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The Best Wave Brush to Get Those 360 Waves

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What do most rappers and other male figures in NFL and NBA have in common? They are rocking those impressive waves! From Jheri-curls, low cut Caesar waves down to afros, these unique and captivating hairstyles have become a household name, particularly with African-American descent.

One particular trend is the 360 waves characterized by the appearance of rippled-like circles emanating from the crown of the head. While this hairstyle has gained a manly-curl reputation, lots of women have adopted the hairstyle and other races also start wearing it.

But whether you’re sporting those oceanic waves, training curls to flatten out or just letting your natural wave grow — you’re hair needs a lot of tending a.k.a. frequent brushing. This calls for the best wave brush that caters to your styling repertoire — exactly what this article is all about.

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What makes a wave brush different from other regular brush?

Not all brushes are created equal. A wave brush, as the name suggests, is exclusively designed for wavy and curly hair. It features natural bristles that are commonly made of boar material. Boar bristles are soft but are firmer than conventional brushes. This type of bristles is specially designed to encourage waves. It also detangles hair without pulling or snagging, making it ideal for African-textured hair that is naturally fragile.

Those who have thick tresses knows how regular brushes hardly reach the scalp. Wave brushes, regardless of different shape designs, are contoured in such a way that it will fit your scalp and brush your hair from different angles with ease. Furthermore, brushing your scalp with a wave brush aid in the natural distribution of oil from your scalp all through your hair, adding sheen and gloss.

How do I choose the best wave brush for my hair?

It is important to know the basic features that make a wave brush before prematurely purchasing one. Different wave brushes cater to different hair and styling needs and it is important to purchase accordingly. The following reading will help you learn more about your best options for wave brushes.


There are two versions of bristles you can opt for; soft bristles and hard bristles. Both types have positives and negatives to each.

Due to the makeup, hard bristles may be irritating to those who have short and fine hair. If you are any of the aforementioned, opt for the soft bristles as they are kinder and gentler on the scalp. Soft bristles are good in flattening and toning down curls. In addition, brushes made of soft bristles are more flexible and durable compared to hard bristles.

Hard bristles are better left off with thicker and longer strands as they hardly go through the scalp. They help tame difficult-to-manage hair and have the advantage of creating waves faster than soft bristles. Hard brushes are also best to use when you want to get a deeper wave pattern.


You may choose between a paddle-shape and a round-shape brush.

Paddle wave brushes have a rectangular-like design that can be likened to that of a boat’s paddle. Because they are quite large and wide, they can tackle a larger portion of your hair. This makes them the ideal wave brush for gents and lads with thick and coarse hair.

Brushes contoured into a round shape are best with longer hair as they can help it look thin and more manageable. Round wave brushes can also have the benefit of adding volume and to your tresses.


Some models can feature vents to allow air to pass through. Now if you have a short haircut, this is something you will want to opt to especially if you are using your brush with a hairdryer. Vented brushes don’t get easily heated since they allow airflow. On top of that, it encourages deeper and more concentrated waves because of the air constantly passing through.

If you are one of the many who dislikes fiddling with different types of brush, a double-sided brush is your best bet. There are varieties of combinations you can choose from. Perhaps a soft or hard bristle on one side and a vented on the other flip, or your choice between a course and finer brush. Regardless of your combination choice, double- sided-brush helps you create two effects in one in just a single brush and of course in a single purchase.

Material Construction

Do you know what your wave brush is made of? As mentioned, a good wave brush should have natural boar bristles ideal for polishing and layering waves. Alternatively, you can also go for bristles source out from goat or horse hair which nearly have the same characteristics as boar bristles. Refrain from bristles made out of nylon as they encourage frizziness and aren’t as durable as natural bristles.

The body material is another thing to consider. Ideally, wood is a good material as they won’t weigh on your hand too much and aren’t prone to snapping like synthetic materials. It doesn’t also heat up when you use them with a heat styling tool, one thing you can’t do with brushes made of metal.


Wave brushes can come with or without a handle. Both designs don’t really affect the performance of the brush and choosing merely depends on which one you can use more conveniently. A wave brush with a handle is a better option for those who have issues with their hands (such as arthritis or hand injuries) since they provide a handle one can conveniently grip into.

