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Check Out the Best Flat Irons for Thick Hair: Do They Really Work as Advertised?


Having a thick hair can be a joy. Just imagine the styling possibilities you can do with all those hair strands in your scalp. It also can tolerate heat pretty well so you can say hair breakage may not be in our vocabulary. Each fiber is built up with three strong layers; the cortex, medulla and cuticle, all of each is rich in protein. While this is the advantage of having thick tresses, it also is the downside. Thick hairs can be stubborn and resistant to hairstyling.

Once in a while you we get that compliment “Oh I wish I have a thick hair like yours!”. Little did they know the struggle we have to go through in styling our hair. They don’t have idea that we have to wake up early to style our hair when we should still be in bed sleeping. Not to mention the wrist fatigue we have to go through in holding the hot tool for hours. And the stiff neck we have to endure in doing your back hair. All those things we do for beauty that only thick haired ladies can understand.

Google searching “Best Flat Iron for Thick Hair” probably took you here. We all want the best for our thick hair. So without further ado, let’s lay down the basics.

How to pick the right flat iron for your thick hair?

⦁  Check the heat adjustments.

According to hair experts, 350F-400F is the ideal temperature range for the heat to work on thick, curly and coarse hairs. Depending on the thickness and porosity of hair, you can even go above. Thus flat irons with range of adjustments can conquer your mane. While our hair pretty much tolerate heat we still have to be careful on using the full heat setting. Every hair has its own elasticity and excessive use of heat can leave a permanent damage.

⦁  Consider your hair condition.

Though our hair has higher tolerance for high heat, this doesn’t extend to all thick hair types. Especially if your hair has recently gone through chemical treatments where strands are on its weakest state. Most of flat irons of today have the advanced technology of ceramic, tourmaline and titanium incorporated into the plates. These elements promote heathy styling as it generates far infrared heat that doesn’t over dry your hair but lacks in that moisture for a shinier finish.

⦁  Width and size of the plate matters.

Since our hair is thick we want to get much portion to get the job done in a matter of time. This is not something we envisage doing with a small platted iron. Consider your hair length and thickness. In general, the ideal width is 1-2 inches. Some iron has even a wider plate that can cater all hair of any length. Also, flat irons are use to style hair. If you are into styling, you may want to opt for an iron that has a wide plate to back your styling precisions.

⦁  Is the price worth the quality?

There’s a lot of flat iron to choose from with the price as low as say $10 up to $500. Consider your budget and weigh its pros and cons. Sure there are lot of great features but does the price justifies the benefits or just another expensive tool with pure marketing glorifications. And indeed there are also lot of inexpensive flat irons out in the market but does it last you for a lifetime? Does it work as advertised?

And this is where we jump in. We will help you find the great bargain. With a lot flat irons being release from time to time, it just doesn’t help isn’t it? But we are here to help you narrow down your choices into these best flat iron that is great for your thick hair. Each product will be cap by what customers are saying about what they love and what they don’t about the features. So be prepared. These flat irons are about to get hit straight from the trenches.

1. Remington Pro 2″ Flat Iron with Pearl Ceramic Technology and Digital Controls, Black, S9520

Time to show your curly mane who the boss is…

As part of our beauty routine, we often apply styling products like heat protectants before using hot tools on our hair. But do you know that the oil and cream may build up on your flat iron causing the plate to worn out? This may result to uneven straightening or worse may stick on your hair as you glide it. Cleaning won’t help but upgrading your flat iron into this new Ceramic Hair Straightener by Remington will be the best decision you could ever make.

Thanks to the built in dual layer ceramic plate infused real crushed pearls. Now gliding your iron into your hair is almost effortless. The patented plate also guarantees a long-life usage and protect it from styling residues and scratch. Now this is the flat iron that will stand by your side through thick and thin!


  • The plate is covered with 70%-80% ceramic, that is 15 times more compared to traditional single layered ceramic flat iron and that means 15 times more enhanced performance!
  • Test have been done on the plate and result claims that it outperforms other standard model when it comes to durability, 85% harder and 8 times more durable.
  • But wait, there is more to the statistics. The iron plate also proves to be 5 times smoother than your standard flat iron models. This is the best quality iron plate you could get!
  • The pearl and the ceramic is the perfect combination in giving you the salon quality hairstyle as these duo helps you retain the moisture, lacks in the hair cuticle for silkier and smoother hair you can’t help but touch.
  • Allows you to choose within the different heat setting that could reach all the way to 450F. Ideal for ultra-thick strands
  • The plate has 2-inch width, wide enough to nestle in your thick hair and backs up your styling precisions.
  • It heats in almost like a blink, 15 seconds to be exact, pretty fast!
  • The LED light indicator and digital display makes it even easier to use.
  • Amazingly shuts down by itself after 60 minutes of inactive use
  • Hinge lock included for easy storage.
  • 1-inch width plate is also available for average hair lengths.


