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Here are the Best Salon Chair of 2020- Buying Guide and Review

Best Salon Chair

Running a salon means providing quality service. After all, a day in the salon means pampering day for your clients and they will be paying a sum of money for treatments. It is then but necessary to give back quality service your customers deserve. By doing so, one thing that you should never overlook is choosing top-notch salon chairs.

Perhaps you are planning on opening a brand new salon. Or maybe you already own one and needed furniture updates. In any case, salon chairs are the types of equipment your clients will mostly interact with. Hence, these appliances can be the difference between creating an unsatisfactory service that results in lesser book appointments or a high-graded and enjoyable experience for your clients that will keep them returning.

Here at Kalista, we have pulled together the best selections for salon chairs alongside an in-depth guide on choosing the right chair that will match your salon looks and feels and most importantly, help you render excellent service for your clients.


When shopping for salon chairs, the in-store shopping may always be ideal as you get to see the actual furniture, curl up in up a bunch of chairs and test them to your heart’s content. However, there are also advantages online stores can give. Convenience is given as you can purchase with just a few clicks and have it delivered instead of going from store to store. In terms of selection, you have a plethora of every brand and style you can imagine at your disposal plus its easier to compare the best prices and find your best deal.

If you are looking for the best online marketplace to shop, Amazon is your trusted destination for shopping quality furniture. As the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon also got some of the widest selection of salon chairs with competitive prices to choose from. Above all, each product is rated and reviewed by verified purchasers to help you better come out with a best-informed decision. To round-up your selection of best salon chairs, the following are Amazon’s best offer.

1. Shengyu Black Hydraulic Styling Chair Salon

Takes your interior to the next level of glamour and style

 Functionality and style come together for a seat that will make a statement about your business and its standards. A perfect exemplification of timeless design, the fabric covering is tufted in a geometrical pattern secured by buttons. The frame is filled with fine beads that add to the intricate design elements.

Beyond its appeal, your clients will also feel pampered with the softly cushioned plush padding that is coupled with a footrest for optimum relaxation. Just like any other salon chairs, it also features a hydraulic pump that is backed up by a year of warranty.  Cleaning in between customers is also made easy due to its Polyutherine (PU) covering. A really neat perk is the provision of a hairdryer loop holster to keep your tools within reach.

In terms of weight capacity, the chair extends to a 400-pound weight limit with a seat width of over 19 inches and a full chair width of over 25 inches, all supported by the heavy-duty chrome. This simply means the chair can accommodate all clients of sizes and weights.

In a rush to get the item? The good news is, the item will be shipped out in a day after the order placement.


  • Timeless, high-end design
  • Extensive weight limit capacity; great for plus-sized clients
  • With a stable chrome base, hydraulic pump, and footrest
  • The extra feature includes a hairdryer loop holster
  • Easy maintenance
  • Delivery in 24 hours


  • Not the cheapest
  • The warranty is only exclusive on the hydraulic pump

2. Best Choice Products Commercial Massage Bed, Spa and Salon Chair w/ Hydraulic Stool

An all-around styling chair, great for home salon services

 This versatile styling chair is the whole package. It has three main parts which include an adjustable leg and back positioning that favors massages and tattoo sessions. The client can even lay with their face down since the armrests and the head cushion is removable, allowing the arms to be comfortable and face to breathe freely.

For the artists, you’ll be glad to know that the main chair comes with a hydraulic stool which height can be adjustable so the artist can have something to sit on while working. Another extra feature is the built-in hanger oriented at the foot of the bed.

Of course, the salon chair also got something for classic hairstyling. The chair itself is filled with plush foam covered in faux leather for the optimum client comfort. With its range of use, this cutting-edge equipment is great especially if you run a full salon but only has limited space to work on and needed a well-built and comfortable chair multipurpose chair to keep everything minimal.


