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Best Organic Hair Dye Brand That Really Works

Best Organic Hair Dye Brand

Are you one of those hair chameleons who changes hair color frequently? Most of us seem to use almost every excuse to dye our hair inspired by our moods, changing seasons or transitions in life such as an emotional breakup or changing careers. I mean who can blame us, right? Whether it’s a dip dye, ombre, balayage or full-head cover, hair coloring is hands down the most fun thing to do. But how about the hair damage that goes with frequent hair dying? No one definitely signed up for that.

Dying your hair from time to time can take a toll on even the strongest hair type. It can lead to hair dry and damage that is brought about by the cocktail of chemicals present in mainstream supermarket brands. It’s toxic to your hair but also to your health. Besides a possible allergic reaction, recent studies revealed that some compounds in conventional hair dyes –ammonia and PPDs to name a few — have damaging effects to some of the organs in our body and in some instances are carcinogenic. This is why more hair color fans are leaning towards a more healthier and safer option, namely the best organic hair dye brand.

What makes a hair dye organic?

An organic hair dye makes use of botanical ingredients organically grown in accordance to the company’s standard. It skips the use of ammonia, the common ingredient used in hair dye to open up hair cuticles and deposit color but is also responsible for hair weakening and breakage. To naturally color hair, most organic hair dyes take advantage of the use of plants and fruit extracts as well as other naturally derived ingredients that is less damaging to hair.

And since its free of the chemical that opens up the cuticle, most hair dye products might require the user to use heat along the process for best results. The bonus part, manufacturers of organic-based hair dyes can also add other essential oils and other healing ingredients which conditions hair while coloring.

So if it’s ammonia-free, does it pay off in terms color and longevity?

Organic hair dyes don’t necessarily mean chemical-free. A reason why organic hair dyes still do well as conventional hair dyes is because they still contain chemicals but in a lesser percentage. So why not go all-natural while you’re at it, you might ask? Well, hair dyes still need chemical reactions to preserve the longevity of your hair color, unless of course, you want a hair color that will only last you a handful of washes.

Let’s be realistic here, however. Because organic dyes only have minimal chemical content, don’t expect the hair color to last you the same as standard permanent hair colors that are chemically concentrated. Nevertheless, organic hair dyes are still effective and a go-to if you want safer approach to color your hair.

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Top 5 Best Organic Hair Dye Brand

Top 5 Best Organic Hair Dye BrandJust because the packaging box says ‘organic’ it doesn’t really mean it speaks for its name. The main reason why organic hair dyes are made is to give your hair a break from toxic chemical-based hair dyes. However, some organic hair dyes can be still laden with chemicals (might as well go conventional if that’s the case). So you really need to be watchful.

On the other hand, as clean and as green the name of the brand name may sound like, it may not be as effective as it should be. A true organic hair dye should have the right ratio of the natural and chemical ingredients to give you the best results in the least hair-damaging way possible. And that’s what these following list of best organic hair dye brand is all about.


1. ONC Natural Colors

‘Hair Color and Hair Care in a Bottle’ is what ONC Natural Colors — the leading brand of organic beauty products — is all about. True to their philosophy, ONC Natural Colors makes use of certified organic ingredients that deliver result without having to use ammonia and other harsh ingredients. All their 29 shades of color are very healing and are made to restore proteins and amino acids.

If you are into warm colors try ONC Natural Colors 6G Hazelnut Brown Healthier Permanent Hair Color. Its potent in plant extracts such as organic aloe vera, organic argan oil and a variety of vitamins in a low pH formula for a healthier hair growth. And we can’t help but mention, it leaves your hair smelling like a banana!


  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Potent in healing plant extracts
  • Added with vitamin C and E
  • Won’t disrupt hair’s pH balance
  • Made without ammonia, resorcinol, paraben, silicone, and nonoxynol
  • No stain or chemical-smelling side effects


  • Doesn’t cover gray hair completely
  • A bit more complicated to use
  • Added with vitamin C and E


2. Light Mountain Natural Hair Color

Light Mountain Natural Hair Color product is a company brand that leaves the use of chemical of any kind. Now we might have previously mentioned that chemical-free hair dyes might not work as well as regular dyes. However, this one beg to differ. Besides the organic botanical ingredients, Light Mountain Natural Hair Color harbors the use of henna extracted from a flowering plant as a healthier and effective alternative to synthetic dye. Much like a varnish, the henna coats your hair instead of chemically altering it, making it less damaging to hair.

