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Calista Tools: Hair Beauty and Beyond – Top Products Review 2020

When it comes to hairstyling, Calista Tools is a cult favorite — be it among average customers, stylists and beauty bloggers. Chances are, you probably already own one of their products.

Sure, it may not be the biggest hair tool company out there, but its known reputation for manufacturing quality hair products and tools made Calista a household name in the hairstyling industry. Scroll down to check what very best Calista Tools has to offer!

1. Perfecter Fusion Hair Styler Hot Air Brush

The main feature of the Perfecter Fusion Hair Styler is the professionally designed round hot airbrush that is meant to give volume and body to your hair.

As the name suggests, you are “fusion styling” when you are brushing with the heated brush. Meaning, you also get the benefit of hair-smoothening and rapid shining.

The secret is a revolutionary breakthrough in the presence of ion ceramic barrel. For starters, hot air brushes incorporated with such technology operates on a gentle ceramic heat that generates hydrating ionic molecules, meant to tame away frizz while implanting hair with smoothness and shine.

Calista is the first brand of hot stylers to reach the market. Since then, more brands came up with their own versions. But what gives the thermal brush the edge among its class is the high performing dual heater, engineered on both ends of the barrel. This makes the brush even more highly efficient as it provides a quick and even heats throughout the entire barrel, drying your hair while you style!

The brush size is just enough to accommodate all hair lengths and textures. More to the design is the state-of-the-art nylon bristles precisely spaced for a gentle detangling. It operates in a two heat setting (392F° and 356°F) with a sliding power switch and a pilot lamp that indicates when the brush is ready to use. You won’t even have to worry about occasionally forgetting to turn off the device as it automatically shut down in an hour if not in used.

The product is a set prepackaged with a paddle brush with soft cushioned tips for normal brushing, three hair clips for ease of styling, and a thermal case for convenient storage.

Calista Tools Perfecter Fusion Hair Styler Hot Air Brush is designed by celebrity stylist Maria McCool, a result of her mission to find a solution for all busy women to have a salon-results in the shortest time possible.


  • Volumizer, dryer, and detangler all in one tool
  • Gentle ceramic-ion heating
  • Lifts and gives body to hair while adding smoothness and shine
  • Top-quality bristles with dual heating technology
  • Comes with a paddle brush, styling clips, and thermal case
  • With auto-shutdown feature


  • An issue in turbo warm catch
  • Not ergonomically designed

2. Pro Grip Digital Temp Control Ionic Round Hot Brush

This is yet another variation of Calista’s hot air brushes and is also one of their best sellers. Just like the Perfect Fusion Hair Styler, this model also boasts of combined dual ionic and ceramic technology alongside dual airflow, creating a flare that cannot be achieved by using the traditional hair iron and blow dryer styling.

An added feature is the temperature settings (325ºF to 390ºF) which allows you to play with more styling precisions. The wide heat range also allows people with fine and chemically-treated hair to control the temperature in a lower setting to style their fragile hair without the guilt of damaging it. The 10 increment settings come in a digital display for ultimate temperature control and easier reading.

Calista Ionic Round Hot Brush is a result of the company’s concept of developing tools for easy styling. Another of its extra features, as stated in its name, is the Pro-Grip handle that is made of rubber resistant to slipping. The tool allows you to have that comfortable grip even with hours of using. Calista also placed the buttons conveniently so you won’t have to accidentally press the power button while operating (which we must say is common with other standard brushes.)

As with other Calista hot air brushes, the bristles are also made of nylon with a soft tip. The way the tips are aligned is what holds the hair to the barrel to secure a no-tangle and no-burn experience. Indeed, it is styling made easy!

What’s more to love? The barrels are available in trendy colors; navy blue, pink and purple. Because there is nothing like a brush that matches your style! Even better, they are also offered in 1.5’ll-inch and 1-inch size that caters to all types of hair length. All the barrels are interchangeable which is great if you want a collection of quality brushes that offer a variety of styles It comes also comes with a convenient sophisticated purple bag for easy storage.

