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5 Best Hairspray for Men of Different Hair Types and Hairstyles

Best Hairspray for Men

There was a time when dandified powdered wigs among men were on the rage to cover-up hair flaws. When men grew tired of wigs and hats, they be like “Imma just slick my hair back and wear it with panache”. And so the classic side-swept hairstyle was born which was later playfully transformed to side part with wavefront, middle part hairstyle and the list goes on.

Men’s hairstyle throughout the decades is a representation that they do care about their hair look as much as women do. Back then, oil-based pomade and hair tonic was used to set the hair on the place. Now in this era of the man bun, faux hawk and spikey —  men are becoming more selective on what products to style their hair.

In the advancement of clays and waxes, hairsprays may just be considered well, a less manly way to style hair. This goes back to the ’80s wherein hairsprays are only advertised for women. Needless to say, that’s just the past. For men who want to explore all their options in styling hair, a hairspray can give you the extra hold and volume. In fact, hairsprays nowadays have some added hair-friendly benefits which we are about to tackle in this post. But first, let’s take a look at the best hairspray for men available in the market.

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Best Hairspray for Men

Handpicking a hairspray to use is not as simple as choosing what shirt to wear for the day. This is especially true since an array of brands and types of hairspray for men hit the shelves almost every week, making the quest for the right spray seamless. And then there’s your hair type and hairstyle considerations. But not to worry coz we already did the leg work. Here’s one for our hairstyling aficionados out there – a list of the best hairspray for men in each hair type.

1. BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray


BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray

Best all-around hairspray
Recommended  for curly and wavy hair

While this hairspray is being advertised predominantly as a hair thickening product for fine hair, it pretty much does everything from crafting style, holding volume and maintaining look with the additional benefit of keeping your hair clean much like a dry shampoo. But it does not stop there, the formula included a high-performing UV protectant to guard hair against damaging sun rays. It is all formulated without the use of harsh chemicals like that of alcohol, sulfates, and parabens  which makes it a safe thickener spray to use on a color-treated hair

The hairspray also got something for our curly-haired gents whose tresses tend to be hard to style.  You can use the spray as a pre-styler to tame away any unruly strands and make your hair more manageable to style. Just when you thought it does not get any better, BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray also feeds hair with minerals and nutrients for healthier hair growth.


  • Volumizing, thickening, texturizing and setting spray all-in-one
  • Takes the hassle out of styling unmanageable hair
  • Well-rounded profile ingredient; no harsh chemicals
  • Encourages healthy hair growth
  • Protects hair from hair damaging UV rays


  • Not the lightest in terms of hold; may potentially weigh down hair
  • Not the cheapest

2. Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray


Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray

Best finishing spray for a sleek finish
Recommended for dry and frizzy Hair

Sometimes even with all the effort that goes into perfecting your mane, clammy humid weather has a way of turning even the most flawless of hair types into a frizzy mess. If you want a spray to keep those pesky stubborn strands in their place, look no further than Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray. Designed to “freeze” hair, this hairspray for men promises to give you a hair that stays in fleek all day, even if you are wearing gravity-defying hairstyles.

Paul Mitchell Super Spray also works wonder on dry hair. Few spritz here and there and expect a noticeable shine on the finish, like a cherry on top that transforms your hairstyle onto the next level. The hair shine benefit comes as a no surprise if you are to look through the ingredients, it’s full packed of nourishing plant extracts and conditioning polymers that hydrates and replenishes moisture on hair, making it supple and glossy.

Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray is a finishing hairspray that is meant to be layered after the finished hairstyle to polish and lock in your look. Like all good hairspray, it provides everything you have to come to expect in hairspray but without weighing down the hair.


  • Tames frizz while adding massive shine
  • Locks in hairstyles
  • Non-sticky formula
  • Made without paraben, gluten, colorants and animal derivatives


  • Does not have the strongest hold in comparison to other sprays

3. John Frieda Luxurious Volume Forever Full Hairspray

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Forever Full Hairspray

Best hairspray for extra volume
Recommended for fine and thin hair

While a fine and thin hair is notoriously difficult to volumize, the best hairspray for men can make it appear fuller and thicker. Enter John Frieda Luxurious Volume Full hairspray.  For starters, John Frieda is a brand dedicated to developing hair care products with the understanding that every hair type has its own set of needs. This particular hairspray of theirs is designed to build fullness to your fine limp strands.

