughie as it seems, you’d be glad it’s quite easy to switch out. It also has that professional aesthetic to it. The self-sharpening blades are appreciated for its easy glide through the hair. Unlike Wahl Comfort Grip Pro, this bad-boy has a taper lever.
Cons: The hair clipper is literally bulky and heavier than the other hair clippers in and outside of Top Pick this list. The quality of the guide comb bag and the styling cape seems like it doesn’t belong on the kit.

Verdict: Overall, whoever came up with the construction and design of the Elite Pro, they mean serious haircutting business. Its monster motor runs without the bothersome noise and delivers what its made for, —a solid haircutting power. It’s most comparable to the smaller Wahl Comfort Grip Pro. If you have small hands, you might want to opt-out of this one. The Elite Pro is more likely to be the best choice for those with heavy-duty hands as well.


4. OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510

OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510

You can’t go wrong with the Oster Fast Feed! Oster is a long-standing reputable brand that is well-known for its impressive quality hair clippers. It’s considered an ultimate shop tool that proved to stand the thickest of hair. What makes this hair clipper stand out?

Pros: Oster aimed for convenience offering a handy machine with a strong pivot motor housed by a textured, comfortable-grip build. It’s a durable and yet, low maintenance hair cutting tool that delivers great results, durable, and quiet. Compared to its brother (Oster Classic 76) the Fast Feed has a reasonable price and not as bulky. It’s performance over style, the money you spend goes into the unit itself and not into accessories and frills.

The Fast Feed’s steel blades make no error in terms of sharpness and precision. Not all clippers can work on damp hair, but Fast Feed has no problem running on both wet and dry hair. For professional use, the limited guide combs don’t inflict many issues since Oster made sure that they are compatible and can accommodate more cutting lengths.

Cons: Oster focused on its unit so much that it limited the accessories. It doesn’t come with a storage bag. Perhaps it’s because it only comes with four guards combs? For its higher price than the others, this lack of accessories is probably fine with some professionals, but it’s not quite convenient for home haircutting purposes. Also, it holds the shortest warranty among all the clippers.

Verdict: Overall, despite the disappointing warranty and lack of attachments, Oster chose to stick to the minimalist style of assuring a machine that speaks incredible quality. The Fast Feed is made to focus on what’s more important. After all, most professional barbers don’t care a lot about kits with accessories at all. What they care more is what lasts longer and gets the job done.


All great products always have pros and cons, —some are even quite disappointing. Despite some drawbacks, these four hair clippers still make the cut because it has benchmarks that outweigh those drawbacks. In case you choose a different model, go with these three brands.

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  1. Very nice article. I like the Oster Fast Feed Adjustable. It look like it would be good enough to use professionally on animal hair as well Thank you.

  2. i’ve used the wahl’s that are in the walmart section.. i think at least 4 of them in the past. they basically all sucked. fell apart, dulled out quckly, rusted.. I’ve never had a good experience with a wahl trimmer. the one that fell apart, it last about 6 months before it ‘litterally’ fell apart. and the one that got rusty, holy cow, it the blades rusted after the ONE time i had damp/wet hair!! i got a remmington for about the same price, and it lasted about 4 yrs. the oster classic, i’ve had almost a year and its superb. only CON and negative point about it is.. that it creates an absolute TON of heat. so much heat that i still used my old cheap oster to trim the top first and then i use my higher end heat monster to fade and make things high and tight. so.. over a hundred dollars later, 🙁 im in search of another pro quality trimmer. i know for one thing, i’ll never buy a $30 trimmer from target or walmart. i have 3 boys. and i trim my hair every 2 wks.

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