  • It doesn’t have a dual voltage; it only accepts 120V.
  • The 2-inch plate might be too wide for hairs with short length.
  • Some hairs are thick but fine. The lowest temperature of 300F is very critical to fine hairs because of its delicate fibers.

We often blame the heating elements as to why it doesn’t get hot enough to tame our thick stiff hair. But the iron plate also plays an important role in the conduction of heat. This one has all the outstanding qualities of an iron plate you could ever ask for. And with the highest temperature of 450F, it sure will make any hair pin straight. And oh, did I mention its only under $30?

2. CHI Original Pro Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Straightens and styles your thick-coarse hair

We ladies often get bored with our look. When its straight we want it curly, when it’s curly we want it straight. Imagine the joy of finding one tool that can do both. Well time to toss all your hairstyling tools. We present you a CHI Original Flat Iron that doesn’t just doesn’t straighten your hair but gives different styling possibilities good for an entire week!


  • The Tourmaline and Ceramic infused-plate generates far infrared heat that is much more gentle to your hair. The two elements are also responsible for the smooth glide from root to tip.
  • The ionic technology releases an exceptional high amount of negative ions. These ions make it possible for your hair to have that glossy shine.
  • Thanks to this classic tool, now straightening, flipping, bending and curling your hairs is almost effortless because of its curved design and high heat of 392F.
  • CHI is well known to manufacture products of high quality, rest assured this tool will last you for a lifetime. In fact, several customers are amazed with how this product last them for 10-14 years.
  • Now you don’t have to bring tons of styling tools on your trips. You just need this one hot tool. The thin and sleek design also very ideal in packing as it easily fits in anywhere in your bag.


  • There is only one temperature setting and might only work to certain types of thick hair.
  • If you have a fragile hair, it would be best to look for another hair straightener as this one rises to a high temp it would likely damage your hair.
  • No auto-shut off.
  • A bit pricy when compared to other competition.

This CHI product is considered by a lot of its users as the best straightener they have ever owned. Why? It’s because of the versatile styling options it could offer. The high durability of the product is also widely complimented. Spare yourself from buying an arsenal of styling tools that doesn’t last you a lifetime. Invest on this one instead!

3. BIO IONIC Onepass Straightening Iron Black, 1.5 Inch

Helps your stiff and dry hair achieve that perfect pin-straight style in just one pass

Your friends think you might be joking when you say you’d be busy with your hair all day. But you are serious. Apart from the long process of prepping our hair for styling, straightening it can really be a workout. You at least need to glide your iron 5-8 through your hair to get a portion done. Sounds familiar?

If you’re on the same page, you might want to consider this straightener which live by its name of getting the job done just by one pass! It saves you a lot of time you should be otherwise doing on other valuable things.


  • The break through lies on the patented silicone speed strips on the plate. It holds grip on your thick tresses and gives it a smooth pass.
  • Dubbed as the fastest straightening iron, it’s creating a lot of buzz about how it can finish its job half the average time.
  • BioCeramic plates helps you achieve that sleek and shiny finish.
  • The advance ionic technology on the other hand releases negative ions helps retain moisture on for frizz-free hair all day.
  • It allows you to choose within the multi-level heat controls.
  • The 400 F is the perfect heat to tame stiff hairs with ultra-thick strands.
  • It heats up quickly.
  • The instant recovery guarantees a stable heat for uniform styling.
  • One user rave about how the tool transfer her frizzy dry hair to a healthy looking hair
  • Also recommended and highly favored by hairstylists not only because it gets the job done fast but they also use it to meet their clients’ satisfaction,
  • It ergonomically designed to avoid wrist fatigue, ideal for peeps who spent hours on their hair.


  • The “one pass magic” doesn’t extend to curly curls according to one review.
  • High-end priced.
  • It leaves your hair burnt smell on the first few use.
  • You have to be careful to forget to unplug as it doesn’t feature automatic shut off.

Bio Ionic is founded by hair experts that knows what your hair needs. This product dream come true for thick haired ladies. Now we don’t have to be at constant war with our thick hair as this advanced tool guarantees a one pass glide and you’ll get that shiny looking straight hair you are always going for. Saves you a lot of time which in the end will make your investment worth it.

4. HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Restores damaged dull hair back to its natural glow

Straightening, curling and back to straightening again is part of our beauty regime. We also tend to turn to styling product in attempt to achieve more defined hairstyle. This often leads to inevitable hair damage. Sometimes the damage is unrepairable we result to major chop off.

