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8 Best Round Brush – Buying Guide and Review

Best Round Brush

Achieving those perfect locks doesn’t have to mean spending hundreds of dollars for a trip to the salon. With the right hair styling tools, you can totally go for a nice salon quality hairstyle right in the comforts of your home.

The most important thing you need? A reliable round brush that makes blow drying so much easier, all while adding a nice layer of shine and volume to your hair. And, if you use it right, a round brush can even reduce frizz and hair damage!

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Best 8 Round Brushes Ranked

Check out this list of the eight best round brushes we’ve found online that are guaranteed to work wonders on your hair, so you can enjoy different hairstyles and keep your hair looking fabulous. There’s also a buying guide at the end to help you pick out the right brush for you.

1.  Osensia Professional Round Bristle Brush

Osensia Professional Round Bristle Brush

Our top pick is the Osensia professional round bristle brush, a large ceramic barrel brush with ion thermal technology that makes it perfect for blow drying and precise heat styling. With this brush, you’re sure to enjoy maximum volume and overall sleek hair.

There’s no better way to describe it other than it works like magic. This round brush can make your hair look healthy, shiny, and soft, so you can look stunning for the rest of the day. It even prevents breakage and adds extra shine.

The ceramic barrel is what allows for a great airflow while you blow dry your hair, while the bristles made with ionic, antibacterial, and antistatic properties do wonders in offering extra luster and shine. The entire thing is lightweight and ergonomic, too, so it’s easy and comfortable to use even for long periods of time.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Detangles and adds volume
  • Anti-static and antibacterial
  • Offers a long lasting hold
  • Available in 5 sizes


  • More expensive than other options

2.  Olivia Garden NanoThermic Ceramic + Ion Round Thermal Hair Brush

Olivia Garden NanoThermic Ceramic + Ion Round Thermal Hair Brush

Taking the second spot is the Olivia Garden round thermal hair brush with nanothermic ceramic and ion technology. It’s a popular hair brush due to its versatility- aka it’s great for just about any hair type and hair style, and it comes with a full load of amazing features.

These include a ceramic coating that makes for a quick and even heat distribution while blow drying, extra large vents that further reduce hair drying time, a unique bristle design with quality boar bristles, and antibacterial protection.

What makes this particularly great, however, is that this brush is simply amazing on long and thick hair, and adds a healthy layer of shine to heat styled hair. All in all, it’s a great round brush that you should definitely try.


  • With ion and nanothermic technology
  • Unique boar bristle design
  • Suitable for quick styling
  • Antibacterial protection
  • Available in 9 sizes


  • The end barrel may get too hot

3.  Conair Pro Hair Brush with Nylon Bristle

Conair Pro Hair Brush with Nylon Bristle

No hair brush list would be complete without at least one Conair product, and so we bring to you the Conair Pro hair brush with nylon bristles, which is uniquely designed for blow drying and heat styling hair to professional quality results.

Like the Olivia Garden brush, this one works on all hair types, from wavy to coarse, and is guaranteed to produce soft and volumized tresses with added gloss. This is all thanks to its ball tipped nylon bristles that can work on both smoothening and straightening hair, and adding soft curls and waves.

It even features a soft and ridged grip that ensures zero hair snagging or pilling, and it’s easy to comfortable to use as well, not to mention it’s crazy affordable- absolutely no reason for you not to buy one to see for yourself!


  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Adds shine, volume, and gloss
  • Works on all types of hair
  • Affordable price tag
  • Available in 5 sizes


  • Can add static to silky hair

4.  Cricket Technique Barrel Hair Brush

Cricket Technique Barrel Hair Brush

Ranking fourth is the Cricket Technique round barrel hair brush, which lets you perfect amazing blowouts with salon quality results, all at an affordable price tag. In fact, Cricket Technique is a well loved brand for professional and home stylists alike.

With this hair brush, you can enjoy an assortment of excellent features, such as thermal ionic bristles that are made with tourmaline to help seal in your hair cuticles while infusing moisture to your hair shaft and smoothening each strand.

Moreover, these bristles are 100% heat resistant, so there’s zero risk of burning your hair and scalp or resulting in hair damage when you use heat styling tools. The brush also offers a suede-like grip so you can comfortably work on various styling techniques.