While other sprays leave your hair feeling stiff and crunchy, John Frieda’s hairspray spritzes a lightweight mist that allows hair to be brushed for easy styling. You may feel the weightlessness on your hair but don’t get it wrong, it still provides an excellent hold that can endure humidity so you can keep your hairstyle longer.

John Frieda’s volumizing spray for fine hair contains caffeine. What is caffeine doing on my ingredient list, you may ask? Caffeine is known to speed up hair cycle which is a major plus if you are trying to grow your hair.


  • Gives hair an added volume
  • Offers a humidity-resistant, light hold without residue buildup
  • Allows brushable and flexibility
  • The formula dries out quickly
  • For starters, John Frieda is a brand dedicated to developing
  • Patented with Caffeine Vitality Complex for extra hold
  • Very affordable


  • Pump needs improvement
  • Not recommended for dry hair; contains no conditioning ingredient

4. TIGI Bed Hard Head Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray

TIGI Bed Hard Head Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray

Extra strong spray for different hairstyles
Recommended for thick and coarse hair

Only guys with thick and fully-textured hair can understand how hard hairstyling can be. These types of hair take ages to style because they tend to resist to styling. And even if you can get those wilful tresses to submit, they simply return to their natural state before you even knew. But don’t blame your mama for giving you the stubborn hair type, you just need to work on what you have. Introducing the TIGI Bed Hard Head Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray, formulated with butt-kicking hold for some of the most “hard-headed” tresses.

Pure and potent, this is a no-frills, no-crap hairspray that does not kid around when it comes to providing hold.  It can be used as finishing spray to provide hold for an extended period of time or a styling aid to craft some of the most ambitious big molds. But even if you are just aiming for simple side-swept styles, the TIGI spray can provide a decent amount of sheen to buff your look.

Now you might think all of these sounds like it’s kind of too heavy hair. After all, extra-hold sprays can leave hair stiff, right? Wrong. This hairspray for men does what it does best but without leaving a sticky residue. In fact, you can still comb through your hair if you need to restyle or tease.


  • Gives hair the maximum hold possible
  • Allows versatility in styling
  • Leaves hair a fair amount of shine
  • For longer-lasting hold
  • Won’t crunch or weigh down hair


  • Have a tendency to dry hair because of the potent formulation
  • The dispenser should be wash every now and then as it can get clogged

5. Enovvia All-Natural Hairspray

Enovvia All-Natural Hairspray

Best hairspray for touch-ups
Recommended for sensitive hair and scalp

The “all-natural” may not appeal to a tough guy like you, but if you want to give your hair a break from all the chemicals on most of today’s hair essentials, Enovvia All-Natural Hairspray is your best bet. A simple yet hardworking spray,  the Enovvia hairspray is made with only a few ingredients yet highly effective in holding your hairstyle in place without leaving a mousse-like crunch. We assume it’s for all the gents out there who just want a basic hairspray they can tag-along to polish hair without bringing a brush and one that preserves the integrity of your hairstyle without all the complexities of today’s advanced sprays.

Among the notable ingredient is an essential oil to give the finish a modest shine without going overboard. And although essential oil might bring a red flag to those who are not a fan of scented hairsprays, the hairspray has somehow made the formulation to be aroma-free.

Another thing that you can expect from a nature-based hairspray like this is the unavailability of common allergens like petroleum, copolymers, and fragrance.   It’s healthy for your hair but also for the environment. You can breathe easier knowing that the spray is bottled on the non-aerosol dispenser which is a far cry from the often toxic formaldehyde released by aerosol hairsprays.


  • Great for hairspray for hold, touch-ups, and volume
  • No aggressive chemicals involved
  • Gentle on sensitive hair types
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Affordably priced


  • Not the best hairspray if you are looking for extra hold

Why do men need hairspray?