Those wave brushes that don’t come with handle are ideal for travel since they are more compact. Also known as palm brushes, wave brushes without handle still gives a secure grip since they are well-contoured to perfectly fit one’s palms. In fact, they will give you better control and ideally the best wave brush to use for beginners.

wave hairstyle

How to Sport the 360 Waves Using a Wave Brush

The 360 waves, 360s, spinnas whatever you call it, the unique and captivating hairstyle is the new vogue. For those who are hiding out in a cave and doesn’t know about this trendy look, let us tell you what 360s are. They are simply curls that are laid down to create waves that can be likened to beach waves or ripples in a pond. There are two varying methods of creating the look that depends on what kind of hair texture you are working with.

If your hair is naturally curly, spring-coiled, or afros, then aren’t you a lucky ducky. You already got a good base to keep those waves spinning. Here’s how to get the look.

  1. Start with low cut hair as a base. You may want to get the help of a barber to do that since the traditional caesar cut requires skill. Tell your barber or hairstylist to cut your hair with a 1 and a half guard with a grain and have your horizontal bangs razor-cut style.
  2. Continue on to detangle any knots on your hair. You can do this by brushing your hair.
  3. Apply moisturizer or hair lotion on your hair.
  4. Wet your hair with a hot washcloth just enough to create a damp hair.
  5. Next, use the wave brush. Start by streaking the brush on your crown head in a forward motion with a blow dryer. The heat from the dryer and the tension the wave brush creates is what gives the hair the wave pattern. Do this for 15 to 20 minutes.
  6. Continue brushing the other sides of your head with the blow dryer. But this time, do it in a downward diagonal direction towards your front head. You will notice a reoccurring S-Shape. This additionally trains your hair to develop a wavy pattern.
  7. Place a wave cap or durag onto your head for about 30 minutes. (You can also use the headcover as you sleep later on to keep your waves intact).
  8. Remove the cap. Apply a pomade on your wave brush and brush your hair in a circular motion and outward radially the hairline.
  9. Develop a brushing routine by repeating these steps 5 to 8. Do it daily as possible. Depending on your hair texture, it may take 6 to 8 weeks or less for your hair to form deep 360 waves.

For those who don’t have the natural curls, straight hair or those whose hair are classified as 1a, you can still achieve those 360s. It may take more time and effort, however, and the method will differ. But once you get a hang on how to do it, the payoff is great. Check the steps below.

  1. Get a short haircut. Make sure to tell your barber to still leave a bit of hair. Around 16mm to 20mm is the ideal. Coarse hair can have a shorter length if desired as long as your scalp isn’t noticeable.
  2. This next step will be all about cutting the waves in which of course will require expertise. Finding a hairstylist that is expert in 360s look will be of course wiser although any hairstylist or barber can still do it. Using a hair trimmer, tell your stylist to cut the waves all around the head in a pattern that looks natural.
  3. For those who opt for waves all around the head, your hair needs to be trimmed starting from the crown towards the front of the head. Tell your barber to do it in a slow little circular motion, leaving 1 to 2cm space between each wave to ensure a proportional wave pattern. The barber should cut just enough to take most out of the length and not right through the scalp to emphasize the spinning pattern.
  4. From this point, it’s up to your hands to keep your hair laid down. To do it, you will need a wave brush with soft bristles. Then go ahead and start brushing each section.
  5. Brush your hair daily and as often as possible. This will train your hair to lay down on its own. The result might not be exactly as deep as those who have natural curls but it will emphasize some sort of wavy texture to it.

Maintaining the Waves

Keep in mind that your hair didn’t create the pattern, rather you trained it to do so. Thus it requires effort and great upkeep to keep the wave pattern, otherwise, you’ll be saying goodbye to your waves once the pattern starts to fade. Here are some additional tips to keep your waves in tip-top shape.

● As mentioned, developing a good brushing routine is crucial in keeping those waves spinning. It is important to stick with the method you have learned to keep your waves looking good and well maintained. Do use a wave brush that specially designed for your waves.
● Don’t wash your hair too much as this will disrupt the wave pattern. And when you do, always use commercial shampoos made exclusively for the waves. Use warm water when wetting hair and brush your hand gently into your hair as you shampoo. Use cool water for rinsing. Don’t forget to brush it afterward.
● Only brush your hair when it’s damp or moist. Refrain from brushing hair when it’s dry. You may apply a moisturizer before streaking those waves with a wave brush. A pomade or texturizer is also good to keep the hair in place.
● Get a cut at least 2 to 4 weeks to keep your waves well-trimmed. Remember the low caesar cut is the ideal cut.
● One of the keys in maintaining those waves is keeping your tools sanitized. Keep the bristles of your wave brush clean and gently pull any hair. Much like your hair, your wave brush also needs some TLC. In washing a wave brush, use a shampoo to clean the brush. The hair products you are using on your hair may cause residue build-up on your brush, making it stiff or hard. If it happens, soak the brush in a mixture of 4 tablespoons of vinegar and hot water for about 10 minutes. Rinse it afterward and allow it to air dry.

