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5 Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair, Plus a More Comprehensive Buying Guide and tips

Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair

Black women have the most unique fascinating hair texture. But quite often they are the ones who are facing manageability challenges of growing and maintaining healthy natural hair. The most common mediocre thinking is it is all about styling creams, oil, and leave-on especially when defining those kinky curls. But panic use of styling products often leaves our hair greasy and weighed down.

Straight shiny black hair is the new epitome of sexiness. A professional flat iron can do the magic and a better alternative in toning down your wild curls. Unlike numerous chemicals we apply on our hair, it doesn’t lead to thinning and hair breakage.

Natural hair, particularly an African American has strong and thick hair fibers from roots to end. The texture of the hair is also rough. The simple act of straightening can create havoc. That’s why finding the straightening tool for you can be a great start.

Qualities of Good Flat Iron to Tame Your Wild Hair

Qualities of Good Flat Iron to Tame Your Wild HairLet’s start by laying down the buying guide because purchasing a wrong straightening iron is not just a waste of money but can also damage your hair in the long term. In addition, this guide will also make you understand the layman-termed features use in many hair tools today.

Wide range of temperature adjustment

Natural hair strands are sensitive to heat so you must be cautious not to expose it to high heat frequency. You may want to opt for an iron that gives you control overheat. Playing with the adjustments also allows you to see which temperature works best for your hair. But according to hair experts, the ideal heat temperature for natural hair is 350F.

Important note: You can go a little above the ideal setting depending on the porosity and elasticity of your hair. Just don’t go crazy over full heat (like going for 400F) if you don’t want to kiss your healthy hair goodbye.

High ceramic content

Irons with a bare metal plate on it can over dry your natural tresses leaving you with that brittle dry and dull looking hair. Most of today’s advanced hair tools are coated with ceramic. Not only is it a good conductor of heat but also generates far infrared heat that is much more gentle on your delicate hair.

Important Note: Some manufacturers will glorify their so called “100% ceramic” infused tool and not fully disclosed the true ceramic element. Now it’s up to your own diligence. To give you an idea, most metal plate with high ceramic infusion will have a thicker layer while cheap filler materials have a noticeable fake coating with the plates wearing off if you lightly rub your fingers on it.

Tourmaline and titanium touched

Some ceramic irons have a “tourmaline” word attached to it. For starters, tourmaline is composed of crushed crystals layered and added as a coating. This helps smoothen your hair cuticle even more. Titanium on the other hand is an exceptional heat conductor with high ionic output that transfers heat faster than ceramic. In general, all these elements play a role in protecting your hair for possible damage caused by heat.

Important Note: Some tools are labeled Nano-ceramic or Nano-titanium. This means it is not purely made and just contains a very small portion of the content. Some ceramic irons also feature ionic technology, this releases negative ions that neutralize hair and eliminate unwanted frizz.

The smaller the plate, the better

Why not sought for a longer plate where I can rest my thick long hair? You might ask. Simply because with larger plates, there’s a higher possibility of overcrowding hair -causing some strands to be caught – tugging your hair harshly. A small plate may take a bit more time in getting the job done. But small plates are much more efficient smoothing out our curly hair from roots to the end. And besides, straightening a natural hair in smaller portions is more ideal to get the best result. And by doing so, you are going to need an iron with a small plate.

Bonus Tip: Look for a plate with a width of 1-inch or 1 ½ inch. Anything wider is considered large.
We have been into hairstyling tools for some time now and we know the best deal and bargains. Most people shy away from buying the iron with the above key features mostly because of the high end price – neglecting the long term benefits. Though we are not saying an expensive tool is always a good buy. That’s why we also bring the voices of our natural haired folks in choosing this list of best flat irons.

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5 Best Flat Iron For Natural Hair

1. CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic Flat Iron

CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic Flat Iron

Can conquer all hair types

Hair trends come and go, but black shiny straight hair will never go out of fashion. But to achieve that, you need a quality iron. CHI has gained a reputation in manufacturing high standard hair straighteners. This 1-inch plated iron has the versatile combination of heating properties of ceramic and the outstanding heat-conducting capacities of titanium. These mainstream technologies will help you achieve that sleek and shiny straight hair that will definitely turn heads.