  • Offers a wide range of functionality
  • Leg and backrest can be positioned
  • Comes with hydraulic stool
  • Head cushion and armrest are removable, allows face rest
  • Sophisticated leather fabric with soft cushions
  • With built-in towel hanger
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Reasonably priced


  • The main chair doesn’t feature an adjustable height mechanism
  • Doesn’t come pre-assembled

3. Flag Beauty Black Hydraulic Barber Styling Chair Hair Beauty Salon Equipment

Fully functioning revolving chair for a price that won’t break your bank

Asking your clients to turn their heads in the direction that you want just to get the job done is a bit bothersome. But with this hydraulic chair’s 360-degree revolving function, you are sure to get easy access to clients’ heads at all angles without the disturbance. It features the timeless, classic appearance of a black leather chair with armrests supported with a chrome-colored base.

Inside the internal construction is high-density padding that provides extra comfort yet doesn’t sink when sitting on. Together with the heavy-duty frame and base, the chair can support a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds which comes as a no surprise since it is built with solid steel construction designed to evenly disperse weight from the sit to the base.

As a fully functioning styling chair, there is a provision of footrest alongside a hydraulic pump to lift and lower down the equipment. The only fault with the adjusting mechanism is it may be hard to lower down the chair when someone’s sitting on it but it’s easier when the chair is empty, at least according to one review. However, some argue that it is just a little stiff at first but gets better after a few uses. Other than this, this is a great value and easy to assemble styling chair with a one-year warranty for the base and pump.


  • Adjustable height with easy lock
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Comfortable, high-density cushion
  • Solid heavy-duty construction
  • Removable footrest
  • Low-end price
  • Pump and base are backed up by one-year warranty


  • Doesn’t recline
  • Requires assembly

4. Best Salon Hydraulic Barber Chair Styling Salon Beauty Equipment Spa

A salon owners and barbers top-pick for a neat and sturdy styling chair

To kick it off, this next chair comes with comfortable backrest and cushion thanks to its high-density padding. The cover is of polyurethane PU that is not only soft to sit on but also functional as its easier to clean and additionally durable. A pedal also made an appearance that holds both the legs and the foot so clients can sit comfortably for an extended period.

You don’t have to bend down and manually adjust the height of the chair. By simply stepping on the hydraulic pump you can raise the height of the chair or step on the bottom if you intend to lower it down.

Finally, underneath this great chair is a solid round chrome made with rubber ring to avoid the chair from making squeaky sound and hold the customers upright to get the perfect hairstyling or cut. While it may not come fully assembled, the installation comes easy since it only comes in few pieces and detailed instruction are also included in the manual

From the base, hydraulic pump down to padding, everything about this barber chair is expertly crafted. No wonder it is a favorite among salon owners.


  • Easy to clean and durable upholstery with high-density foam
  • Spins in 360-degrees
  • Equipped with easy-to-adjust hydraulic pump and footrest
  • Sturdy steel frame with heavy-duty chrome base
  • Easy installation with manual and accessories
  • Available in red and black color


  • Pumps need improvement according to some

5. BIGARM All Purpose Salon Barber Chair

Adds a rustic feel to any interior design

Meet another cool kid in the block. The bronze rustic accent of the fabric will surely make your furniture the focal point of your salon design. Though the warm color and rough texture of the cover may scream manliness, the design can be easily thrown into any salon design to give your color scheme distinctive punch of shade.

Of course, it would not make it into our list without its highly functional feature. It comes with a headrest that can be removed and backrest that can be tilted to 150 degrees as per the type of service and convenience of the client.  Another of its notable feature is its hydraulic lifting system for raising and lowering purposes.

The shape is also unique to the rounded and oval chair. The seat surface is a boxy-looking space with wide armrest. Inside is a high-density foam covered with favorable PU leather that can be easily wiped with wet cloth in case of stains. The base looks as tough as the chair. Attached is a rounded heavy-duty, black, round chrome stand that offers maximum stability. With its sturdy construction and unique design, your client will not only feel pampered but also luxurious once they sit-in an all-purpose salon chair.


  • With lifting and reclining mechanism for a variety of use
  • Quality PU cover with high-density foam
  • Unique color and fabric design
  • Heavy-duty chrome stand
  • Long-life use


  • May require two people for assembly
  • The chair may be too wide for petite-size clients

What is a salon chair?

In an industry where customers are the first priority, salon chairs are designed with comfortability and mobility in mind. As such, there are extra features that give this type of chair an edge to regular chairs.