Time to unleash the waves! Here are the best wave brush options you can try.

Now that you have learned how to do the 360s, it’s time to sort out through brands to get the best wave brush. You might ask, why can’t I just go with any wave brush? Well if you do not want to spend money replacing the brushes each time they fall off, then it’s worth knowing your options for the best wave brush available in the market today.

1. Torino Pro #350 by Brush King – Curved, Medium Wave Brush for 360 Waves (Curve)

Highly textured medium wave brush for all stages of waving

Since we are all about wave brushes here, let’s start the list with a great selection from Torino Pro, home of quality wave brushes for your waving needs. One of the most sought-after wave brushes from their Brush King collection and the Amazon’s choice for ‘wave brush’ is the Torino Pro #350. And it’s easy to see why. From fresh-cut, early wolfing stage down to the final waving stage, the wave brush made of 100 percent natural boar bristles will keep you a company.

As compared to Brush King’s previously released models of wave brush, Torino Pro #350 has firmer bristles and true medium texture. The contour of the brush is shaped to fit the head well for maximum coverage and faster-waving results. Ideal for the 360 waves, the pointed tip serves to isolate the crown of the hair for better ripple-wave patterns and circulation of oil through your hair. It comes with a handle for a better grip and a protective box for easy storage. In addition, the box also includes inserts that provide helpful insights on grooming both your waves and hairbrush.


  • 100 percent boar bristles
  • Ideal for creating 360 waves
  • Maximum coverage and faster results
  • With handle and a pointed tip for better styling control
  • Comes with protective storage and hairbrush maintenance insert


  • Not the ideal brush for long hair

2. Kingston Grooming- Professional Quality Dual Boar Hair Bristle Brush

Kingston Grooming- Professional Quality Dual Boar Hair Bristle Brush

An excellent option for medium stiff bristle wave brush

Coming from a company widely known for its unparalleled grooming products for men, this premium wave brush boasts of 100 percent natural materials. It features heavily reinforced bristles made from quality boar hair that is not that soft nor too stiff — just the right medium softness to groom your waves and give your scalp a relaxing massage. It’s good for your waves and also for your beards and mustache!

It comes with an elegantly engraved design, matched with a well-crafted solid-beech wood body in a 5 x 2.75 x 1.5 inches that perfectly fit any palm size. Such a construction provides maximum control and ease of use over your hairstyling precision. And you don’t have to worry about your brushes getting dirty or bristles getting crushed as the box comes with a little travel box to safeguard your brush.


  • 100 percent natural boar bristle with an excellent medium stiffness
  • Made for waves and beard
  • Well-contoured solid beech-wood body
  • Lightweight, compact and ergonomically design
  • Elegant engraved design
  • Made by a well-trusted brand
  • Travel-friendly box


  • Bristles shed

3. Magic Collection Reinforced Boar Bristle Soft Palm Brush No.7723

Magic Collection Reinforced Boar Bristle Soft Palm Brush No.7723

Our choice for best value wave brush, best for thin and fine hair

Tight on the budget? No problem, with just a few bucks you can still get a pretty decent brush from Magic Collection. Their soft palm brush is great for polishing and keeping a well-manicured wave. It’s reinforced with a soft boar bristle that is very gentle and relaxing your scalp, you’ll never want to stop brushing!

More to the feature is a round body that measures 5 inches and fits comfortably in the palm. It has a light wood finish with little recesses on each side to provide a firmer grip.


  • Soft bristle ideal for polishing and layering waves
  • Won’t ruin wave patterns
  • Not irritating to the scalp
  • Round body secures a superior and smooth handling
  • Recommended for thin and fine hair
  • Very affordable


  • Not for thick and coarse hair
  • Not a pure boar bristle

4. Torino Pro #8551 by Brush King – Soft Square Palm Wave Brush for 360 Waves

Torino Pro #8551 by Brush King - Soft Square Palm Wave Brush for 360 Waves

Recommended soft wave brush to introduce waves into your hair

Torino Pro #8551 is another most requested brush from Torino Pro’s collection of wave brushes. Like any other best wave brush, the bristles are of 100 percent quality boar. It’s textured to be soft yet firm to train a freshly cut wave in the right pattern whilst laying down frizz and adding shine. Alternatively, you can also use the versatile brush to tend headed wavers and thinning hair.