In terms of results, the Pro Grip Digital Temp Control Ionic Round Hot Brush guarantees a shiny and voluminous hair that looks like its professionally done. Check the video clip below to see it for yourself!


  • Detangler and styler
  • Maximum temperature control with a digital display
  • Equipped with ceramic and ionic technology
  • Quality nylon brush teeth
  • Interchangeable barrels available in different color and sizes
  • Includes storage bag and clips
  • Anti-slip handle and auto shut-down feature


  • The brush is high-end which means it will cost you more

3. Ion Hot Rollers

Yes, hot rollers are still in vogue for reason. When it comes to giving hair its needed body, hot rollers provide more va-va-volume ( we mean lots and lots of them) than the regular hot curling wands.

Because they do their job without you even lifting your finger, it allows you to multi-task since your hands are free. So go ahead do your makeup or enjoy a cup of tea while you’re at it. Now, this is something you cannot envision doing with other styling tools.

What makes Calista hot rollers unique from this category, however, is the inclusion of ionic technology which is a huge deal. The negative ions it emits is what tames away frizz and nourishes hair with shine. While other rollers take time to heat up, the ionic hot rollers by Calista is engineered with Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) that allows them to fully heat in an instant 3 minutes and retain heat for 20 minutes.

Just like any heated rollers, this particular set of ionic hot rollers is heated by placing them in their charging post which can be plug-in into an electrical outlet. It comes with a red indicator light that turns dark in minutes when it is ready to use.

The rollers of which are long and slender can cater to your styling repertoire; from big and bouncy waves to tighter curls. You are in for a treat! The venerable set comes with 12 rollers and 12 clips to go along. The whole set including the charging unit are lightweight and compact. They come in a bag that makes them more portable and easier to carry around.


  • Gives hair a great amount of body and volume
  • Ion-infused reduces frizz and adds noticeable shine
  • Heats up in an instant while retaining the heat for a decent amount of time
  • Allows different styling precisions
  • Hand-free styling
  • With charging base, travel bag, clips, and instruction


  • No temperature settings, only power buttons
  • The tube may be too long for very short hair

Calista Tools Profile


Launched in 2007, Calista Tools is a brand devoted to developing convenient hairstyling solutions. Their range of styling tools and products include the following:

  • Cleanse
  • Conditioner
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Hair Masque
  • Creams + Pastes
  • Hair Sprays
  • Foams + Mousses
  • Texturizers
  • Dryers
  • Curling Irons + Rollers
  • Straighteners
  • Accessories

It is also worth mentioning that all of the products are created without the use of hair damaging ingredients like parabens and sulfates, making it more hair-friendly. Neither are they tested on animals so rest assured that you are purchasing products that are cruelty-free.

Most of the electric-powered tools only require a plug adapter since they are dual voltage and can go as high as 240 V.

The Aim of the company

The brand’s approach to their products is unique and unconventional to motivate average customers to be “Beauty Brave”, step out of their comfort zone and try hairstyling on their own — which is the main goal of the company. Built with convenience in mind, their product range is equipped with features that are easy to use yet will give you the salon-standard finished at your disposal.

Where it all began

“ I believe beauty is defined solely by you. Whether that’s freshly washed hair and no makeup, or full glam, the way you feel about yourself empowers you to make certain decisions and hopefully take more chances.” — Maria McCool, Calista Products and Tools Founder

A salon owner and stylist for 25 years, in addition to being a world-renown expert in hair and beauty herself, Maria McCool understands that doing your own hair can be a little bit intimidating and frustrating. More so, the painstaking and repetitive maneuvering of hot tools can be a boring and daunting a task.

That’s why Maria went on a mission — to transform hairstyling experience into a convenient and a more exciting one! From there, she co-founded Calista Products and Tools, a company dedicated to developing products and tools that are less complex yet highly efficient and inspire you to explore something new. Since then, the brand has grown to be one of QVC’s top beauty brands and successfully acquired distribution all over the world.

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