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The Top 5 Best Mini Flat Iron of 2020: Which One is The Most Travel-Friendly?

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Flat irons have always been useful in straightening our hair. Alternatively, it can be used to add a volume or a little sway into those hair roots. The only thing with conventional flat irons is they tend to be bulky and a hassle to carry around. This is where a mini flat iron comes in handy.

A flat iron that is travel-friendly a must-have tool for beauty enthusiasts who are always on the go. With the lightweight, mini and compact design, the portable iron helps us look our best, be it on a holiday vacation, business trips.

Ahead, we will look at the list of the best portable and compact hair iron and what makes them perfect for your travel plus a comprehensive guide in picking the right hair iron for your hair needs. Andıf you stick up until the last page, you’ll learn our verdict on which product stands out and why.

A Review Of The Bestselling Travel-friendly Flat Irons Of 2020

A lot of flat iron models are being released today. They are all marketed good, making it tougher to make the right pick. But that’s why we came up with our list of flat irons that are travel-friendly. The following list is based on high sales performance and good customer reviews.

1. FURIDEN Mini Flat Iron

FURIDEN Mini Flat Iron

The perfect companion for your overseas trip
Works with all hair types

The dual temperature setting of 355℉ and 430℉ means that this styler accommodates all hair types. A lower temperature setting is ideal for fine and thin hair while the maximum temp setting is great for thick, coarse and long hair. It can be adjusted by rotating the handle clockwise. It heats up in 30 seconds with a red indicator light that tells when it’s ready to use.

The plate is of ceramic that passes on your hair smoothly without tugging. It removes a great amount of static and freezes for a more polished look. The wide plate and beveled edges mean you can easily maneuver the tool if perfect tousled curls are what you are after. Meanwhile, the cord can rotate and gives you flexibility at any angle. It’s pretty much an all-around neat flat iron, to say the least.

But what really won us over this product is its well-rounded travel-friendly features. Firstly, it has the standard size and weight of mini iron, weighing only less than a pound and less than 10 inches in size. Secondly, it has a dual voltage of 100 to 240V AC. Plus the styler self-adjust to the proper voltage in your journey. Thirdly, it is pre-packaged with a travel bag and a safety lock, all for easy storage and convenient packing. If you want to look good and feel good wherever and whenever all you need to is bring this baby-sized hair iron in your journey. Happy packing!


  • Easy to use whether straightening or curling
  • Dual temperature setting
  • Self-adjusting dual voltage
  • With storage bag
  • Safety-lock feature
  • Includes 6-month warranty
  • Cost-effective


  • Not the cheapest among the products featured here

2. MHU Professional Travel Size Flat Iron

MHU Professional Travel Size Flat Iron

Literally fits in your purse
Keeps your bangs and short hair on fleek

This tiny flat iron is around 6-inches long and half-an-inch size diameter. It’s so tiny it can easily fit in your palm and possibly on your purse. This means no more worrying about accidentally burning yourself from maneuvering a piping hot full-sized flat iron. So go ahead and style your bangs or go as close to the roots of your hair as you’d like.

It is engineered with a Positive Temperature coefficient (PTC) heater that allows exceptional heat generation and transfer even with its small plate. Corroborated by ceramic and tourmaline floating plates, the iron smoothen and relaxes your hair with every pass.

The iron runs on a non-adjustable heat of 356°F. While the fixed temperature may be a red flag for those who have fine hair, 356°F is the ideal temperature in straightening the hair in a single stroke without causing damage.

The handle is made to be anti-slip and comfortable to use. With its extremely lightweight and miniature size, this is definitely the iron that is made for tagging along.