The brush is in practical palm shape so expect better control and ease of use. It comes complete with a storage box and hair maintenance instruction. This model has continued to be one of Torino Pro’s bestseller.


  • Soft wave brush ideal for training waves
  • Made of pure natural boar
  • Eliminates frizz and adds shine
  • Gentle on scalp
  • Ergonomically design for superior handling
  • Comes with storage box and maintenance insert


  • Soft bristles are not ideal for long hair

5. MayaBeauty Double-Sided Men’s Club Brush

MayaBeauty Double-Sided Men's Club Brush

Amazon’s Choice for double-sided brush

Those who are in a hunt for a good double-sided brush claim they have found their treasure in Double-Sided Men’s Club Brush by MayaBeauty. It combines the use of hard bristles and soft bristles — both made of pure boar bristles. Use the firm side to cater to your wave’s wolfing process while the softer side is great for regular upkeep. You can also use it to create two wave effects in one hairstyle. This means no more juggling between your hair tool!

Users also like that the bristles don’t fall off which of course translates to the quality of the product. Moreover, the brush itself is well made and sturdy, adding up to its durability. The brush comes in a 7-inch body with a handle in a dark wood finish.


  • 100 percent quality boar bristle
  • Features a soft and hard bristles
  • Allows more styling precisions
  • Caters to most waving stages
  • Comes with a sturdy handle for ease of usability
  • Bristles don’t shed
  • Also great for beard grooming


  • The hard bristle side is too stiff for some
  • The color is not as dark as advertised

6. Torino Pro Wave Brush #490 by Brush King – Medium Curve Wave Brush

Torino Pro Wave Brush #490 by Brush King - Medium Curve Wave Brush

Best wave brush for fine and thin hair

We just can’t get enough of Torino Pro! But can you blame us? Their Brush King collection has the biggest selection of wave brushes for your waving endeavors. The Torino Pro #490 is a softer version of the #390 for those who opt for a lesser firm bristles ideal for grooming fine and thin hair. It’s also the model you will want to go for if you want to style low cut hair.

Like many of its counterpart, the brush features pure boar bristles in a unique curve design and pointed tip — all to keep those classic 360 waves gearing. What’s more, the brush is designed to lubricate the shaft of your hair by naturally stroking the soft bristles on your scalp.


  • Pure soft boar bristles are a go-to for fine and short hair
  • Pointed tip design to take on the crown area
  • Reveal hair’s natural shine with continued use
  • With handle for a convenient grip
  • Gentle scalp massaging action
  • More coverage and enhanced pull


  • Not for long hair
  • Bristles fall off easily

7. WavEnforcer Premium Quality Boar Military Brush

WavEnforcer Premium Quality Boar Military Brush

Best in restyling fade waves, recommended for thick hair and stubborn tresses that never held a curl

Waves falling out of pattern requires special restyling, that’s when this WavEnforcer brush comes in handy. exactly how it sounds like, it enforces hair to compel to waves. Even if you have that abrasive hair that’s difficult to tame, the firm deep bristles got your hair covered. The key lies in the premium quality natural boar bristles made without fillers.

Additionally, the bristles are also meant to stimulate the scalp’s moisture production to add a noticeable luster and a hair that is smooth to the feel. This version of WavEnforcer’s boar brush comes without a handle for easy palm grip.


  • Made of pure natural boar bristles
  • Best wave brush for shortcuts and fade waves
  • Promotes a healthy-looking waves
  • Stiff bristles are ideal for thick, coarse and abrasive-hair type
  • Very stimulating to the scalp
  • Easy to handle palm grip


  • Not for those who have sensitive scalp issues as the brush may come too stiff

Friendly Reminder

Do remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all brush. Choosing among the featured products here really comes down to your hair and styling needs. This being said, it still worth experimenting with the featured products to get the right tools for your hair arsenal.


Not sure where to start? Try the Torino Pro #350 by Brush King – Curved, Medium Wave Brush for 360 Waves (Curve)

No chitter-chatter, the product comes as a top-notch among the other featured wave brushes. The fact that it is manufactured by a company widely known for their quality no-mediocre wave brushes just means that this is the best wave brush that will last a reasonable time, keeping you company in all your waving stages. It also has all the key features we are looking for in the best wave brush to get those 360 waves; a high-end boar bristle, well-crafted contoured body, and an easy grip handle. Unique to other product is pointed tip to give your waves a more defined look.

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