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A Look at the Best Curling Wands For Thick Hair

Best Curling Wands For Thick Hair

Curling thick hair can be a chore. With so much hair, we understand the hours you spent holding your styling tool because of the hefty time your hair tends to curl. Not to mention the stiff necks we endure flipping our hair every now and then to get them back done.
Take it easy thick-haired sisters. As much as thick hairs are hard to manage, we need to embrace and work on with what we have. It can all start with a good curling wand.

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Why pick Curling Wand out of all the hair styling tool?

Curling wands are new. Unlike curling iron, it doesn’t have a clamp which makes it easier to use. This is more ideal for thick-haired peeps who spend hours styling their as it avoids avoid wrist fatigue. Flat irons and hair dryer diffusers can also be a great alternative in curling your hair but it takes more of your time. A curling wand is sped up the styling process for you to step out of the house quicker.
In addition, it creates a more polished curl and wave patterns. Whether you want to bring back that 80’s curl or just aiming for some piece waves, this will keep your hair artfully tousled.

Best Curling wands for thick hair

1. Bed Head “Curlipops” 1″ Curling Wand

Bed Head "Curlipops" 1" Curling Wand


For sexy waves and loose curls

Perfect for long thick hair

Ever wonder how Chrissy Teigen nailed that flawless wavy curls? There’s probably a ceramic curling wand involved in her getting ready routine. The latest technology from Bedhead collection delivers that perfect messy curls you have been long dreaming of. Its finely-proportionate barrel creates a beautiful bend rather than uniform curls. Just a little boar-bristle brush and a shine spray and walla, old-Hollywood waves.


  • It features a high heat that could reach up to 400 degrees. Top reviews claim that the wand heat frequency adequately curls their long and thick hair in just a little time.
  • You don’t have to wait a long time for the wand to heat up as it really gets hot in an instant.
  • The pink metallic curling wand is touched with ceramic tourmaline, responsible for far-infrared heat eliminating frizz while locking in that shine.
  • Includes an easy manual operation; no crazy and complicated buttons just basic “on and off” switch with indicator light.
  • A styling guide booklet tags along in the box to help you with more ideas and tips with curl styling.
  • Also comes with a glove to protect your hand from inevitable burns.
  • Dual voltage allows you to bring the tool for your travels.


  • There are no heat adjustment setting to choose from.
  • Auto-shut off button is also not included.
  • The barrel only extends to loose curls and waves. Tight and ringlet curls are quite hard to achieve with this tool.

Why is the product great for your thick hair?

The high heat frequency is good for hair types that resist to hair styling. Though it only features one heat setting, the 400 degrees is ideal for any type of thick hair, not only does it curls your hair in an instant but also last you for a day!

2. Remington Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand

Remington Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand

For perfectly tousled curls

A winner for hairs that never held a curl

This advanced ceramic wand exemplifies that not all cheap-priced products are low quality. This one is exactly the opposite. It does its job of efficiently giving you smooth, luminous and salon-standard looking curls in just an instant and is surprisingly at a friendly budget price. This is becoming everyone’s favorite and is listed as the no.1 bestseller in curling wands on Amazon. Walkthrough with me and let’s find out what the hype is all about.


  • Apparently Remington is the only manufacturer that takes advantage of the benefits pearls can give to our hair. Infused with crushed pearls, the wand conditions our hair for much shinier and healthy-looking hair.
  • Pearls and ceramic coating are a great combinations for healthier styling. So whatever style you are aiming for you’ll definitely get a glossier and silkier hairstyle as a result.
  • The 410 Fahrenheit heat guarantees to give the curl that stays in place for a long period of time.
  • Also include a precise and easy to read digital setting.
  • Barrel sizes from ½, 1, and 1 ½ inch are available depending on your hair length and your preferred curl size.
  • The cone shape barrel design backs up your styling precisions.
  • It’s pre heating time of 30 seconds is faster than other standard curling wands.
  • You don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off the tool as it includes an automatic 60 second shut off.
  • Also includes a heat protectant glove.
  • Available at a very affordable cost.


  • The tapered barrel is slick, some hair slides off the barrel. It might take several use (and probably finger burns) to get the proper technique to get the hair stay on.
  • The manual booklet included only features limited instruction on how to use the product.
  • It doesn’t have worldwide voltage and only works on 120 V.

Why is the product great for your thick hair?

It has the key feature we are looking for on a curling wand for our thick hair which is a great heating element of 410 Fahrenheit. And though it features a high heat setting you don’t have to worry about hair damage caused by excessive heat because of its pearl ceramic technology that keeps your hair healthy while you style. It’s affordable with all the benefits it offers. And we don’t want to finish without mentioning it again; It’s the no. 1 bestselling Hair Curling Wand out in the market right now.

3. Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand

Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand

Creates glamorous big curls

Perfect for long and ultra-thick hair

Gone are those days when all we can do is dream of those romantic curls we’ve been eyeing on several celebrities for a while now. Today the enviable hairstyle is now possible. No it doesn’t involve an A-lister hairstylist, you just need a curling wand. From the collection of Conair Tourmaline Ceramic wand presents yet another of their advanced curling wand model, the Infiniti pro. Another great ceramic wand option that just doesn’t create those big and voluminous curls, but also keeps up to its promise to give you frizz-free hairstyling.


  • You just need 30 seconds to wait for the product to heat up.
  • Out of the curling tool featured here, this is the only one that includes 4 temperature settings. Whether your hair is color-treated or just really naturally delicate, you can choose from the low to medium heat setting.
  • The wide range of heat adjustment and the cone shaped barrel also support your hairstyling precisions.
  • The highest temperature setting of 400 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for super thick and hard-to-curl hairs.
  • The tourmaline ceramic design promotes minimal heat damage and guarantees to eliminate unwanted frizz.
  • It includes an LED indicator for easy operation.
  • The tool will shut off after 60 minutes of inactive use so you can have peace of mind whenever you forget to shut it off.
  • The tapered barrel comes is available in two sizes; 1-inch and ½ inch. The first size is for big and looser curls, while the latter is perfect if you want to give your hair that wave pattern.
  • The tool comes in a handy design, making it portable and ideal if you are always on the go.
  • It has an instant heat recovery for uniform looking curls.
  • It’s available at a low-cost price.


  • The pre-packaged glove doesn’t work on all hand sizes.
  • If you have really short hair, you might have a difficulty in wrapping your hair in the smallest 1-inch size of the barrel.
  • Though the product is backed up with – year warranty, ConAir will not replace the unit for 60 months prior to the purchase date. Unless you pay for the shipping fee if you want the product return and go through all the hassle of detailed shipping instructions.

Why is the product great for your thick hair?

The product will give your thick hair more styling versatilities because of the range of heat adjustments. Another great feature has to be the 30-second pre-heating which really saves your time. It’s merely 20 bucks, with all the perks of purchasing the product I don’t see why it would break your bank to give the product a try.

4. Zealite 3-in-1 Hair Curling Wand Hair Styling Tools

Zealite 3-in-1 Hair Curling Wand Hair Styling Tools

For different styling versatilities

Recommended for dry and stiff thick hairs

Time to toss all those useless styling tools you’ve been keeping in your cabinet. With this product’s 3 barrel, you can have a lot of styling options to choose from without buying an arsenal of curling tools. Zealite’s top-rated 3-in-1 Curling Wand gives you that possibility in an affordable price. Whether you are aiming for that 80’s curls or just want to give your straight hair a little sway at the end roots, this curling wand is perfect for all occasions!


  • Available at a reasonable price, the 3 barrels come in the box, unlike other styling wands which interchangeable barrels are sold separately.
  • Each barrel has a different size and shape specifically designed to meet your styling needs. From defined tight curls to loose waves, you can create an entire week of a different look!
  • All barrels are built-in with ceramic tourmaline for a smoother finish. This thermal conductivity material conditions and can rehydrate dry hair.
  • A rubberized silicone is attached at the end of every tapered barrel to secure it in place. Now you don’t have to hassle over your wand slipping off the handle every time.
  • Two temperature settings are available; Low mode (302 ℉) and the High Mode (410℉). The high heat setting works very well with thick and stiff hair.
  • The LED light and the 360-degree rotatable swivel and international standard cord ensure safety and simple use of the product.
  • Whatever hairstyle you are aiming for, you can get the look with this travel-friendly tool with dual voltage.
  • A heat resistant glove is also provided to protect your hand from burns.
  • The whole kit comes with a 2-year warranty with each wand backed up by a 1-year replacement for any factory defects.


  • The glove doesn’t seem to be heat resistant, at least according to one review.
  • The silicone at the end of each barrel would likely melt if the high heat setting is used for a long period of time.
  • Although the barrels don’t snap off when attached, it’s still wobbly during the operation.

Why is the product good for your thick hair?

The product does have its own flaws but definitely not the worst. The most tool kit of its kind is at a high-end price, this one is surprisingly affordable without having to give up quality as reviews claim the tool last them for years. So if you are into styling and within a tight budget, look no further, this is the curling wand set you definitely want to try!

