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5 Best Hair Cutting Shears for At-Home Hair Trimming

Best Haircutting Shears

With most non-essential services like salons and barbershops remaining closed during this global pandemic, a lot of people resorted to cutting their own hair. Even celebrities like Hillary Duff, Pink, Brooklyn Beckham, and Scott Evans shared their DIY Instagram hair cutting.

You yourself may be getting desperate for a chop unless of course you are quarantined with a hairstylist. But we are not the Kardashians who have Glam Squad on stand-by, so might as well get your noggin a bit of pampering.

Cutting your own hair has never been easier thanks to a bunch of video tutorials and virtual assistance online. What they don’t teach you, however, are the right tools to do the job. Whether you are cutting someone else’s hair or your own, you need to be armed with the best hair cutting shears for that clean-cut, exactly what this post is all about.

Ahead is a list of best hair cutting shears thoroughly reviewed and discussed. In addition, we also included a comprehensive buying guide to simplify your selection process. If you read on further you’ll learn the basic guideline on how to cut your hair at home like a pro. So fear not, stop nervously whispering “You’ve got this” into the mirror, because here at Kalista we always got your back. This is hair cutting 101. Let the class begin.

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What is the best hair cutting shears in the market?

Your all-around scissors may just be sharp enough to cut papers, fabric, and other goods but cutting it with your hair is a big no-no!  Using domestic scissors on your hair will damage your hair ends and cause them to fray because the blades are usually thicker and tend to be ‘dull’, at least duller than shears that are made exclusively for hair cutting.

In contrast, the best hair cutting shears have thinner, sharper blades that are either convexed or beveled for more precise cuts and to accommodate different hair cutting techniques. Not all hair cutting shears are exactly alike, however. A plethora of models pile up the market, each claiming to be the best hair cutting shears. If you want your best options, and we know you do, scour through our selection of top-notch hair cutting shears to spare yourself from unexpected surprise cuts.

1.  Utopia Care Professional Barber Hair Cutting Scissors

Utopia Care Professional Barber Hair Cutting Scissors

Best in Versatility

If you are going to invest in a hair cutting tool, you might as well buy hardworking shears that accommodate most haircutting needs. This professional hair cutting shear from Utopia fits the description. Featuring a  Japanese steel blade, which is considered the best material for quality and precision, this tool will snip through any type of hair easily, thereby preventing unwanted split and frayed ends.

The 6.6-inch shears with its 2.5-inch work on most hand sizes and strikes the perfect length that suits most cutting techniques including those intricate styles. Even if you have smaller hands, the inclusion of rubber fingers closes the gaps so your hand is in the best control without sacrificing comfort.  Added to that is the offset handle that angles your hand for greater command.

Just when you think it does not get any better, it also comes equipped with an adjustable knob that allows tweaking the tension in a degree that best suits you. It gives you much cleaner and precise results. With all of these multitude features, it’s surprisingly priced economically. It’s definitely worth the hype.


  • Unmatched Japanese steel blades
  • With adjustable tension system for more precise cuts
  • Hits most of the major needs of hair cutting techniques
  • Removable rubber insert fits any finger easily
  • Razor-sharp edge prevent split ends
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Inexpensive


  • You may need to remove the rings if you have larger fingers

2.  Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series Hair Cutting Scissors

Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series Hair Cutting Scissors

Best Adjustable Shears

When your shears are Equinox, you best believe the blades are of premiıum quality. This Japanese steel features beveled blades that are hand-sharpened so you can pull up a precise cut effortlessly.

What makes these scissors special is the adjustable tension system which is the best in its class. You can change the degree by which the scissors open and close. It is worth notetaking that tight tension can result in poor cuts while a loose tension will hardly cut hair but just bend it. The fact that you can fine-tune the scissor as you fit makes it a very dependable cutting tool.