  • Ceramic and Tourmaline Technology adds shine
  • Straightens your hair in a single pass; no cold or hot spots
  • Lightweight and compact; ideal for carrying around
  • Economically priced
  • Non-slip grip


  • Non-Adjustable Temperature
  • Not convenient to use on thick and long hair

3. AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Smart Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener

AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Smart Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener

Straightening and curling all-in-one
For thick and medium-length hair

Weighing under half a pound with a merely 8-inches length is this flat iron from AmoVee. While other brands are coated with ceramic and can easily get chipped, Amovee’s flat iron boasts of its quality plated ceramic. This means you can harp the hair-friendly benefits of a true ceramic technology for a long time. It is infused with tourmaline crystals to give you a polished and super-sleek finish.

Nano-titanium technology also made it to its plate construction. Titanium as an excellent heat conductor means the iron has great heat resistant and transfer. To be exact, the iron heats instantly in 30 seconds and distributes even heat. The plate easily glides into your hair without snagging or pulling, warding off hair breakage.

While it may have been advertised as a hair straightener, the narrow plates are also ideal for creating curls, flips, and waves. The temperature of 428°F is non-adjustable and it may be too high for fine and thin hair. Yet, the optimum temperature is ideal to use on thick and hair that never lie flat or hold a curl.

Other things might like is the 360-degree swivel cord that eases up maneuvering, a safety lock feature that protects the plate when storing and heat-resistant glove for safety. Its priced economically for a multitude of use. This one’s definitely a steal!.


  • Quality Plate Materials; Ceramic, Tourmaline, and Titanium
  • Dual-Purpose: Styler and straightener
  • Smooth and shiny finish
  • With swivel cord, gloves, and safety-lock
  • Backed up with a 12-month warranty


  • No heat adjustment
  • High temperature is not recommended for fine and fragile hair.

4. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

For quick touch-ups
Works great on short to medium hair

This tiny hair iron by BaByliss is another great 6-inch flat iron that is as efficient as standard hair irons but less the size and weight. Because of its small scale size, the iron can easily get down to hard-to-reach areas such as the roots. It uses nano-titanium technology so rest assured that the optimum temperature of 430°F is maintained and heat is evenly distributed.

In addition to the nano titanium plates is the emission of negative ions that dissipate moisture evenly to promote the natural production of oil. This means no more lackluster dull hair, only smooth and shiny finish.

The temperature might be too harsh on those who have fine hair. However, the incorporation of ceramic means it is less damaging. Still, if you have sensitive and delicate hair, it might be ideal to look for an iron that has a lesser temperature range as the tool doesn’t feature an adjustable heat setting.

The blade is available in 1 and ½ an inch size. What’s more to love? It also comes in a dual voltage for worldwide usage.


  • Titanium plate with ceramic coatings
  • Styles hard-to-reach areas
  • Decent heat transfer and retention
  • Super compact, lightweight and portable
  • With two mini-size options to choose from
  • Equipped with dual voltage


  • Not the most versatile flat iron
  • Not for fine, thin and fragile hair
  • The coated plate comes with the risk of getting chipped

5. 6th Sense Styling Technology 2-in-1 Mini Flat Iron/Curling Iron

6th Sense Styling Technology 2-in-1 Mini Flat Iron/Curling Iron

Compact dual styler at your disposal
Works with all hair types

Choosing among your hot tools to bring with you on your trips is like choosing among your babies. 6th Sense Styling Technology, a beauty aficionado brand that has been in the business for 50 years understands this. Designed with ease of traveling in mind, the brand has created a curler and straightener enveloped in one tool. This means you don’t have to choose nor bring a handful of beauty arsenals on your next, saves you a lot of space and aren’t much of the weight baggage limits

The dual-purpose styler has all the key features of both curling and straightening iron. This includes the clamp you that helps hold the hair while curling with a locking button that allows you to switch to straightening in a snap. The plate is powered by nano titanium which can style hair in just a couple of seconds or relaxes your hair in just a single stroke.

The single temperature of 375°F is safe enough to use on all hair types and the ideal temperature that gets the job done with restricted heat damage. The voltage can handle 110 to 240 volts that pretty much work in wherever continent you may be. It comes with a storage bag of fashionable animal print that keeps you in style, you may even want to alternatively use it as a regular clutch!

