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8 Best Brushes for Fine Hair – Review and Buying Guide

best brushes for fine hair

Only fine-haired ladies and gents would understand the real struggle to maintain hair. While fine hair is slightly different from that of thin hair, they tend to share the same prominent feature. Both types of hair run on the flat side of the spectrum.

But don’t get it all wrong, a fine hair may all have the hair on the scalp — it may even have a thick density of hair —  but will still appear flat. The lack of volume can be associated with the texture of each strand. A fine hair is known to have the thinnest diameter of the strand which makes them brittle. It is so fragile that even simple combing can result in hair breakage and split ends.

Hairstyling is another story.  The inherent flatness of your hair makes styling nearly impossible which of course you have probably known by now if you have fine hair. While you may manage to hold a curl, they go back to being flat even before you can finish singing the ‘happy birthday’ song. Ok, we may be exaggerating there but you get the picture, it’s just hard to hold a single hairstyle with fine hair.

If you scoured all your options for volumizing products, went through all conditioning treatments — yet you still can’t get a life out of your limp hair — perhaps it’s time to look at your options for a good brush. The right brush for your hair type means healthier hair growth and less breakage. With just a few simple styling hacks, the best brushes that are suited for your fine hair can deliver the best results in just a simple swipe.

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8 Best Brushes for Fine Hair

8 best brushes for fine hairBut why can’t I just use my regular hairbrush, you may ask? Well, we said this before and we’ll say it again just in case you forget, your fine hair is significantly fragile. As such it needs to be handled with care.  The last thing you want is a crummy, hard brush putting more strains on your already delicate tresses.

There are far more top-notch brushes out there that best care for your prone-to-breakage hair whether you are after a brush that can aid to your styling woes or one that simply just detangles. Below is a list of brushes that we meticulously selected for your hair concern.

1. Mason Pearson Pocket Sensitive Hair Brush

Mason Pearson Pocket Sensitive Hair Brush


The gold standard of boar bristles

For starters, Mason Pearson is a British brand of brushes synonymous with high quality and craftsmanship. One may consider a Mason Pearson brush a steep price to pay, after all, splurging money on a brush is an absurd expense, at least for some. But we speak on behalf of its cult following when we say you may never know the importance of a good brush until you own a Mason Pearson. No, you are not just buying the brand, but a multi-functional high-end brush that will last you for decades to come.

The Mason Pearson brush is the gentlest version among their boar bristle collection, specifically designed for fine, thin and delicate hair like yours.  The brush glides through the hair easily and detangles effortlessly which comes as a no-surprise considering it’s made of pure boar bristles bedded in a soft cushion. The natural bristles are not just relaxing to the scalp but also there to render an mıld-cleansing action, loosening dead skin cells and flakes.

More the action is the redistribution of hair’s natural oils from the scalp to the hair, muchly appreciated if you have frizzy hair strands. The brush comes in a handy size which makes it easier to tag along anywhere and everywhere you need to look your best. It comes with a cleaning brush for easier maintenance and also supplied with a display box because why not, this highly valued cult-classic tool is worth showing-off.

What makes this brush more special is that, along with other Mason Pearson Brushes, it is expertly handcrafted using the same winning technique and patents the company established in 1885 and innovated over the century.


  • High-end pure boar bristle brush with unique rubber-cushion pad
  • Detangles hair without causing frizz
  • For a shinier and more manageable hair
  • Crafted by hands to ensure quality
  • Very durable
  • With one year warranty


  • Will cost you more

2. SUPRENT Round Brush

SUPRENT Round Brush

The best boar bristle brush to create some of the most ambitious styles

Those Pinterest-inspired looks maybe just be a pipe dream, knowing that you and your, ahem, five strands of hair will never be enough to pull those highly-coveted voluminous hairstyles. Sure styling fine hair is hard, yes, but not impossible especially with the right hair tool like the SURPENT Round Brush.