The offset handle comes with a finger insert which is bigger than the thumb hole. This design is what lessens over-extension of the thumb for that ultimate comfortability. It also comes with a finger rest which adds up to its ergonomic design. At a size of 6.5 inches and a weight of only 4.8 inches, anybody can maneuver the tool with ease. With all of these benefits, Equinox hair cutting shears are affordably priced which is why we pick it as the best great value cutting tool.


  • Made with premiıum Japanese steel
  • Hand-sharpened beveled blades
  • Equipped with an adjustable knob
  • Offset handle; reduces hand and wrist fatigue
  • Easy to Handle; Comes in standard size and lightweight
  • Low-cost


  • Comes in a package covered with lubricating oil which needs to be wipe before use
  • Not for every large hand

3.  ULG Hair Cutting Scissors Shears Professional Barber

ULG Hair Cutting Scissors Shears Professional Barber

Best for Beginners

Professional barber shears shouldn’t have to cost you an arm or a leg especially if you are a DIY groomer. Shears that are not ergonomically designed can inadvertently nick fingers. If you are in a hunt for shears that can take out the hassle of hair cutting, you’ll like this sharp hair cutting tool from ULG.

The ultra-fine blades are purely made of the quality-renown Japanese steel.  You can tell by the mirror-like finish that it will cut hair smoothly without snagging or bending. But the main trade-off is the detachable finger rings grooved with offset grip,  allowing natural finger movement, and greater comfort. The rings in a particular will help prevent strain among barbers and hairdressers who work all-day and will fit any finger and thumb with ease.

The pivot point, tempered with blue diamond stones, is aesthetically pleasing but also a joy to use because it holds well; not too tight nor loose.  The blade is of 6.5 inches body with 2.5 blades to give you the perfect balance while in use. The price is also reasonable considering the attention to detail and quality of steel used. Backed up with a 12-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee, these shears are definitely worth giving the grind.


  • Made of 100 percent Japanese steel; cuts hair easily
  • Ergonomic Grip; with offset handle and detachable finger rings
  • Very easy to use whether you are a professional or amateur
  • Will fit any finger
  • Aesthetic exterior
  • With 1 year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Thumb finger still too small for some

4.  Sirabe 10 Pcs Hair Cutting Scissors Set

Sirabe 10 Pcs Hair Cutting Scissors Set

Best Haircutting Kit

Whether you are a seasonal stylist or at-home hairdresser in training, we found the perfect hair cutting set for you. This kit from Sirabe comes fully equipped with hair cutting essentials including the cutting shears, thinning shears, razor, comb, hair clips, and the salon cape.

The cutting shears, in particular, are built with premium Japanese steel paired with convex hollow ground edges for that smoothest cutting action and meticulous cuts. The blades are professionally coated which makes it rust-resistant so you don’t have to worry about your shears getting dull or sharpening it frequently.

Got a bulky hair? You’ll also appreciate the inclusion of thinning shears. Made with a teeth-like edge, the thinning shear can reduce the excess volume on hair. Together with the razor comb, you can additionally play with levels of transition or blend layers with these versatile tools. It is pre-packaged with a leather case you can conveniently store your tools in for blade protection and cleaning cloth to keep your tools in pristine condition.


  • Premium Japanese steel with anti-resistant coating
  • Durable convex design
  • For professional or at-home use
  • Accommodates most hair cutting techniques
  • Complete with hair cutting essentials
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not the most ergonomically designed

5.  Shears Direct Ergonomic Left Hand Shear

Shears Direct Ergonomic Left Hand Shear

Best in Left-Handed Design

Whatever hair cutting woes you may have, there’s a Shears Direct that best suits your need. They even carry a line of shears made exclusively for stylists whose dominant hand is their left.  Their offset grip LH shear is engineered in a reversible micro-serrated blade so you can cut precisely with your left hand.