While the size may slightly be over the standard size of a travel-friendly iron, it still can easily fit in your luggage as it is super compact. So whenever you’re ready to take flight, do remember to tag this styler tool along to help you keep it light.


  • Highly efficient nano-titanium plates
  • Flat iron and curling iron combo
  • Dual voltage
  • Stylish heat-resistant case
  • Reasonably priced


  • Temperature is fixed
  • No ceramic or tourmaline

What Exactly is a Mini Flat Iron?

As the name suggests, a flat iron dubbed as “mini” is a small-sized version of a regular flat iron but with the added benefit of being super lightweight and extremely compact. Its portability makes it easier for the tool to carry around and effortlessly fit in your bag so you can easily bring them on your trips and look best anytime and anywhere.

While mini hair irons may be diminutive, that is not to say that the efficiency is compromised. They still have all the key features present in regular-sized flat irons to provide equally sleek hairstyles. If you searched enough, you can even find several mini irons with advanced features backed up by state-of-the-art technologies to level up the efficiency and utility.


What Makes a Travel-friendly Iron a Good Buy?

Mini irons come in variations and picking is primarily based on the features that cater to your hair needs. In this category, we will both discuss the primary features that make the best flat iron a good buy as well as other considerations you need to take into account to get the best out of your purchase.

Weight and Size

Since portability is one of the main features of a mini hair iron, it is but necessary to consider how light and compact the tool is. A travel-friendly iron is preferably not over 1 pound and ideally 10 inches or less. This makes the tool easier to fit in your luggage without worrying about the bulkiness and baggage weight limits.


A worldwide or dual voltage matters if you want a flat iron that you can always bring on your overseas trip. Flat irons with dual voltage cater to 110-120v and 220-240v which eschew the use of a heavy voltage converter, making your trips hassle-free.

Temperature Adjustment

Other irons that fixed temperature setting might emit high heat that may be too much for fine and thin hair. On the contrary, small-sized irons that have restricted temperature adjustments might take time to straighten hair precisely for thick to coarse tresses, considering they usually come in a plate less wider than a standard flat iron. This is why it is deemed important to choose a flat iron with multiple heat settings to allow you to control the ideal temperature for your hair type.

Plate Material

Just like mainstream flat irons, mini irons can have different heating materials. They can incorporate ceramic, tourmaline, titanium or combination of these kinds. Each differs when it comes to heat transfer and distribution, durability and cost. But before we dive in further, let’s first breakdown buzzwords that you might encounter while trying to understand the heating technology; the infrared and ionic heat.

Infrared Heat: Flat irons that run on infrared-heat generate a gentle heat that wards off hair damage, making it safe to use on processed, fragile or ethnic hair. As the infrared heat-styling tools are additionally designed to heat hair from inside and out, they produce uniform wavelengths that penetrate deeper in hair follicles, relaxing and softening for a smooth finish.

Ionic: The term usually refers to the negative ions the flat iron emits. Most ceramic and tourmaline flat irons provide negative ions that dissipate water molecules so you can use it even on damp hair. The negatively charged ions are what also help keep hair cuticle, protected, smooth, shiny and frizz-free.

Now that you have learned some of the terminology used in heating technology, time to look at the different kinds of plates used in flat irons and the best they offer.


With Infrared-HeatYesYesNo
Thermal ConductivityModerate; stays hot and transfers heat in a decent amount of time although may take longer to heat up than other platesGood: Delivers heat faster than ceramicExcellent; Heats up the fastest and retains heat the longest.
Heat EvennessGood; Every part of the plate is known to release uniform distribution of heat and will only take a few passes to straighten hairExcellent: Delivers a more even heat than ceramic since it releases more negative ions for hair relaxationPoor: Known to have cold and hot spots and may need more passes to get the hair evenly straight
Recommended ForFine, Fragile, Chemically Processed HairDry and Delicate hairThick to Coarse Hair
NOT Recommended ForThick to Coarse Hair since the gentle heat may require multiple passes to get hair doneWorks well with all hair typesFine and Fragile Hair since the heat may be too aggressive
DurabilityPoor: The plate doesn’t take kindly to being fell and needs proper care.Good: Tourmaline can withstand high heat and doesn’t crack easilyExcellent: Pure titanium plates are as strong as steel and scratch-resistant. The plate may outlive the iron itself.
PricePrice is relative to the amount of ceramic involved. Ceramic-infused plates are cheaper while those that are pure ones can get expensive.Prices can get steep depending on the crystal that is incorporated since tourmaline is a rare gem.Highly-priced because of its outstanding heat transfer and retention