Hairspray for men

Except for Elvis Presley who uses hairspray to create his legendary pompadour (yes its the king’s secret to his chic-magnet hairstyle), men and hairsprays back then are considered to be ‘apples and oranges’, they rarely go together. But hey, it’s already 2020 and hairsprays aren’t just for ladies anymore. While we love gels, clays, and the classic pomades, a hairspray also deserves a place in your hair arsenal and here are the reasons why.

Secures an Optimum Hold

Hairsprays just like in the ’80s hold true to their origins, to defy gravity and keep your hair in position. Whether you are in the gym doing an extreme sport or just chilling at the school or office,  your hair stays in place with the help of the best hairspray for men. Even better, a hairspray can get your hairstyle through humidity and the strong breeze so you can keep your hairstyle all day.

Instantly Styles Hair

With a hairspray, it’s quick and easy to craft a variety of hairstyles, whether you are into simple slick backs down to extreme ornate precision. Even later in the day, you can adjust or change your hair look since hairsprays normally do not leave a residue, making it easier to brush your hair and experiment with different styles without the need of washing it.

Gives Hair Volume

Thin-haired lads, hear us out.  Hairsprays are quite advantageous in making your hair appear fuller or thicker. You can even set your hair for as high as you want, rockabilly pompadour style.

Won’t Weigh Your Hair Down

There’s a stigma that hairsprays will leave your hair feeling stiff. Nonetheless, this is just a big misconception. Most modern hairsprays are so lightweight, people may not be able to tell you are wearing them. In fact, some are made to be weightless and flexible yet still provides the needed hold. Now, can a clay or wax do this? We think not.

Tames Frizz

In terms of neutralizing frizz and statics, hairspray for men is more favored than pomades and styling waxes. It is also a popular product to seal in the look. The reason being, hairspray even in its lightest application is more effective in taming unruly strands, resulting in a more polished finish.

Healthier for You and Your Hair

Traditional hairsprays gained a bad rep for drying out hair. At one point, they are chastised for depleting fumes of toxic chlorofluorocarbons (CFC). But this is just a thing in the past as today’s hairspray is likely inclined to be environmentally friendly. No longer an ozone-depleting and overly scented, hairsprays are now formulated without the use of harmful CFCs and they tend to have fewer chemicals involved. As a matter of fact, today’s hairsprays fortify hair thanks to the provision of conditioning polymers and plant-based extracts that keep your hair moisturized, soft and supple.


Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Hairspray For Men

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Hairspray For Men

The majority of hairsprays are unisex and not specifically design for men. So how do you choose a hairspray? To answer this question, there are certain considerations you need to take account of.

What type of hair do you have?

Like every other hair product, not all hairsprays are created equally.  Some are suited to a certain type of hair while other caters to specific hair condition like a damaged or frizzy hair for instance. It is worth note taking that although a hairspray may be advertised for all hair types, your hair type may only benefit that much. With this said, it is important to read labels and ingredient lists to know which kind of hairspray caters best to your hair needs.

  • If you have fine or thin hair, going for a light spray is your best bet as your hair can only take much.
  • For thick or coarse hair, you are going to need the best hairspray that has a prevailing level of hold.
  • If you have curly or coarse hair, opt for a spray with moisturizing or anti-static ingredients as you have hair that is prone to frizz. Steer away from alcoholic-based sprays because they often drying for curly types of hair.

The Strength of Hold and The Hairstyle You are After

Strength of Hold and The Hairstyle You are After

The holding strength of hairsprays is one way to distinguish one product from another. For starters, hairsprays offer different levels of hold; light, medium and strong wherein the lightest provides the minimal hold while the strongest level provides the maximum hold. Choosing the right holding power should be relative to the hairstyle you are going for.

Light-hold sprays are ideal for casual and simple hair styling

For example, you may just want something to polish your natural waves or soft curls without weighing it down, then this is the right level of hold you would want for your hair. Additionally, light hairsprays offer temporary hold which is the go-to for when you cannot commit to a hairstyle all-day or if you often change hairstyles in a day.