If you like a hair dye that conditions simultaneously, you certainly don’t wanna miss Light Mountain Natural Hair Color & Conditioner. It comes in a vibrant luminous color of red that will surely make any head turn.


  • 100 percent organic ingredients free of chemicals
  • 2-in-1 hair dye and conditioner
  • Makes use of henna and botanical extracts
  • Leaves hair a luster red finish
  • Less damaging
  • Perfect on gray coverage
  • Pre-packaged with gloves, hat, and detailed instruction


  • Not for someone who has an allergic reaction to henna

3. Tints of Nature

The use of 75 percent certified organic ingredients and 95 percent naturally derived ingredients by Tints of Nature only proves that they are true by their brand name. It also has the least concentration of chemicals yet still delivers a long-lasting result thanks to the incorporation of very mild, pharmaceutical grade peroxide.

5N Natural Light Brown is a product of theirs that colors hair with a glossy light brown. The PPD pigment might alarm you but it’s in the lowest concentration possible, just enough to give a salon-standard result that works without affecting hair’s natural growth. 5N Natural Light Brown gives a perfect coverage even if you have a gray to very dark hair as a base.


  • 75 percent organic and 95 percent natural
  • Low chemical concentration
  • Works perfectly on dark shades
  • Long-lasting results
  • Gives hair a vibrant pigments
  • Great-smelling


4. Naturigin

Not everybody has the luxury to go to a salon to change color whenever they want to. But Naturigin, a company that uses the least PPD in their dyes than any other brand in the market (at least according to a government research) wants to prove that you can still have a professionally done hair color with natural and organic ingredients in the comfort of your own home. No more expensive salon trips!

Naturigin offers 19 gorgeous colors to choose from. Among the favorites is the Naturigin Permanent Organic Hair Color, Brown. It uses the blend of organic citrus extracts and oil to add shine and sport a vibrant hair result. The color will lasts you a decent length of time.


  • ECOCERT certified organic ingredients
  • Formulated without ammonia and other hair-damaging chemicals
  • With 12 natural oils to leave hair vibrant and shiny
  • Professional quality for a salon-standard result
  • Suits all hair type
  • Easy 30-minute coloring
  • Vegan and cruelty-free


  • Does not come with a final step conditioner
  • Still contains PPD

5. Logona

Torn between organic plant-based dyes and one that gives you best result? Who says you can’t have both of best worlds? The new generation of plant-based hair coloring is here. Logona’s advanced 3-step dyeing system lets you intensify your hair’s natural color without the guilt of ruining your hair. You can choose from their collection of 17 herbal hair colors that are offered as powder or cream.

Logona Herbal Hair Color Cream uses henna organically cultivated from a Sekem Farm in Egypt that is enriched with avocado oil and plant proteins to bath your hair with the nutrient it needs during dyeing. It’s added to a blend of pure essential oils that gives off therapeutic fragrance you’ll feel like you are in a relaxing spa! The cream has already been mixed and ready-to-use and is perfect for at home DIYs.


  • BDIH & Nature Certified
  • Safe for users aged below 16
  • Adds vibrant color and shine whilst nurturing hair
  • Easy and ready to use
  • Free of ammonia and PPD
  • Comes with a generous amount of cream on a tube


  • Results don’t stay on longer, at least according to some

Why we highly recommend ONC Natural Colors?

Our top 5 for the best organic hair dye brand delivers best and long lasting solutions without having to compromise your hair’s health. What set ONC Natural Colors among its counterparts, however, is its well-rounded vitamin-replenishing ingredients combined with certified organic ingredients so you can color your hair without having to worry about possible hair damage. It’s truly your hair dye and hair care all in one!

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