Shears Direct is widely recognized as a specialty maker of haircutting and grooming tools. These Ergonomic LH shears is part of their premium Japanese stainless steel. It will cost you a little more but that is because you are paying for a durable cleverly-designed tool that will last you for years to come.  And besides, it comes in with a lifetime warranty which alone speaks volumes about quality assurance. You can never go wrong with a Shears Direct.


  • Made with Quality Japanese Steel
  • Made from a brand trusted by professional stylists
  • Designed with ergonomic offset handle
  • Perfect standard size
  • With leather casing
  • Unlimited warranty


  • Only exclusive for left-hand use

How to Choose the Best Hair Cutting Shears

While it’s easy to assume that the sharpness of the shears is the only substantial criterion in selecting the best hair cutting shears for your hair, the design can also impact the end result of a haircut. As to what type to choose depends on some considerations including the task they specialize in, the way you are the most comfortable in holding the scissors, and the look you are after.

1.  The Edge of the Blade and the Haircutting Technique

  • Beveled Blades: Ideal for scissor-over-the-comb techniques, straight cuts, tapered cuts, and layered cuts. An angled edged honed into one side of the blade is a prominent feature of beveled shears. Also called Germanic Shears, the serrated edge allows the shears to cut hair more easily but will considerably require more effort. Beveled-bladed shears are least expensive and also more durable than its convex counterparts but cannot be used in complex cutting techniques such as slide cutting.
  • Convexed Blades: Ideal for slice cutting and chopping. Shears that are convexed are also called Japanese shears because of their country of origin. Since the outer edge of the blade has a shallow arc or is curved, convex shears cut smoother and sharper which caters to more advanced technique. It is due to these attributes that make this blade type harder to produce and are usually more expensive.

2.  The Length of the Blade and the Size of Your HandHaircutting shears

  • Short Blade: Short sized blades between 4.5” to 5.5” can be easily used by those that have smaller to standard size hands. Additionally, it is more convenient to use short-bladed shears on cutting hairline in the back of the mane and around the ears or other basic haircutting methods that do not use a comb because they create more precise shapes.
  • Large Blade: If you have larger hands, you are better off with shears sized 6” and above. Otherwise, your hand will hinder the cutting adaptability of your fingers. Large shears are also great on scissors-over-the-comb method, blunt cutting techniques, and other styles that require straight line since the long blades can cut greater area in one snip without being crooked.

3.  The Design of the Handle and Your Comfort Grip

  • Classic: If you use your middle finger and thumb when cutting, then this classic is for you. It features a straight handle, a reason why it is also called straight shears, with the insert hole lining up with the upper blade.
  • Offset: This design has an angled handle with asymmetrical finger holes. The insert hole where you are supposed to lay your thumb is shorter than that of the finger hole. This allows more flexibility and control in styling for people who normally hold the scissors with their ring finger.
  • Crane: Similar to the offset handle, a crane handle has smaller thumb rings. The only difference is that the thumb ring is extremely angled downwards. This is ergonomically design for hairdressers who normally spent hours with haircutting as allows it allows the elbow to work in a lower position, lessening stress on shoulders and wrist.
  • Left-Handed Design: As indicated in its name, left-handed shears are specially designed for people who are more skillful on their left hand. The blades are reversed in such a way that the upper blade is always geared towards left. This allows the left-handed person to see the cutting line as he cuts.
  • Swivel: If you have wrist issues, adding swivel shears to your haircutting arsenal can prevent hand fatigue. With a swiveling thumb ring in line with the shear’s shank, these ergonomically designed shears offer flexibility and easy shear-maneuver action while allowing natural hand movements.

What about texturizing shears?

While looking for the best hair cutting shears, you may come across texturizing shears. This versatile tool may be sold separately or in a set together with your hair cutting shears.  A spaced teeth either on one or both sides is a distinctive feature of texturizing shears. These comb-like rigid edges remove the weight or blends layered hairstyles, thus their alternative names — thinning shears, or blending shears.