  • Best for detangling hair
  • With ionic thermal bristles
  • Antibacterial protection
  • Suitable for freestyling


  • There are lots of counterfeits of this product online

5.  Care Me Blowout Round Hair Brush with Boar Bristles

Care Me Blowout Round Hair Brush with Boar Bristles

Taking the fifth spot is the Care Me blowout round hair brush, which is highly popular for its use of 100% pure boar bristles, along with its nylon ball tips, top of the line ionic technology, and unique honeycomb design.

This brush has the capacity to condition your hair as you style by working on evenly distributing your natural oils across the scalp. It also helps your hair retain moisture, thereby reducing frizz, adding volume, and providing an extra luster to each strand.

What’s even better is that this round brush can reduce your blow drying time by as much as 50%, thanks to its vented ceramic barrel and core that enables more air to pass through the brush from your blow dryer. So, if you want lifted hair with extra volume and shine without spending hours in front of the mirror, this tool is a must have.


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Fast and even distribution of heat
  • Adds shine and volume to hair
  • Works on all types of hair


  • The bristles are not durable

6.  Spornette Deville 1 ½ Inch Round Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Spornette Deville 1 ½ Inch Round Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Another amazing round hair brush you may want to try is the Spornette Deville 1.5 inch round boar bristle hair brush, which is made by one of the very first hair styling brands in the US. made with advanced technologies and the users’ needs in mind, you can be sure that this hair brush will deliver only the best that you deserve.

For one thing, this new Spornette round brush has quickly become a favorite among professional and home stylists thanks to the many undeniable advantages it offers, which include the best boar bristles you can ever hope for in quickly smoothening your hair as you blow it dry.

It even adds volume and lift to any hairstyle, although it’s particularly great in achieving a blowout for short hair styles. With this lightweight brush, you can do anything from smoothing and lifting hair, to adding waves or creating blowouts. And, it’s great for both men and women!


  • 100% boar bristles
  • Small bristle size and lightweight handle
  • Works for all types of hair
  • Great for smoothing hair


  • More expensive than other options

7.  Fagaci Professional Round Brush for Blow Drying

Fagaci Professional Round Brush for Blow Drying

You might also want to check out the Fagaci Professional nano ceramic round hair brush for blow drying. It’s made with natural boar bristles, and comes with a set of four multifunctional clips, so you can have the best blow drying experience every time.

This brush is particularly amazing in spreading around your hair’s natural oils to make for added moisture and shine. It also promotes healthy hair growth with its gentle massage that stimulates good blood circulation on your scalp.

Plus, with its ionic ceramic construction, this brush is effective in quickly drying your hair while reducing frizz and adding volume. It even comes with a tail end splitting needle, so you can section and style your hair any way you like.


  • Cleanses and conditions hair and scalp
  • Reduces frizz and promotes hair growth
  • Antibacterial protection
  • Works on all types of hair


  • The bristles are not durable

8.  Revlon Perfect Style Maximum Shine Porcupine Round Brush

Revlon Perfect Style Maximum Shine Porcupine Round Brush

Last but not the least is a surprisingly amazing and reliable round brush from a drugstore brand, the Revlon perfect style maximum shine porcupine round brush. We all know that Revlon is a staple hair, face, and body care brand, delivering great products at great prices.

This hair brush is no different. It comes packed with amazing features, such as bristles that easily glide through your hair without snagging or pulling, a vented ceramic barrel that evenly distributes heat from your hair dryer, and the added benefits of helping your hair retain moisture while reducing frizz.

Trust us, you’ll absolutely love this round hair brush, as it is guaranteed to make your hair feel healthy and look shiny. It’s perfect for those with straight hair, but it works just as great for all other hair types.


  • Adds moisture and reduces frizz
  • Dries and styles hair quickly
  • Adds an extra shine
  • Suitable for straight hair


  • More expensive than other options

Best Round Brush Buying Guide

Best Round Brush Buying GuideA gorgeous hair style is only possible with the right set of styling tools, and one of these is the right round hair brush that will work hard and smart to give you the kind of hair you dream of. In fact, a good round brush offers a lot of benefits, such as creating wonderful hair styles, preserving your natural locks, preventing hair breakage, and so much more.

