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Fahrenheit Flat Iron Reviews: The Hair Straightener Hair Care System

Fahrenheit Flat Iron Reviews

Every year, tons of new hairstyling tools pile up the market. This is apart from advancement in innovation; self-rotating heated hairbrushes, cutting-edge heating technology, there’s a helluva lot to sift through. Despite these promising products, we just cannot do away with flat irons.

Whether you are up to straightening curls or giving style to a limp flat hair, a flat iron can do it all. And when looking for one that can deliver the goal, we only want the best. Fahrenheit is a brand trusted by many when it comes to a flat iron that puts well in performance, versatility, durability as well as innovation.

Today, we will take a look at one Fahrenheit’s most rated Hair Straightener from their high-end line of hair straighteners. This will not be your typical pros and cons type of product review (although we will give an overview on this subject)  as we will discuss thoroughly what makes this product works including a detailed description of each specification, unique selling points alongside the restrictions of use to help you determine if the Fahrenheit hair straightener is worth your every penny.

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Fahrenheit Hair Straightener Review – What Makes It Special?

Fahrenheit Hair Straightener Leopard

Coming from Fahrenheit Heat Wave Collection, this hair straightener is developed for optimized multi-styling options with ease of use in mind. It comes from the brand’s special edition of the Hair Care System that is not only known for the stylish exterior but also gained a reputation for consistent heat output. The breakthrough engineering includes the following.

Unique Heating System

For the most part, these are the internal construction that contributes to Fahrenheit’s unbeatable efficacy. The heating technology incorporated into the plate is carefully thought of, providing a solution to the most common issue with flat iron nowadays, which is on how to achieve salon-style sheen without compromising hair health. The plate is made of two primary materials.

  • Solid Ceramic: Ceramic in hot tools is what responsible for even heat distribution and optimal results without the guilt of damaging hair. The key lies in the generation of gentle radiation, namely far-infrared heat that is gentle on hair, making it safe to use by all hair types. Also, ceramic is known to warm up pretty quickly so expect this Fahrenheit iron to be ready sooner than you know it. It can also reach maximum temperature in an instant too.

In terms of performance, ceramic’s excellent heat dispersal wards of cold spots and hots spots so you’ll get that uniform results from roots to tip.

Unique to other ceramic-based flat irons, however, is Fahrenheit’s provision of 100% pure ceramic. Where other irons are only coated with ceramic that peels off easily, exposing the harsh metal underneath, expect Fahrenheit hair straightener to be more intact and resistant to wear so you can fully take advantage of the hair benefits of a true ceramic. Fahrenheit Hair Straightener

  • Tourmaline: The infusion of tourmaline crystal is what gives Fahrenheit hair straighter the ability to condition your hair. Tourmaline injects negative ions to your hair to tame away the stubborn fuzzy hair whilst leaving a smooth and shinier finish.

 Variable Temperature Settings: The range of heat selection says a lot about the hot tool’s versatility. For starters, you will want a flat iron that allows you to make temperature adjustments as every hair type has different needs. Fahrenheit includes heat settings of 140-450°F (60°C-230°C) which lets you play among the temperature that best suits your hair type.

Smart Exterior Design

There is more to Fahrenheit flat iron to just being “flat”. Apart from the materials that are poured into the plates is the way it is constructed that adds to its versatility and multitude of use.

  • Beveled Edges: As with other Fahrenheit Heat Wave irons, the plates feature rounded edges. The beveled angles are one design that is often overlooked in flat irons but can really make a difference in finished. Since the edges are round in this iron, the hair will slide over the plate seamlessly without being pulled over, resulting in a smoother style as compared to a harsh straight edge.

Having a curved angle between the surface and the side is also essential in curling, possibly crimp or wave hair, since the technique involves maneuvering the hair tight along the edge of the plates.

  • Floating Plates Design: For the record, a floating plate does not mean the surface will come off but rather we are talking about the ability of the plate to move based on the angle you are directing the flat iron on. This means that the Fahrenheit iron will let you clamp your hair more precisely as compared to fixed floating plate designs.
  • 25-inch Width: Again, you might be asking as to why the width size matter. But to answer your question, the diameter of the flat iron determines possible styling options. The Fahrenheit hair straightener has 1.25-inch allows muti-styling options; including curling, waves and giving hair volume. Also with the wide width, you can hold a larger section of hair at a time which can make styling easier and faster especially if you have thick or long hair.

Other Features You Will Love:

Fahrenheit Hair Straightener and accessories

The following are the product’s bonus features that are worth mentioning.

Dual Voltage: If you cannot bring your hair straightener on your overseas trip, is it even worth it? The Fahrenheit flat iron accepts 105W/60W so you can bring the device when you are traveling on different countries without the need to bring a bulky universal plug adapter.

Ergonomic Handle: The grip is made to be anti-slip, easy to hold and control, regardless of the size of your hand and strength of your grip

360° Swivel Cord: The swivel connection prevents tangling and allows you to maneuver the tool easily giving you increased control.

Looped End: It’s quite hard to store hot tools right after use as they need to cool down. You cannot just put it down anywhere as they are fire hazards. Hanging them is more ideal for safety as wells as ease of storage which is what the loop at the end of the flat iron is for.

Limited Lifetime Warranty: Where other brands only imposed limited year warranty, Fahrenheit is backed up with a lifetime warranty. This means that over the course of the existence of the product, Fahrenheit will replace not just parts but the actual flat iron itself in case of defects. This speaks volumes to the quality assurance attributed to the product.

Fashionable Design. The collection comes in jazzy animal print and eco-design. This particular product of Fahrenheit is in a sophisticated leopard print. The aesthetics might not be huge of a deal but a flat iron that screams out fashion does not always hurt.

Lady flat ironing hair

What Could Have Been Better?

If we are to critique this straightener by Fahrenheit, it’s missing some features that are apparent with other hair straighteners. For one is an auto-shutoff that would have added to the safety of use.  A storage bag could also have been useful. Nonetheless, the aforementioned does not compromise the overall quality and high efficacy of the tool. The product is excellent even without these attributes.

This model should only be chosen if you intend to straighten, create loose to wavy curls. You won’t be able to achieve kinks or tight curls since the plate is too wide.

The product is part of Fahrenheit’s special edition of hair straighteners which means it is only manufactured in a limited amount. We think it’s such a bummer that they would limit the supplies for such a great product, so you better catch it while it is still available.

A Summary of the Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Pure ceramic plate with tourmaline technology for healthier hair styling
  • Adjustable temperature settings for all hair types
  • Smart exterior construction for multi-styling
  • Design for comfort and ease of use; non-slip ergonomic handle with a swivel cord
  • Universal voltage allows worldwide use
  • Backed up with limited lifetime warranty
  • With looped end for easy storage
  • Available in a stylish print


  • No auto-shut off and accessories
  • Limited edition

The Verdict Fahrenheit Hair Straightener Snow Leopard

Overall, Fahrenheit Hair Straightener is a reliable top-notched flat iron. It got all of the components and attributes that we have come to expect in a professional flat iron but in a lower price tag. We cannot see why you can go wrong in giving this product a try since it is made by a trusted brand and backed up with a lifetime warranty.

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