Medium-hold sprays are great for half up, half down, ponytailed hairstyles and straight looks

A good example of this is the classic man bun. The hold will be just enough to draw your hair back no matter how high or low the coil is. Because there is a firmer hold, expect that your style will last for the day.

Strong-hold sprays are the perfect hold if you want to shape your hair or lift it up

It is the ideal kind of hairspray strength you would need to handle hard-to-style hair or maintain body-filled styles that require an extensive and firm hold.

What is your go-to hairspray for men?

BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray

Apart from its level of strength, hairsprays can also be categorized according to its type. As to what variety to go for depends on your expectations and what you really want out of hairspray. For instance, there are kinds that are fast drying if you want one that styles your hair in a matter of minutes. There are hairsprays that are best for added volume or shine. And then there are also those that are designed for particular hairstyling conditions and so on. To know which kind best suits you, below is the break down of the common types of hairsprays.

Regular Hairspray

This is basically just the basic spray you use to set and finish a style, nothing more and nothing less. These formulated sprays are often alcohol-free and are safe to use on a regular basis.

Working Hairspray

This kind of sprays takes longer to dry which is ideal to use while you are “working” on your style. Also sometimes called the weightless spray, a working spray is made to be lightweight in nature and is usually flexible too which makes experimenting with hairstyles easier with this type of spray.

Volumizing Hairspray

As the appellation suggests, this formulation focuses on giving the hair body. Also referred to as the thickening spray, volumizing sprays are recommended for thin and fine hair that needed extra lift. It works by creating an illusion of a fuller and thicker hair while holding it in place.

Shaping Hairspray

Having the benefit of a working and regular spray, shaping spray lets you style your hair without needing to move your hand fast since it is slow-drying. And while you are working your hair, you are still able to hold the shape of the style in place. This kind of hairspray offers different strengths of hold, from light to strong.

Texturizing Hairspray

If you are a minimalist when it comes to hairstyling, you would appreciate a texturizing spray. Pretty much a multi-tasker, a texturizing spray does everything from creating and preserving a hairstyle, adding airy volume down to boosting shine, with the added benefit of absorbing dirt and oil to leave a clean and fresh finish.

Thermal Hairspray

Commonly used to shape hair with other heat styling tools, a thermal hairspray works to add emollients and moisture to protect your hair against exposure to heat. The heat-protectant spray is also good in holding a hairstyle in place after the heat leaves the hair.

Freezing Hairspray

You should use this spray if you want full protection against humidity and wind. As a matter of fact, freezing hairsprays are touted to offer the most hold out among its hairspray counterparts. So go on, ride with the top down, rest assured your hair is not going anywhere.

Shine Hairspray

This is a type of finishing spray used to add shine to the finished look.  It can also be used sparingly with other hairsprays to preserve a sleek frizz-free hairstyle till the end of the day.  The residue dries out fast and resistant to humidity.  The hold it provides can be likened to that of a regular spray, only slightly stronger. It is enough to mimic those classic body-filled hairdos back in the ’80s minus all the sticky residue.

What is your budget?

Of course, the money you are willing to spend on the best hairspray for men is always the inevitable factor. Price points can range from $8 to $30. You may have to pay more for big-name brands but that’s because branded hairsprays have already gained a reputation for good quality and efficiency apart from the innovations they put into the product. If you are a discerning buyer, the market offers cost-effective hairsprays at a great value price for those who are tight on budget.

Our Top Pick

We hope we armed you with enough knowledge to come up with the best decision on how to choose the best hairspray for men.  In addition, we would also like to also mention that it does not hurt to keep a handful of different hairsprays for different circumstances and styling woes. If however, you don’t want to juggle among hair bottles,  we highly recommend BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray.

Don’t get its name wrong. This product may be advertised as thickening spray but this is like the version of “swiss knife” among the hairsprays. It is also a volumizer, texturizer, heat protectant, setting spray, weightless spray, conditioning spray wrapped up in one bottle for the price of just a regular hair spray. More than that, it caters to all hair types and lengths. Indeed, it is the jack-of-all-trade.

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