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The Ultimate Chi Hair Straightener Review

Not everybody is born with glorious locks or shining tresses. A flat iron, a.k.a. hair straightener is every girl’s secret weapon in keeping their crowning glory preened and groomed. As with all products, however, not all straighteners are created equally.

A good hair straightener can mean the difference between giving you optimal results in just a few passes versus finding yourself going the same direction over and over to just to get the desired result. If the latter sounds very tiresome to you, investing in a quality hair straightener is your best bet.

Since today’s theme is all about hair straighteners, we will discuss an all-time-favorite hot tool, both in commercial and domestic usage, the CHI Original Ceramic Hairstyling Iron. Most people who stumble upon this flat iron seem tor rave about salon-standard sheen, ease of use and ability to deliver results in just minutes. But beneath all of these razzmatazz lies a question —  does the flat iron lives up to the hype? If you want to know the answer to this, this article is worth reading.

First things first, let’s get to know the brand

The Cationic Hydration Interlink brand, or simply known as CHI, is a company dedicated to producing top-notch hair care and styling products with the mission to provide professional beauty through the most advanced technology.  The company is founded by a team of hairdressers led by Farouk Shami with the collaboration of NASA scientists (yes you read that right) to produce a line of hair tools that emitted lesser EMFs than others on the market.

It is worth mentioning that CHI is consistently in its A-game for years now, sprucing up innovations in hair tools every now and then. The CHI Original Ceramic Hairstyling Iron is one of their first models in their high-end line of hair straighteners. Newer models have been added up through the collection, but the CHI original hair straightener remains to be one of their bestsellers.

What is so special about the CHI Original Ceramic Hairstyling Iron?

The best hair straightener is one that will leave your hair smooth and sleek in the least hair damaging way possible. It should not also be complicated to use whether you are up to hair straightening or curling. The only way to find out if CHI hair straightener meets these expectations is to get acquainted with its key features and technical aspects. So let’s get digging.

Ceramic Heating: CHI is very well known for its ceramic flat irons. In fact, this is the very first hair styling iron pioneered by CHI using ceramic technology inspired by NASA. As such, expect this iron’s withstanding heat resistance and incredible strength. Its durability hinders damaged from scratches, dents or coating.

More to the ceramic is the constant flux of negative ions essential for hair’s sheen and a great reduction of frizz. Additionally, ceramic runs on far-infrared heat that is friendlier on hair as compared to titanium-based flat irons. This prevents hair damage even in its high temperature, thus making it safer flat iron to use by sensitive hair types.

The CHI hair straightener’s ability to heat up in a flash — a mere 30 seconds to be exact — is also due to the ceramic incorporation. If you think you got the best, there’s more. The provision finest quality ceramic materials allows an even heat surface in this hair straightener by CHI. It only means you’ll get uniform results without the unwanted cold and hot spots. Moreover, you’ll get results in just a few passes so you don’t have to redo your hair over and over.

Maximum 392F:   This temperature setting is great for the fuzzy or thick hair that makes styling seems to be an impossible feat. This margin of temperature can help you tame stubborn frizz and even style hair that never held a curl. But even if your hair is normal and does not have an issue with styling, you can still benefit from the optimum temperature to help you achieved desired results.

Beveled Edges: Most brands of flat iron advertise their product as not only good for straightening purposes but also for curling or bending hair. But if you look at the construction, it is not equipped with features that fit for the purpose. Some have straight, sudden drop-off edges that make curling almost seem an issue.

Since the process of curling involves wrapping the hair tight along the edge of the plates, you will need a flat iron equipped with beveled angles, which is exactly what the CHI hair straightener is constructed with. The distinct curves allow the iron to glide smoother when maneuvering hair in the process of curling, bending or flipping hair. This prevents focused pressure on your hair and thus wards off hair strains and breakage. It may be only a little detail but the beveled edges are what makes CHI straightener also a curler, to say the least.

Floating Plates: Another little distinction of CHI straightener that can revolutionize your overall styling are its plate construction. If you look closely, the blades are not totally affixed to the housing. This clever construction enables the two sides of the plates to make adjustments relative to the angle you are directing the flat iron on. It allows the plates to get closer for you to able to clamp your hair more correctly and give your hair the right amount of heat. This gives you more control over styling and intended results, something you would not envision with straighteners that have a fixed plate.

Standard 1-inch Width: If you want a straightener that you can share with family and friends opt for one with a 1-inch diameter, like this CHI flat iron. This is the standard size that caters to most hair length, from small, medium to long. The surface is also fairly ideal for creating different hairstyles: pin-straight, wavy, crimp, spiral to loose curls.

Travel-Friendly: The CHI device runs on AC 110V/240V (50/60Hz), allowing worldwide usage. This means you can bring your straightener on your overseas trips. Packing is also not that hassling as the iron only weighs a little over 1 pound with the dimensions of 1.3 x 11 x 1.5 inches.

11-Ft Swivel Cord: This probably the longest cord in a flat iron that we have come to encounter. The 11 feet long cord gives you more space to work on without accidentally pulling or snagging the plug. The hinge swivel allows easy maneuvering and flexibility of use.

What’s more to love?

The CHI hair straightener is fully protected with a limited 2-year warranty so you’ll have nothing to be concerned about possible defects or faults in the first two years of purchase. It is also worth note-taking that the straightener, as with any CHI hair tools you’d come to expect, promises a longer lifespan. So rest assured it will keep you company for a good long while.

As for the price tag, it is great value for an all-purpose flat iron that you share with anyone. And as compared to the original price to when the straightener was the first launched, it is absolutely a real steal.

Are there any restrictions on usage?

Although ceramic and ionic technology alleviates possible hair damage, the straightener’s temperature is non-adjustable which puts precautions on the usage of the tool to fragile-types of hairs such as very fine to overly damaged.

As with other flat irons, you cannot use the CHI hair straightener on the damp hair as it only works with full-dry hair.

Beware of Fake CHI products 

There is a great claim of the distribution of knock-off versions of the straightener which quality does not keep up with the authentic CHI straightener. Be sure to purchase from reputable sources like Amazon to avoid counterfeits.

Here’s an overview of the takeaways and downsides


  • Pure ceramic plate with tourmaline technology: for healthier hair styling
  • Uniform Results: no cold spots and hot spots
  • Hair-Friendly: far-infrared technology allows gentle-heat emission
  • Speedy Heat-Up: the tool will be ready in 30 seconds
  • Multi-Styling Options: curved edges let users experiment with different hairstyles and hairdos
  • Travel-Ready: equipped with dual voltage, lightweight and portable
  • Great-Value: priced reasonably for a professional flat iron with multitude of use
  • Ease of use: provision of floating plates and 11 ft cord with a swivel hinge takes the hassle out of styling


  • Fixed Temperature: does not allow the temperature controls
  • Might be damaging to overly sensitive hair types

The Verdict

It is obvious that the benefits that you can get from the CHI hair straightener outweigh the downsides. The biggest gain is the provision of advanced innovations and breakthrough in technology that makes this product highly versatile, which is what sets it apart from other conventional flat irons.  The full protection of the 2-year warranty speaks volumes to the quality assurance. Best of all, it comes in great price value for such a high-performing professional flat iron that cater to holistic hair styling. So to answer our original question,  CHI Ceramic Flat Iron deserves all the hype it is continually receiving.

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