Harboring the detangling power of nylon and the conditioning ability of boar fibers, the SURPENT brush protects your hair while you release your style.  The brush comes equipped with vents to allow hot air to pass through its ceramic barrels. This allows drying hair faster, all while keeping frizz at a minimum thanks to the inclusion of ionic technology.

The handle is made to be ergonomic and the actual brush itself is lightweight making it easier to maneuver the brush to give your hair volume and fullness. With SUPRENT Round Brush, you can now accomplish those top knot and fish braid styles you have been eyeing for a while. You don’t even have to try hard.


  • Made with nylon and boar bristle for a more effective grip without snagging
  • Styling-made-easy: for curling and straightening with a blow-dryer
  • Vented and ceramic-infused for faster blow-drying
  • Lightweight and designed with an ergonomic handle to ward off hand-fatigue


  • Not the most durable

3. Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush for Adults & Kids Hair

Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush for Adults & Kids Hair

The least painful way to detangle wet and dry hair

Our hair is at its most fragile state when it’s wet. Considering your fine hair is already delicate, the last thing you would want to see is your hair snagging and breaking from your regular jagged comb. You will need a brush with bristles that are widely spaced, enough for hair to glide through smoothly, just like this detangling brush from Crave Naturals.

Remember your brushing hysterics when you were a child, back when you dreaded hair brushing because it’s just painful. Well, this brush is uniquely curved so it’s easier and less painful to brush hair sideways or downwards. Also, the bristles are beadless so it’s gentler on the scalp. The brush, in general, takes out tough tangles without yanking or pulling hair.  Now if we can only ride a time machine, go back to our childhood days and give this magical brush to our moms so we don’t have to howl and negotiate for mercy as they try to comb our hair.

Ever since it’s launched, other brands have tried to make their own version of this brush but they’re just phony and knock-off. Perhaps it’s the flexible, various-lengthed bristles or it might be the ergonomic handle that is hard to copy. Regardless, this magical brush is just unique and hard to imitate. Oh, and did we mention the brush is also sold in different pastel colors?


  • Cone shape and flexible bristles for easier brushing in different angles
  • Untangles knots without yanking or pulling
  • Wards off hair breakage
  • Works on both wet and dry hair
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Can be purchased in different colors
  • Child-friendly


  • Bristles may be too short for extremely thick hair

4. Osensia Ceramic Round Brush

Osensia Ceramic Round Brush

For the silkiest, smoothest blowout

Blow-drying fine hair presents a lot of challenges. It’s hard not to go overboard and fry hair with those slim strands. But Osensia has just the right solution for that — a vented ceramic brush.  The vents or those little holes in the barrel speed up hair drying which lessens the exposure of hair to heat to ward off hair damage.  At the same time, the bristles are infused with ceramic to bath your hair with ions responsible for hair shine.

More to the bristles are its capability to withstand temperature as high as 428 F so they don’t easily melt even if you blast the high temp on your dryer settings. On top of that, the flexible nylon bristles are very relaxing on the scalp. But beyond its therapeutic benefits, the pressure put on the scalp is what stimulates blood circulation in the scalp which in turn improves nutrient supply to hair roots. We are talking about healthier hair growth here people.

The brush has a diameter of 1.3 inches, just the perfect size to add volume and perhaps tousle in some curls while blow-drying. Because of the small size, it’s also easier to get every section of your thin hair, coupled up with pin tip for more precise styling. The brush is also available in different sizes for different hair lengths.


  • Ionic mineral-infused bristles for a shinier and sleeker finish
  • Stimulates healthier hair growth
  • With pin tip for easier styling
  • Vented ceramic barrel cuts down drying time
  • Massages scalp
  • Backed up with a money-back guarantee


  • Not for people who have grip issues as the handle is not ergonomically designed

5. Beauty by Earth Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Beauty by Earth Boar Bristle Hair Brush

A wooden brush for your unruly locks

When you are ready to enjoy the benefit of a wooden brush, you certainly don’t want to miss on this boar hairbrush by Beauty by Earth. Even the brand name already sounds so nurturing. True enough, it’s more than just a hairbrush. It’s also a conditioning treatment you can give your hair to look at its best.