But, how do you pick which round hair brush is right for your hair? After all, there are many different factors you need to consider, such as your hair type and length, the size of the brush, the type of bristles, how much time you want to spend styling your hair, and so on.

For example, ionic hair brushes are best for dry and curly hair, and curly hair can benefit from nylon and boar bristles. Although, boar bristles are also ideal for fine hair, and nylon bristles are great for medium to thick hair. Confusing, isn’t it? Don’t worry, we’ll explain each of these things in further detail below:

Brush barrel size

Round brushes are amazing tools for styling your hair while taming frizz and adding that desired bounce, but for it to work, you need to get the right size of round brush based on your hair length. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Very short (ear length) hair- 17 mm or 1/2″ to 3/4″ brush
  • Short (above the chin) hair- 23 mm or 3/4″ to 1″brush
  • Shoulder length hair- 32 mm or 1″ to 1.5″ brush
  • Long hair- 43 mm or 1.5″ to 2″ brush

Aside from your hair length, you should also take into account the kind of look you want to achieve before selecting the barrel size of the brush. For example, if you want tight curls, a smaller barrel size is what you need, whereas large and luxurious beachy waves will require a round brush with a larger barrel.

Bristle Type: boar bristles vs nylon

The next thing you want to decide on is whether you need nylon or boar bristles, since each one comes with its own pros and cons.

Generally speaking, the finer your hair is, the more you’ll need gentle boar bristles to glide through your hair without pulling while also stimulating your scalp, and the thicker your strands are, the more you’ll need nylon bristles which are great in reducing frizz.

But, that’s not where it ends. For example, if you have curly hair, you might need a mix of nylon and boar bristles. Or, if your hair is dry, you’ll benefit from ionic brushes to add some luster and moisture, but for others, it can create some static.

Barrel type: wood vs ceramic

Round brushes typically come with either wood or ceramic barrels, although wood is more common for boar bristle brushes. Both are excellent in helping you achieve a smooth and fabulous looking blowout that holds well.

The problem with wood is that it’s usually heavier, which means more wrist strain, and it can accumulate mold and other buildup when exposed to moisture.

Ceramic, on the other hand, is perfect for combing through wet hair and blow drying it. It comes with the added benefit of warming up and effectively distributing heat throughout your hair, so if you want to do lots of hair styling, this is the better option as it doubles as a curler or a flat iron.

Other factors to consider before buying the best round brush

Other factors to consider before buying the best round brushHair brushes are not created equal, and a lot of round brushes are made for certain hair types, such as thin, straight, curly, and ethnic. Of course, there are versatile brushes that work for all hair types, but why not get one that’s made specifically for your hair?

If you really want to find the right brush for you, you should also take into account a couple of other factors aside from the brush size and the type of the barrel and the bristles. These include:

Heat resistance

Regular blow drying and the use of heat styling tools can severely damage your hair. To prevent this, you need a hair brush that comes with some form of heat resistance. These brushes still allow for excellent airflow and heat distribution, but the brushes themselves won’t heat up and therefore won’t burn your hair strands to a crisp.

Vented barrel

Furthermore, when it comes to drying your hair with the use of a blow dryer, you’ll also need the hair brush to have a vented barrel (this basically means that the barrel should have holes all throughout) so that the hot air passes through it, thereby drying and styling your hair much faster.


Anyone who’s ever tried to style their hair at home knows how hard and time consuming it can be. Oftentimes, your arms and wrists start aching well before you finish the job. This is mostly because the tools you’re using are heavy, which can be a real problem if you have particularly long or stubborn hair. As such, the lighter the brush is, the better it will be for your comfort.


There you have it! Finding the best round brush is easy, as long as you know all the important things to watch out for, including picking a brush based on your hair type and length, your desired hair style, your preferred styling tools and techniques, and so on.

Remember, owning the right hair brush is really important, since maintaining a nice and healthy hair starts with the way you brush it. And, since a round brush is often used to blow dry wet and fragile hair, using the right brush is all the more important so that you don’t end up breaking and damaging your hair.

We’ve got a lot of amazing round hair brushes for you above, but the one we like the most is the Osensia Professional Round Bristle Brush. It’s a little on the pricey side, but it’s oh so easy to use, works like magic, and delivers guaranteed professional quality results all the time!

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