Also called barbershop chair, hairdresser chair or salon styling chair, one of the equipment’s prominent features is the footrest where the client can rest their feet. For extra comfortability and support, the tool is upholstered with soft padding, springs, webbing and usually covered in leather. The chair can be swiveled for easy movements and the height of the chair can also be adjustable, offering the stylist diversity in beauty treatments.

Why invest in a salon chair?

Because more customers mean more profit gain, salon owners try to incorporate the provision of new and better services for better earnings. The following are the reasons why salon chairs have worked positively in attracting customers, business productivity and upgrading the look of the salon.

Provides Optimum Relaxation for the Clients: Next to the hairstylist and hair tools, salon chairs are the types of equipment in the salon that clients would most likely interface with. It is where they will sit for an extended period while their hair or nails are being done. No one wants to be sitting in a wobbly or hard chair for hours no matter how good the service is. Hence, your clients will need the best comfortable position which is exactly what a salon chair can provide.

 Offers Versatility for the Stylists: If you are a hair stylist, you will need easy access to your client’s head. You can only work at your best and provide the best service if the chair is providing you maximum mobility. Apart from being ergonomically designed for the clients, salon chairs are also equipped with rounded features such as lifting and rotating mechanisms that work in favor of the stylists.

Creates a Good Image for Your Salon: Salon chairs are at the forefront of the overall look of the entire salon and depict the standard of the business. You need to have a good impression once the client enters the room. A torn furniture or outdated model will say otherwise. Professional salon-type chairs are sleek and elegant and are offered in a variety of colors and styles to match the interior design of your business.

How to choose the best salon chair for your business

Let’s face it, salon chairs are one of the biggest expenditures of a salon start-up. Considering the hefty amount you are going to invest in these salon types of equipment, they should at least last you for years. This is why it is necessary to be well-informed about the key aspects you need to take account of to make your purchase worthwhile.

Target-Users: What type of service does your salon offers? A salon chair for foot and spa services is different from that of hair-styling and treatment services. In any case, your goal is to ensure that clients get the expected experience. If you run a professional salon that offers a full range of beauty services, you can always invest in different types of salon chairs.

On the other hand, if you want everything minimal or perhaps you own a mini salon suite, there are also styling chairs that allow the provision of a multitude of use. Those kinds are reclinable with attachable foot and hair trays, that allows you to switch from shampooing down to hair-styling, manicuring and pedicure services or massaging.

Client Comfort: This should always be of top priority no matter what kind of service your salon offers. A good chair for your salon clients should have high-density foam cushions that should feel soft to sit on and offer lumbar support to the lower back yet provides firm support. The width of the chair is another thing to especially consider. It should be wide enough to accommodate all sizes of clientele.

There are also other features that provide extra relaxation. Depending on the salon chair type and model, it can have a down and lifting function. Most hair styling chairs have pedal so the client has a surface to rest their foot on when lifting up to a certain height.

Ease of Use: The welfare of the stylist while working is also as important as the customers. No matter how skillful your employees, if they are not comfortable, they cannot render their best craft. Again this factor is relative to the type of service your salon offers.

For hairdressers, go for an adjustable styling chair. These types normally feature hydraulic adjustment support which height can be lifted up and down by setting foot on the pedal. It is important that the height is lockable for mobility.

There are also chairs that swivel and rotate to get easy access to the hair at all angles. Reclinable salon chairs are great for massage therapists. They come in with a pneumatic valve that adjusts the backrest angle by hand to handle.

Quality and Durability: Unless, of course, you don’t mind buying chairs for your salon every now and then, the furniture should keep you company for a decent period of time since they can be really expensive and you would want to make your investment worth it.  The quality mainly refers to the construction and materials used.

Upholstered styling chair is normally cushioned with filling sponge and covered with backrest fabric that is usually of leather material. If easy maintenance is what you opt for, go for high-quality vinyl which is long-lasting and easier to clean.

The frame package, carcass, handrails, armrest are usually built with either metal, wood or PU materials. The base is equipped with a round or square platform for stability and ability extensive weight capacity. They are either made of stainless steel or chrome-plating for a firm and anti-wear support in addition to providing a chic look.