The bamboo wooden brush is your go-to when you want to reduced unwanted frizz, flyaways and tangles. Unlike plastic hairbrushes that trigger electrical charge responsible for statics, bamboo has a negative charge to neutralize those pesky strands that like standing up.  As a result, your hair stays nice and smooth.

More to the paddle brush are the boar bristles, which you probably know by now, has the power to massage scalp, teasing the natural oils from the scalp as you brush along. The natural fiber is teamed up with ball-tipped nylon bristles planted on soft cushioned padding for the most relaxing hair detangling experience ever.

But of course, don’t just take our word for it.  Beauty By Earth challenges you to try the 7-day treatment. After a week of using the brush, you’ll see a noticeable healthier and softer hair. Because Beauty by Earth is confident that you’ll love this bamboo brush of theirs, you’ll get a full refund if you think it does nothing to your hair — no awkward questions asked.


  • With the hair defrizzing benefit of a natural bamboo brush
  • Conditions hair follicles and scalp for a healthier growth
  • Smoothens tangles without tearing hair out
  • Leaves hair a shinier and glossier finish
  • Eco-friendly; made with sustainable materials
  • With money-back guarantee


  • The handle isn’t the most comfortable to hold

6. BFWood Pure Soft Boar Bristle Hair Brush

BFWood Pure Soft Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Your affordable option for a boar bristle brush

This boar brush from BFWood is your best option for a decent boar brush if you are tight on budget. It has all the all-around benefits you have come to expect in a boar brush. For one is the hair and scalp-friendly perks of the boar bristles. It also has a rubber cushion that allows the bristles to flex. The handle is made of a well-crafted beech wood which is firm and strong in addition to being sustainable.

Now onto the flip side of the coin. Upon opening, you may notice a minimal woody smell which is normal for authentic wooden brushes like this and will also dissipate over time. Additionally, according to BFWood, few fibers of the bristle may fall off in the first few uses but it’s worth mentioning that this is just completely normal as these are just floating bristles that are all part of the manufacturing process. Bristles will eventually stop shedding over the course of use.

Now back to the selling points. BFWood Pure Soft Boar Bristle Hair Brush is specifically designed for fine and thin hair. It is one of the few quality and efficient brushes that lives up to its claim, a fact that is backed up hundred of positive reviews on Amazon. You would love that the brush comes with a detangling comb. The comb itself is made of peach wood so there’s a lesser change of frizz and breakage when combing.  For an all-around wooden brush and a comb with a range of functionality, it is surprisingly priced affordably, definitely a steal!


  • Made with gentle boar bristles with premium rubber pad
  • Pre-packaged with a detangling comb
  • Made of sustainable eco-friendly wood materials
  • Boosts hair’s natural shine
  • Ideal as a gift for loved ones; comes with gift box
  • Very affordable


  • Bristles slightly shed with first few uses
  • Not for super long and thick hair

7. Michel Mercier Detangler – Detangling Hair Brush (Pink for Fine Hair)

Michel Mercier Detangler - Detangling Hair Brush (Pink for Fine Hair)

Detangling brush for hair prone to thinning

We know it can be disheartening to watch all the precious strands of hair you worked so hard to grow fall on the floor. Apart from hair breakage, hair fall and hair thinning are among the arch-nemesis of having fine hair. You can buy all the expensive hair growth shampoos in the world, but without the optimal hairbrush for your hair texture, all your efforts for hair regrowth would go in vain. Enter Michel Mercier Detangler.

It all starts on the scalp. The Michel Mercier Detangler, with its rounded sturdy bristles, massage the scalp to stimulate blood circulation and hair’s natural production of sebum which in turn promotes healthier hair growth whilst adding shine.

Now you may think, aren’t all the brushes featured here do the same? What sets this detangler from other brushes, however, are the contact points. There are 428 bristles with 32 different heights and 16 varying widths. It is placed as such to apply the correct pressure on your hair and scalp while brushing, avoiding strains, and breakage as much as possible.