5. Karmin Clipless Curling Wand

Karmin Clipless Curling Wand

For curls that last you days

Ideal for thick fussy hairs

Hair has a funny way of going back to its natural state once curled, especially if your hair is straight. As a result, we tend to re-style it after hours. But behold, the new curling wand from Karmin will let you keep your curls till your next hair wash.


  • Rest assured that this product is of premium quality as Karmin is one of the leading manufacturer for hairstyling tools.
  • Barrels are available from ½ thick to 1 inch that can work with all hair lengths.
  • The tapered barrels allow you to switch up from your tight curls to big volume curls.
  • The tool is getting positive reviews about how the product was able to create hairstyle that last days.
  • There is adjustable heat temperature in accurate digital display that could reach up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. This high heat setting could tame stiff hairs that never held a curl.
  • You do the styling while the ceramic heating element does its job of polishing your hair for a shiny curls while protecting your hair from any heat damage.
  • The ceramic wand heats up pretty quickly.
  • The product amazingly shut off by itself if forgot to turn off.
  • Designed with a clipless wand so there’s a lesser chance of long hairs getting tangles on it.
  • The gloves provided is also of quality fibers, not only does it protect you from heat but also comfortable to use.
  • Carrying case included for traveling convenience.
  • Also comes with heating mat, perfect if you like styling your hair on wet areas like bathrooms.


  • The product is a bit pricy.
  • It is of European plug and requires an adapter for most plug-in places.
  • Along with other curling clipless wand comes its downside of not having a clip. Without the clamp, you need to get use to twirling your hair around the rod and practice holding this tool downward instead of upward.

Why is the product great for your thick hair?

We all know the long process we have to go through in curling our thick hair, and hassle of restyling it over and over again because thick hair strands are naturally resistant to hairstyling. But with this tool’s perfect heat combined with ceramic element, you can be at ease that your curls will stay for a long period of time with noticeable shine. Though a bit expensive, you be assured that this tool will give you great curly days for a long time. In the end, you can tell that it sure is worth the investment!

What to look for in a Curling wand for thick hair?

What to look for in a Curling wand for thick hair?Thick and coarse hair structurally contain strong layers including cuticle, cortex and medulla, all rich in protein making it resistant to hair breakage. While you can say this is the advantage of having thick hair it also has its downside. The hair strands tolerate heat pretty quiet well, making it resistant to hair styling.


The key feature we are looking in a curling wand is the heating element, one that gets hot enough to tame our stubborn thick hair. You will need a wand that allows you to choose in range of adjustable heat settings. Normally, 200-300 degrees is the advisable heat temperature to curl thick hair.


Your professional curling wand should be able to work on hair condition. Ceramic wands are widely acknowledged to style your hair without the guilt of damaging it. Also your wand should be able to adopt to your styling needs. To give you hint, the barrel and the sizes matters. The smaller the barrel, the tighter the curls, the larger the looser the curl. You know the drill.
Moreover, as part of being flexible, curling should have its travel-friendly features, a portable tool that you can bring anywhere.


Aim for that quality. Perhaps the most complains received about hair tools of of today is its longevity of use. Most curling tools are reported to stop working after weeks or months of use. Look for a curling wand that has a strong built in motor for a long span of usage.


Cheap curling wand tools doesn’t transpire cheap design, on the other hand expensive one doesn’t mean it’s a good buy. Weigh its benefit, a good curling wand comes in reasonable amount but without sacrificing quality and high performance.

Now that you have the information on what to look for in a curling wand, let us help you further by narrowing your choices into these top 5 best curling wands recommended for your thick hair. Because we understand it is hard to make the pick, apart from not being able to test it before we invest in one.

Summary: Best curling wand for thick hair

All the products featured are outstanding and worth buying. However, the curling wand that stood out from the rest is the Remington Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand. Out of all the bunch, the product has the most positive reviews by its satisfied users. After all, who can we can turn to if the product really works as advertised but by the users itself. The great high heat frequency is great for your super thick hair. Plus, it gives you the freedom to choose among available three tapered barrel sizes depending on your hair length. What more to the product is the great combination of pearl and ceramic technology for healthier styling. And whether you are on a tight budget or not, this product is ideal for you. With a mere 5-star rating on Amazon, the tool has over 6000 positive reviews. If you don’t try it you’ll definitely miss out on the bestselling top-rated curling wand out in the market.

To give you an overview of the product, let’s look at this video clip to gives you an idea of how to curl your hair through the Remington Pear Ceramic Curling wand.


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