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FHI Flat Iron Reviews: Salon-Finish Amazing!

What’s this FHI flat iron reviews all about? With the undying hype of hairstyling, it’s no surprise we get stuck in the myriad of options when buying flat irons. Here’s a great find that will dwindle your agony of online shopping away. The FHI Brands Platform PLUS Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Hair Styler is one of the saleable flat irons in the market due to its positive rates from users all over the world.

Now, it’s our turn to reveal just how versatile this model really is. Its salon-finish efficacy is surprisingly impressive!

Well-deserved Bragging Rights Features

The Flat iron for hair is a competitive market. Some brands have features that aren’t as efficient. So, it’s very important to weigh which one has the most beneficial features. What gives this flat iron the cut against its competitors?

  • Temperature range from 60˚C or 140˚F to 232˚C or 450˚F
  • Built for versatile styling (Travel-friendly)
  • Measures – 12.5 x 4 x 3.5 inches
  • Weighs 1.2 pounds
  • Ultra-curved edges
  • It also features negative ions
  • Comes with a detachable heat pad

The Pros To Love

Moisture-locking Negative Ions

If your hair straightening and styling priorities are minimal damage, this product is an excellent investment. It’s infused with tourmaline, which means you get shinier locks than an ordinary ceramic! Apart from the impressive floating plates, I couldn’t be happier with the negative ion. The negative ion feature is a real deal in locking moisture, withstanding humidity, and helping in stamping out static.

Will Not Fry Your Hair

It can be daunting to use any heating product on thin hair. But, it’s the way to go in order to style it the way you like it. Fortunately, FHI flat iron works amazingly on oily fine, straight hair. The infrared technology helps smooth out your hair strands by warming your hair cuticles. It doesn’t grab or pull out your hair. You can pretty much get to the result you like with just several passes without winding up looking stiff, or worse, fried.

Versatile (Professional-Use Quality)

The FHI flat iron’s baked ceramic plates are equipped with Nano-Fuzeion™ Technology. It doesn’t have just one or two ceramic plates, —this amazing model holds three of it! It lives up to its purpose of distributing the heat properly as well as super-fast heat recovery. This flat iron is absolutely top notch when it comes to turning curls into super straight hair. Furthermore, you’d be confident that your hair won’t wind up in bad health.

Lightweight & Easy To Use

The hair slides through the beveled plates easily, and can definitely style it even when it’s damp! Therefore, it will not scare the heck out of you while you create multiple styles you like. We all want that sleek finish without extra work, don’t we? Whether you just want to tame your stubborn frizz, transform your hair into dazzling curls or glamorous waves. FHI’s performance is very satisfying.

Sturdy For A Ceramic Flat Iron

One of the most important qualities of flat iron is durability, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Ionic tourmaline ceramic flat irons are favored for its even heat distribution and giving lasting power to the hair. And although it’s a breakthrough in hair styling, it compromises life span. NOT FHI though. It has been recommended by professional stylists because it is built sturdy, which is why it’s perfect for professional use.

Long Power Cord

We are not done yet with the pros. Nothing else can be more annoying than a short power cord that makes styling difficult when it shouldn’t. Having an insanely long power cord is another reason that makes the FHI flat iron a great purchase. The cord never gets in your way! No more neck pains and limited movements while styling your hair! Not only that, but it’s also lightweight, —ideal for traveling. Especially, for gals who are constantly on-the-go.

The Cons To Consider

Works ‘Ok’ With Thick, Coarse Hair

While it has a wide temperature range that favors thin hair, women with dense tresses might rather go for a heavier flat iron. So, when it comes to super dense textured stra what works is using particularly designed plates for the flat iron and a high heat setting that help achieve the look you are going for.

A Bit On The Pricey Side

From the looks of it, the very sleek and interesting red plates is quite appealing. It doesn’t look cheap at all! Given that it has advanced ionic technology blended on its ceramic plates, probably makes it not as economical. But, it has rivals that offer the same incredible features and performance with a more budget-friendly price tag.

Takes Patience In Curling

Straight-haired ladies, thin or think, certainly loves having effortless ringlets. However, curling can become challenging for some because of the barrel having tendencies to tug the hair. Nevertheless, this can be worked out with further practice. By then, you would know how to adjust and manage the barrel to prevent friction.

It Doesn’t Have The Automatic Shut-off

For its price and advanced features, it would have been great if this flat iron features an automatic shut-off. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Therefore, you need to be mindful. Make sure you don’t forget to unplug it after use.

Final Thoughts

Is it Worth The Hype? We like this product due to its wide range of temperatures available. Additionally, the fact that it expertly straightens hair, it’s relatively more efficient for long use with multiple heat settings than its rivals. It’s great for rush morning styling. You will also find this product pretty handy and easy to figure out if you’re new in hair straighteners.

Should you buy it? Whether you’re getting a flat iron for perfectly straight hair, tweaking your hair with a little style at the ends, FHI fat iron deserves a shot. It works with different hair textures. While it’s on the pricier side, it’s worth the investment if you compared it to other similar products.

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