Manufacturer: Another way to check the standard and caliber of the furniture is to check the manufacturing details. It is worth note-taking that most European and American-made are touted to be durable and made with expert craftsmanship. There are a lot of salon chairs that are made in China which is, unfortunately, have gained a reputation in having inconsistent quality and durability which is one thing you need to watch out for.

Having said this, it is deemed necessary to have information on where your equipment is made from. Manufacturing details can be gained from the specifications of the product or by reaching out from a customer service representative.

Assembly: Do make sure to check the assembly process of the chair before placing an order especially if assembling is not your cup of tea. Some furniture pieces are delivered pre-assembled while others, especially those that have larger units, require assembly from scratch. The latter comes with the manufacturer’s instruction to guide the user with the assembly requirements.

Design: Whether you are into retro, classic, modern design, a barber or feminine style, you surely don’t want to be stuck with furniture that doesn’t correspond to the personality of your salon. If the overall aesthetic of the salon chair is what you are after, there are a lot of brands that offer a variety of high-end upholstery designs and color palettes to choose from to match the state-of-the-art interior design for your salon — all while remaining timeless so you don’t have to do the unnecessary costly updates.  

Maintenance: Beyond aesthetics, you should also consider how the color and fabric affect your chair’s look when it comes in contact with chemicals, especially since the chair is close to hair products, making the upholstery also prone to stains. As much as leather upholstery gives your salon a touch of sophistication, the fabric is quite hard to maintain and wear quickly, unless you are being careful. Whereas, vinyl, as mentioned, is easier to clean.

Of course, there’s also the base of the chair. Apart from its durability, another advantage of chairs with chrome base is its ability to withstand scratches. Additionally, you may want to opt for chairs with open sides and back as it allows hard-to-reach areas to be clean especially when strands of hair get stuck. It is important to consider the ease of maintenance of the salon furniture to make cleaning easier and the chairs like brand new as always.

Budget: Salon chairs can have a range of price points, from high to low. Of course, it is always important to have a realistic budget especially if you are to consider other salon expenditures. It is easy to be thrifty and work on a small budget. Furniture under a $ 100 dollars may sound like a steal but may not last you long or may need to be repaired from time to time.

Investing a little extra on your salon chairs will pay you off in the long run as most of these chairs, although highly-priced, use quality materials and innovations that will be a strong representative of the standard of your salon to your clientele and more importantly, will keep your salon a company for much longer period of time.

Of course, you don’t always have to pay a high price. There is also a range of mid-priced chairs for you to choose from which doesn’t compromise function and fashion. To put it simply,  whatever price range you allocated on the salon chairs, it should be cost-effective.

Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee: Since the price tag is always going to be a big factor, it is always nice to have a guarantee that you can’t go wrong in purchasing the product. Salon furniture backed up with a warranty says a lot about the quality assurance and good reputation of the manufacturer.

A warranty provides purchasers with legally-ensured furniture replacement or correction in case of defects or mishaps for the duration of its term. The best salon chairs should have at least a one-year warranty. Steer away from furniture without warranty as this could be a sign of poorly constructed pieces of equipment with a short life span.

Sometimes manufacturer even includes a money-back guarantee that that allows that purchaser to get refunded if not satisfied with the purchase. Furniture companies know that terms of documented guarantee can have a complicated process and so along with the warranty, they provide the customer service team ready to assist.

Our top pick

While all of the products featured offers functionality, Shengyu Black Hydraulic Styling Barber Chair Hair Spa Beauty Salon Equipment additionally offers style. Aesthetics in the salon are becoming more and more important as it set the tone for a luxury experience which in turn will favor profit gain. Purchasing this stylish tufted and beaded salon chair by Shengyu will is definitely the upgrade you are looking for.

Functionality wise, the tool allows stylists a diverse and comfort of beauty treatments due to its adjustable hydraulic pump. It is also comfortable to sit on owing to its quality paddings and fabric equipped with a footrest for maximum comfort. With its luxurious and ergonomic design, your client will surely feel like royalty.

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