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Tyme Iron Pro Reviews: Is It Worth The Hype?

Tyme Iron Pro Reviews

A new trend in hair care that has taken the world by storm is the Tyme Iron Pro, which is an amazing hair straightener and curling iron combo that promises to let you easily style your hair any way you like while cutting down on the time you spend in front of the mirror.

The question is, is it really worth all the hype? What’s so great about it? Does it really straighten and curl your hair as good as stand alone straighteners and curlers? Is it convenient to use? Is it safe to use? There are so many questions that need to be answered.

And so, to help you out, here’s a comprehensive Tyme Iron Pro review that answers all your questions about this new styling tool that all those Instagrammers and beauty bloggers seem to love, so you can decide for yourself whether you should invest in this new thing.

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At a glance: The Tyme Iron Pro

The Tyme Iron Pro hair curler and straightener is a multifunctional and versatile styling tool that makes use of innovative and revolutionary technologies in order to allow for usage on all sorts of styling tasks. At least, that’s what it claims to be.

The thing is, it seems to actually deliver on that promise, especially given that it’s the second generation of the Tyme Iron, which is already a pretty sweet styling tool, and this new one has all the best features of the first, plus a few more.

How it works

The Tyme Iron Pro FeaturesThis two in one curler and straightener is actually designed for any type and length of hair, and it can create waves, curls, and straight styles in just a few minutes of use, so you can have plenty of freedom in customizing your hairstyle while cutting back on your styling time.

It’s actually made with titanium plates that can transfer heat faster and distribute it more evenly, and then there’s the curl which can cool on the non-heated rounded edge, giving you more defined curls that stay in shape for longer.

Plus, it follows the principle behind most hair dryers nowadays which feature a cool shot button to lock and seal in your hairstyle.

The unique design

At first glance, it kind of looks like your typical hair straightener, since it makes use of two silver plates that are designed to clamp together and pin your hair in order to straighten it. However, that’s where the similarities end.

For one thing, it has a rounded exterior, and the two silver plates are designed a bit differently, with one perfectly flush (like in your typical straighteners), and the other one featuring a rounded lip that extends past the flush plate on one side.

This unique design allows you to either straighten or curl your hair depending on which side you approach your hair from.

How to use it

Now, using it is quite easy. When it comes to straightening, just select your preferred heat setting, clamp a section of your hair with the iron, and glide it down to your tips.

Or, when curling, clamp the hair facing the opposite side of the tool, flick your wrist in such a way that the curl wraps around the rounded edge, then glide the tool down and away from your head. That’s it.

Temperature settings

When we say that this styling tool is made for all types of hair, we mean it. That’s because it features five different temperature settings for you to choose from depending on your hair type, thickness, and condition.

You’ve got the lowest heat setting at 300 degrees, which is best for those with fine and fragile hair. Then there’s 325, 350, and 375, which is the ideal styling heat range for healthy hair that’s neither thick or thin, and then you’ve got the highest temperature at 400 degrees, which is necessary for those with coarse, thick, curly, and stubborn hair.

An honest review of the Type Iron Pro

An honest review of the Type Iron ProNow that you know all the specs of the Tyme Iron Pro and how it essentially works, here’s our honest review of how it really performs in real life settings, whether in home use or in professional salons.

It looks luxurious

One of the many things we really liked about this styling tool is that it just looks so stylish and luxurious. In fact, that’s probably one of the reasons why beauty bloggers use it- you know, for the aesthetic. And, we can’t blame them.

It’s made with superior quality materials, and is designed in such a way that it definitely looks and feels expensive. The lines are so smooth, the details are well thought out, even the lettering of the Tyme logo looks elegant and unobtrusive.

And then there’s the sleek metallic pink color that has that certain shimmer. All in all, it looks absolutely beautiful and worth your money from the visual appeal alone.

It’s made with top quality materials

Did you know that titanium plates are currently the best heating materials when it comes to today’s styling tools? They are just so much better than other materials such a ceramic and tourmaline, although those two are pretty decent as well.

But, what sets titanium apart is that it heats up so much faster and also offers a more even and consistent heat distribution. And, it even releases negative ions that work in keeping your hair moisturized and safe from damage even as you heat up your strands.

As such, you can enjoy perfectly styled hair that’s free from frizz, looks shiny, and feels silky. Besides, titanium is also highly durable yet lightweight, so the styling tool is easier on the arms, and also more suitable for travel.

It’s safe and easy to use

The Tyme Iron Pro is also packed with lots of safety and convenience features, making it safe and easy to use anywhere you are. These include LED displays for the temperature settings, heat protection so you don’t accidentally burn your hair strands, a thirty minute automatic shut off, and a 360 degree swivel cord.

And if you’re still worried about using it, well, worry no more. With every purchase of the Tyme Iron Pro, you actually get a free lesson from a virtual stylist so you know how to correctly and safely use the tool. It’s a sweet touch and can be really helpful.

Tyme Iron Pro styling tool pros and cons

From what we’ve mentioned so far, the Tyme Iron Pro sounds like a stylist’s dream. But, the reality is that no device is perfect. This tool also has its fair share of cons, although none of them are deal breakers- at least for us. We’ll let you decide for yourself. Here’s a list of the pros and cons of the Tyme Iron Pro:


  • Two in one functionality (straightener and curler)
  • Trendy and elegant feminine design
  • Superior construction with quality materials
  • Revolutionary ionic technology with titanium plates
  • 5 temperature settings for all hair types and styling needs
  • Safety features with 30 minute auto shut off
  • Free online tutorial from a professional stylist


  • Considerably more expensive than similar products at $200
  • Difficult to use at the beginning requires lots of practice

…that’s it, actually.

The best way to use the Tyme Iron Pro

How you use the Tyme Iron Pro is actually pretty much the same as you would go about using typical straighteners and curlers. This one just requires a bit more learning curve, but nothing you can’t handle.

Now, the most important thing is actually to make sure that your hair is properly prepared for styling before you even pick up this styling tool.

  1. Hit the shower and shampoo your hair so it’s clean and grease free.
  2. Apply your preferred hair care product evenly. Don’t use anything with natural oils if you are using heat styling tools, as you can only apply them afterwards so as not to “fry” and damage your hair. And, make sure it has thermal protection and moisturization properties.
  3. Dry your hair thoroughly, either by using a blow dryer or letting it dry naturally.

After all that, once you’re ready to style your hair, here are some helpful tips you can follow:

  • Work in 1-inch layers of your hair, starting from the bottom layer
  • Adjust the density of hair you are ironing so it can be straightened or curled in one pass
  • Work the iron through the hair gently and gradually

And once you’re done, make sure to apply your preferred spray or serum to lock in your style and keep your hair free from static.

Final Verdict

Given everything we’ve learned and experienced with the Tyme Iron Pro, we can confidently say that we love it and will highly recommend it to anyone who asks.

It looks absolutely stunning, it has all the right features and functions that you’ve come to expect from both hair straighteners and hair curlers, it delivers professional results while remaining at a travel friendly size, and so on.

Sure, it may be hard to use at first, but that’s nothing that practice won’t solve. And as for the hefty price tag, trust us- it’s more than worth your money.


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