Note: There is a great difference between a plated flat iron and coated flat iron. Beware of advertised plate coatings because they come with a risk of chipping off, exposing the harsh, inferior metal underneath. On the other hand, flat irons that are have plated, solid or pure descriptions won’t easily wear away easily and things that you should look for.

Bonus Features You Might Want to Consider

We would also like to mention other features and innovations in compact and portable irons that not strictly a necessity but also are great options as they serve additional functions.

Venting System: Flat irons that feature air vents are great because it allows the user to use the tool on both damp and dry hair. Also called wet-to-dry flat irons, these innovative tools assist in drying hair while straightening it. However, be reminded that hair is at its weakest state when it is wet. This means that you still need to be cautious of using it in wet hair as it might cause damage in the form of breakage and split ends.

Automatic Shut Off: If you tend to be forgetful and always worry whether you have plugged out or turned off your hair iron, consider purchasing on one that automatically turns off by itself. Most models that have auto shut off feature turns off by itself after an hour of inactivity while some shut off even when in use to prevent overheating and causing damage to the tool. Above all, it prevents fire hazards and danger related to leaving the tool unattended.

Swivel Cord: Flat irons that run on electricity should have a 360-degree swivel cord to avoid having to change hands during operation. With swivel cord, you can rotate the iron with ease without the cord getting in the way.

Cordless: Another option is going for cordless flat irons. This makes the tool even easier to carry around as they are not bulky. Cord-free mini irons are as powerful as their corded counterparts and can be easily charged via port like a USB.

Beveled Edges: If you are for one who also uses a flat iron for styling, you will love beveled edges rather than the conventional straight edges. Flat irons designed as such have a sloping edge that allows the user to use the iron not just for straightening but also curling.

Accessories: Some brands come with a travel case for easy storage, a heat resistant glove for safety and even a styling comb, which of course, are a great addition to your purchase


Still can’t decide which product to buy? Here’s a comparison chart detailing the significant features we are looking for in each of the products we have reviewed.










FURIDEN 11 ounces (0.7 pounds)8.7 inches☑Ceramic☑ Storage Bag


(Check the latest  price here)
MHU11 ounces (0.7 pounds)6.8 inches☑Ceramic


None(Check the latest  price here)
AmoVee  8 ounces (0.5 pounds)7.9 inches☑Ceramic


☑Nano Titanium

☑Gloves(Check the latest  price here)
BaBylissPRO 8.5 ounces (0.5 pounds)6 inches☑Ceramic

☑Nano Titanium

None(Check the latest  price here)
6th Sense Styling Technology9.6 ounces (0.6 pounds11 inches☑Nano Titanium☑ Storage Bag(Check the latest  price here)

And the Best Travel-Friendly Flat Iron Goes To….

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to pack the FURIDEN Mini Flat Iron whenever you head off. The lightweight, compact design means its portable for travel. In this category, others come close but this flat iron’s self-adjusting voltage and dual temperature — which is both unique to other products –made this FURIDEN hair Iron superior to others.

Moreover, the heating adjustments alone gave it an edge because the product is versatile to all hair conditions. Not only perfect for achieving sleek straight hair but also for curling woes since the plate is wide enough to do so. It also comes with a safety lock and storage bag, all for convenient packing. Wıthout a doubt, this is the most travel-friendly out in the market today!

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