Why it is great:

  • The main perk of owning this straightener is it features a unique multi-colored temp setting. The color-coded temperatures are the preset heat temperature according to hair type:
    • ⦁ Green (200F- 370F) – for fine hair
    • ⦁ Blue (370-F 395 F) – great for your medium and wavy hair. Also the ideal heat setting for your natural hair
    • ⦁ Red (395F-425F) – best for coarse hair types
  • Unlike other tools which buttons are awkwardly positioned in the handle- where you accidentally hit it the most while grooving your hair, this one place at a point where it doesn’t intervene with your straightening process.
  • The titanium plate allows the tool to heat up after a mere 40 seconds with a beep sound to notify you that it’s ready to use.
  • Combined with ceramic, it generates an even heat distribution that leaves your hair smooth and shiny.
  • You can customize the heat setting from a temperature ranging from 200 F – 425 F with a precise digital display.
  • You can easily create flips and bends with the rounded body of the tool.
  • It has a constant heat temp even if you put it down for too long.
  • You can easily maneuver the tool with the extra-long 11-foot swivel cord.
  • The dual voltage and lightweight (1.1 pounds) slim tool is great for getaway trips.
  • A rubber heat mat also tags along with the iron so you can place the tool on any surface.

What’s not so great:

  • Remember to unplug it as it doesn’t have a sleep mode feature.
  • Though the voltage is of worldwide use, it doesn’t work without a converter in some countries like Europe and Ireland.
  • The floating plate moves slightly up and down when gliding it in the hair.
  • Quite expensive.

Bottom line is, it is a great product with great quality. The color-coded heat settings set the product apart from its competition. This might be a quite pricy hair straightener but the value justifies the price. Most of its users rave about how the iron lasts for years.

2. Remington S9500 Studio Pearl Ceramic Slim Straightener

Handles your delicate hair with utmost care

Natural hair strands though rich in protein is still fragile and prone to breakage dues to its elasticity. But this hair straightener of Remington is constructed with 15 times higher ceramic coating than other standard ceramic iron. It gives you the ease of styling without the guilt of damaging your hair. The dual-layer ceramic content also protects the plate from scratches and residues that tend to build up from styling products we use in prepping our hair. What more to it is the pearl infused plate that promises that smoothest glide ever.

Why it is great:

  • The metal plate is coated with ceramic all around so you can be assured there are no “cold spots” just even heat distribution. Tests also claim that iron has a more durable harder plate compared to single-layered sol-based ceramic iron.
  • Added with real crush pearls, the 1-inch plate also proves to be 5 times smoother than standard irons. Pearls also bath your hair with micro conditioners for smoother and silkier hair you can’t help but touch.
  •  Allows you to choose within 3 heat adjustments in a digital display for easier control.
  •  Floating plates moves through hair easily without snagging.
  • Heats up after 15 seconds. That’s a lot of time you can save on busy mornings.
  • The temperature lock maintains a constant heat for uniform styling.
  • Features a hinge lock for storage convenience.
  • Amazingly shuts down by itself after an hour of inactive use so you can have that peace of mind whenever you are outside and forgot to unplug it.

What’s not so great:

  • Sorry world, this doesn’t have a universal voltage.
  • The lowest temperature is still hot for hair with very fine strands.
  • Leaves burnt smells on hair according to some.

With this highly infused ceramic plate matched with the patented pearl technology, you know you are getting the hair care you need. It also gives you that salon quality but chemical-free natural glowing hair. And with that budget friendly price, this one is a steal!

3. HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

Highly favored by ladies with African-American hair

We don’t know what’s going on with HSI, they probably are trying to put their old stocks away but they are cutting down the price of their most top rated hair straightener three times lesser the original price. Garnering over almost 26,000 reviews in Amazon, this bestselling straightening iron has gained its reputation for efficiently taming even the stubbornness type of hair. Now there’s more to the buzz and let’s learn why.

Why it is great:

  • The breakthrough technology boasts of its 100% ceramic and tourmaline plates that protect your hair from any possible damage emanating from heat. It also gives you that sleek and perfect pin straight hair you are always going for.
  • The 1-inch width plate speeds up styling time due to its ceramic ion infused metal plate.
  • Toning down your curly curls or creating that defined curl patterns are made easy thanks to the round and curvy body.
  • Adjustable high heat setting starting from 240F that could rise up to 410F. Though the highest heat temperature is effective in straightening your mane, you are still advised to stick to your ideal temperature range.
  • Customers are loving free 5ml of Argan oil that is pre-packaged. What’s more to the free stuff is a travel bag and a heat resistant glove.
  • A manual with easy to understand instructions is also included in the box.
  • Features a worldwide dual voltage, worth bringing in your overseas trips.

What’s not so great:

  • The only main concern of most of the customers is the auto-shutoff, which this tool doesn’t have.
  •  Also often out of stock and not available sometimes.

Though it is out of stock often, HSI tries to restock from time to time. And you might want to take advantage of this bestselling flat iron while it’s still on its mega sale. There’s more to the friendly budget price, the benefits it offers are great. Verified users of the product, particularly those with hard-to-control hairs, claims this has been the best flat iron they ever had.