  • Innovative brush customized for fine hair
  • Reduce hair resistance and stress to prevent hair breakage and hair thinning
  • Conditions scalp to stimulate hair growth
  • Detangles easily without pain
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Affordably priced


  • Not for hair with a very thick texture

8. Wet Brush Pro Epic Quick Dry Hair Brush

Wet Brush Pro Epic Quick Dry Hair Brush

Wide-teeth vented brush for unmanageable hair

Blow-drying curly hair is a no-easy task. Seriously why does it seem like blow-drying is a game of tug of war between you and your comb? It isn’t fair. But it does not have to be that way.  For our fine-haired friends with curly tresses, we found the right brush for you. Introducing Wet Brush Pro Epic Quick Dry Hair Brush. Made with flexible bristles and an Omniflex head, the brush is meant to detangle even the toughest knots and transform any unmanageable hair to soft and smoother.

As suggested in its name, you can use the brush with wet hair.  But despite its name, we cannot see any reason not to use it on dry hair.  The bristles are widely spaced, which is much beneficial in detangling. Additionally, the nylon brush is heat resistant for up to 450F.  Also with gaps on each row to allow faster hair drying with the blow dryer.

While the appearance might be just ‘plain’ — nothing appealing if we are only honest –don’t let it fool you. As one customer who got the crazy curls claimed she’s skeptical to use the brush at first but got surprised about how a simple brush such as the Wet Brush Pro made an improvement on her hair.  She gushed “This brush is magic. It works wonders on my hair – which I’ve never been able to untangle without pulling my hair at all and this brush does that”.


  • Heat-resistant bristles
  • Detangles tough knots
  • With a flexing head that contour on the scalp
  • Can be used on wet and dry hair
  • Vented for faster hair-drying with a blow-dryer
  • Cheaply priced


  • Bristles are a bit stiffer in comparison to other featured brushes here

What makes a brush the best for fine hair?

The optimal brush for fine hair is gentle, yet strong enough to detangle hair without tugging on strands. Having this said, it’s always wise to opt for soft to medium-bristled brushes. Soft to medium bristles can glide through hair easily without tagging or pulling strands.

In terms of materials, brushes that are made of natural bristles like that of a boar fibers do a phenomenal job on fine hair. In particular, boar bristles are kinder on hair but stiff enough to untangle the hair knots without tearing out your sensitive strands. They are also therapeutic on the scalp, helps promote blood circulation which in turn promotes hair’s natural oil production, neutralizing frizz, and statics. Alternatively, you can choose goat or horsehair fibers which have almost the same characteristics as the boar-based brushes.

You might also want to consider bristles derived from rubber. There is a lesser chance of hair breakage on a rubber brush especially if it is cushioned ones as it allows flexibility and tension when styling or detangling.

What are my options for the brushes?

As for the shape, a paddle brush is a great choice if you are just after detangler.  But if you are looking for a brush you can couple up with your heat styling tools, you’ll find that it is easier to lift up your hair with round brushes especially those that have a smaller diameter since they work closer to hair roots. A much better choice would be round brushes with vents as they allow heat to pass through when blow-drying and thereby creating more volume.

Our Top Pick for the Best Brushes for Fine Hair

When it comes to quality and durability, nothing comes close to Mason Pearson Pocket Sensitive Hair Brush. Of course, that’s one thing to expect from a brand that handcrafts their brushes to ensure high-end top-notched products. While it’s true that it’s pricier than other brushes, this brush is a worthy-investment considering its functionality. In case you missed it, here’s another round-up of its key features.

  • Made with premium boar bristles and rubber pad
  • Hairbrush customized for sensitive hair types
  • Heat-resistant blow-out brush
  • Improves hair texture and brings out hair’s natural shine
  • Detangles without causing frizz
  • Very durable

Of course, don’t just take our word for it.  You can read what other people are saying. As one custom customer even claimed, she’s been using the brush for 10 years now and she’ll die over the hill with it.

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