But you don’t have to cut off your hair. You just need a product that will restore your hair back to its full health. Infused with pearls and gentle infrared heat, it will transform your dull and brittle looking hair into gorgeous salon-looking straight hair. Let’s find out more about this top rated bestselling hair straightener.


  • Remington is the only manufacturer that takes advantage of the power of pearl. Coated with real crushed pearls, the plate bathes your hair with nourishing micro conditioners that gives you’re a noticeable increase glow and shine.
  • The pearl, ceramic and tourmaline are combined to give you that shinier, silkier, frizz-free and luster looking hair in lesser time.
  • The company is generous enough to give away Argan oil for any final touch ups that holds your tresses in place and keep it shiny looking all day.
  • Straighten, turn and curI your hair with the 1-inch width plate which accommodates hair of any length.
  • Gives you control over 200F-400F temperature setting. This range of setting also works on any hair type.
  • It has worldwide dual voltage to give you that confidence in looking good no matter which part of the world you are.
  • Design with easier grip for easier hold.
  • Carrying pouch also included in the box.


  • It doesn’t feature an auto-shut off.
  • Weird smell on first several use.

Harnessed with the power of pearl, ceramic and tourmaline the tool helps protect your from UV rays and other damaging factors. Now no one can stop you from rocking those glossy straight or gorgeous curl. Great product with great price. No wonder it’s the bestselling hair straightener in Amazon right now.

5. Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

Say goodbye to your frizzy fussy hair

If you think having thick hair is complicated enough, wait till you cross path with wind and humidity. This two have been our arch-nemesis when it comes to trying to keep our hair in place. Worse, it leads our hair towards fizziness.

Well bid goodbye to frizzy hair days and say hello to this Ceramic Flat Iron from Conair. This product of Conair lives to its promise of straightening even the fussiest hair. And with the great price, this is definitely a steal.


  • The advanced Ceramic Tourmaline Technology eliminates unwanted frizz hair-static by 89%. That’s a lot of frizz reduction!
  • The ceramic plate is 29% longer and 3x smoother compared to other standard flat irons.
  • The floating plate are non-fixed and flexible. This feature is very much ideal for thick strands as it able to grip hair more.
  • Ultra high heat setting heat up after 15 seconds. What great way to save valuable time on busy mornings.
  • The temperature could raise up to 455F enough to tame all types of hard-to-style hairs.
  • Allows you to select from the wide range of 30 heat settings.
  • The straightening iron is available in different sizes; 1-inch, 1 ¼-ich, 1 ¾-inch and ¾-inch depending on your hair length.
  • You can also choose variety color of girly pink, sexy red and vibrant yellow.
  • Auto-shut off included to give you peace of mind whenever you are outside and forget to turn it off.
  • The heat shield case makes it possible to lay the iron on any flat surface while in use. It can also serve as storage.
  • This is also great for a defined non-committal curls according to users.


  • If your hair is sensitive to heat (which is rare for thick hair, unless you have fine hair strands) this is not the ideal straightener for you. Though it has adjustable heat settings your hair might get stuck as you go higher with the temperature.
  • The plate is not sturdy according to some.
  • Unlike other iron, there is no safety latch to close the iron.

If you are in a tight budget, this one of the most decent iron straightener you might want to consider. Its greatest feature is perhaps the 455 F that guarantees to style your super ultra-thick tresses.

And the best flat iron for thick hair goes to…

Over all, these hair straighteners are all worth-investing. It just really depends on your hair needs and preference. But out of the bunch, one product stood out to and ‘straighten’ all our thick hair issues. This is the Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron and here is why:

WORKS FOR ALL HAIR THICKNESS AND LENGTH: There are 3 available sizes you can choose depending on your hair length. Gives you control over 30 heat settings with the highest of 450F that guarantees to tame even the thickest mane.

IT IS MORE THAN JUST A STRAIGHTENER: You can also use it to flip, bend and curl your hair with its flexible floating plate.

PROMOTES HEALTHY STYLING: You do the styling while the advanced technology of ceramic and tourmaline does it jobs of protecting your hair from damage.

GREAT QUALITY IN A GREAT PRICE: Whether you are into tight budget or not, this is the tool has the same benefits and quality as the expensive ones but with more friendly tag.

THE HAPPY CUSTOMERS SAYS SO: Garnering over thousand reviews in Amazon, verified buyers acknowledged that this is the best flat iron they ever had.

If you are still doubting whether to give the product a try or not, here is an honest review. In addition, it also gives you an overview of how the product works.


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