4. BaBylissPRO Keratin Straightening Iron

BaBylissPRO Keratin Straightening Iron

For frizzy hair

Also works well with thick kinky hairs

In the pursuit of that perfect pin straight hair, there are dizzying numbers of straightening irons out there that promise to give you sleek and shiny frizz-free hair. But one stood out from the bunch. This Babyliss hot tool harnesses the power of keratin that locks your hair in a straighter position so stays smooth beyond your next wash.

Why it is great:

  • The Brazilian Keratin Tech serves as your hair-smoothening treatment – defrizzes your hair and lets the strands stay perfectly straight for at least a week.
  • The keratin also conditions your hair via steam vents that nourish every hair fiber.
  • Advanced far infrared heat retains hair moisture while killing hair bacteria.
  • It emits negative ions that will make sure you’ll get that sleek and glossy finish.
  • Get that straight hair in fewer passes. The keratin-infused plate has an added titanium on it so rest assured that your tool heats up quickly and has a consistent high heat.
  • The plates are available in your ideal sizes; 1-inch and 1 ½-inch.
  • Adjustable temperatures included with a maximum heat of 450F. Though you have to remember to use only moderate heat for your delicate hair.

What’s not so great:

  • The iron’s emission of steam might be irritating for some.
  • Buttons are on the handle and might accidentally hit during the process.

This is another dream come true for ladies who are at constant war with their crazy wild hair that doesn’t seem to coordinate with any hot tools. This Babyliss product is only one of the few hot tools that take advantage of the benefits of Keratin to hair. You will notice a more superior result that lasts longer. Moreover, the price won’t break your bank it is worth a try.

5. RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron

RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron

Efficient in straightening even the thickest mane

Unruly wavy fussy curls to silky straight seem unachievable. Other straightening iron might do the job but will take your time. Well good news, we found the product that does exactly the same thing but in lesser time. Thanks to its exceptional titanium construction – transfers heat fast on the plate – so preheating time it seems almost like an instant. The outstanding high heat conduction also speeds up the straightening process half the time than average straighteners.

This Rusk straightening tool is widely acknowledged by its user to tame their ultra-thick tresses. But you don’t have to worry about the heat damaging your hair, it also built with ceramic plates design to thermally protect your hair.

Why it is great:

  • Ceramic is matched with titanium; both are good are conductors heat. While other straighteners take a lot of passes to get your hair straight, this one only takes 1-2 passes with uniform and even straight strands from roots to end.
  • Users with hard-to-manage curls and not-so straight hair boast they have found their product through this hair straightener.
  • You can easily switch the temperature settings due to its precise and easy-to-control digital setting.
  • A 9-foot swivel cord won’t tangle and will let you move around freely while styling.
  • It lightweight, you won’t build a muscle in lifting one. It is also ergonomically designed to avoid wrist fatigue.
  • There are two available width sizes of 1-inch and 1 ¼ inch.
  • Salon hairstylists use and recommend this product to their clients because it gets the job done faster and gives a smile to their customers.
  • It comes with a square rubber mat so you can lay and use the hot tool on any countertops.
  • This has dual voltage and can be international.

What’s not so great:

  • A bit pricy.
  • You may inevitably switch temperature settings while straightening hair because buttons are placed on the handle.
  • Heat resistant glove is not included. Either you purchase one or you have to be careful in handling the hot tool.
  • This product might cost you more than other standard model but it’s speed time and efficiency in getting the job done is so priceless. It has everything you could ask for in a professional hair straightening iron.

Comparison Chart for Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair

Can’t still decide which one to purchase? Here is a summary of each straightening iron based on key features to help you better distinguish each product.

Flat Iron by:PriceAdjustable Heat SettingsCeramicTourmalineTitaniumOther Plate Material/ TechnologyPlate Width Available
CHI PRO$$$yesyesyes*1”
Remington$yesyesCrushed Pearls1”
HSI Professional$yesyesyesIonic Tech1”
BaByliss PRO$$yesyesKeratin and Ionic infused1”, 1 ½”
RUSK$$yesyesyes1” 1 ¼”

Our Best Pick

Whether you need to straighten, shine, or tone down your curls, these hair straighteners will carry you through your daily beauty routine. However, we find RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron special. There’s nothing like the high performance it delivers in straightening even the thickest of thickest and curliest of curls. We also tried to find critical reviews of the product so as not to be biassed but it’s just had to find one. If there are you can probably count by your fingers. Most users are happy and satisfied.

To help you evaluate the product more, here is a video clip of one of the verified users of the product. The video will show the before and after the result of using the RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Straight Iron on naturally curly hair.

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