Do I need texturizing shears, you might ask? For a seasonal stylist, texturizing shears are an essential tool because of the versatility they offer, especially in making scissor-over-the comb styles a cinch. Blending shears are also used to fade the demarcation line in-between clipper and shear work. If you want to elevate basic styles to intricate ones, texturizing is excellent to tool to do the task. They are available in different placement and numbers of teeth as well as being a single-sided or double-sided.

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Haircutting for Dummies

Haircutting Shears for DummiesBefore playing Edward Scissorhands at home, you need to at least do the bare minimum which is to learn the basics especially if you are new to this DIY hair cutting. Bear in mind, however, that the general guidelines below are not a one-size-fits-all, but it should help you at least help you get started with hair trimming for different types of hair.


  1. Prepare your hair for the cut. Wash your hair prior and make sure you rinse any left residue like gel or hairspray. Brush your hair until its tangle-free.
  2. Whether to start with wet or dry hair depends on your experience. Many tutorial guides will suggest cutting your hair wet. But if you are a beginner, you should blow-dry your hair first because wet hair shrinks up as it dry, thus you can get easily lost in the cut. Cutting dry hair, on the other hand, lets you see a clearer and more realistic vision of the cut. Leave wet hair cutting to professionals who are trained to do that.

Cutting Straight to Wavy Hair

  1. Section hair, separating the front from the back. Use clips to hold sections so your hair will not get in the way while cutting.
  2. Working in small sections, start at the back. Pinch hair with your middle and index finger. Trim hair little by little. Remember you can always cut more but it’s not possible to bring your hair back once you regret doing major chap.
  3. Pay attention to the direction of the scissors. It’s easier to get a clear vision of your cut if you pull sections of the hair upward. Then place your shears in line with hair below your fingers. Cut hair vertically rather than horizontally to give hair a more diffused finished ends.
  4. Work your way upward towards the front of the hair. Make sure that it matches with the cut of the hair from the back.

Cutting Curly Hair

  1. Equally section hair, placing it in front of your left and right shoulders (as though you are making pigtails).
  2. Start trimming from the center of the top of the head. Take a curl and raise it in a 12 o’clock position. Using your index and middle fingers, hold the hair as far as the length allows. Cut to the desired length.
  3. Cut the neighboring curls using the same technique.
  4. Continue cutting until you work your all-around your head. Make sure your cuts are guided and not random. You can sway your hair back and forth to see how the trim looks.
  5. Once you are done, gently shuffle your fingers at the roots. This is to see the overall shape of your hair.  Take note of any splits or longer layers. Give them a snip or wait until cleansing. If you are still uncomfortable with the split after washing, tend those areas. You may also want to read this article – best mousse for curly hair

Trimming Short / Men’s Hair.Trimming Short / Men’s Hair.

  1. Start trimming on one side.  Firstly, comb the hair forward, separating the top from the sides. Clip your hair as necessary.  Gather a section using your pointing and middle finger. Using the tip of the scissor, cut hair in short spurts until you reached the desired length.
  2. Work your way around the head. Use the same technique and pay attention to the direction of the scissors. Trim the hair in perpendicular to the hair direction for a cleaner cut.
  3. Blend the top of the head. Used the already trimmed section as a length guide (unless you are after a layered cut).
  4. Trim bangs. Once you reached the front, comb the hair down and make small snips with the scissor’s tip pointing vertically.
  5.  Once finished, comb the hair one last time. Look for any missed spots and make final touches.

If you want to further add layers or levels of transition to your hair using clippers, the video below will give you a detailed and comprehensive guide on how to do the job.

Our Top Pick

Utopia Care Professional Barber Hair Cutting Scissors is unmatched when it comes to versatility and great value.   With its adjustable screw, removable finger ring, and premiıum quality made Japanese blade, the shears hit the perfect balance of performance and comfort. It is priced low enough that even those who are tight on a budget can splurge on a pair and that professional stylists will more likely be purchasing a dozen for their salons.

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