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What is the Best Hair Dryer for a College Student?

Best Hair Dryer for a College Student


Do you feel like your mornings are typically a toss-up between hitting that snooze button versus getting ready for the day? We get it, college ain’t that easy. Besides tackling semester blues, extracurriculars and maintaining a social life comes the morning routine that seems to be a big juggling circus act of keeping up with your skincare routine, choosing your outfit, doing your makeup and of course, the main culprit in those morning bugs — fixing the hair.

Let’s point out the big time-eater in our hair care routine, namely drying thy hair.  Unless you don’t want to be that person referred to as the walking wet-head, anything that could make your morning a hassle-free without having to sit hours blow-drying hair is welcomely received. In times like this, you will need the right tool. A fast and efficient best hair dryer for a college student is an essential college basic. It’s your secret weapon to get those extra precious minutes of sleep without having to compensate at looking your best.

What to look for in the best hair dryer for a college student like you?

You are probably wondering what makes a hair dryer suited for a college student different from the rest of the models out there. To answer your question, not all dryers are created equal.

For sure you don’t want to end up paying a costly high-end dryer created for professionals which complex features you won’t even bother to use. With someone who has a hectic schedule like you, all you need is a simple hair dryer that gets the job done to get you out of the door fast. Let’s take a quick look at some of the characteristics your hair dryer should have.

Quick Drying:

Aim for a higher wattage, at least 1800 to 1850. This should be enough to get your dryer hotter and get your hair dry in an instant. A hairdryer with a built-in AC motor also cuts down the drying time in addition to keeping your hair dryer’s long span of use. The latest advancement so far is the ionic technology. This latest feature gives off negative ions which in turn dry off the water molecules faster, speeding up drying time.


In the fast-paced world that we are in, we want everything all in one. Finding a hair dryer that also styles your hair in different precisions doesn’t always hurt. Look for adjustable temperature settings; the wider the range of temperature settings the more hairstyle looks you can achieve. There are also dryer attachments you can choose; a diffuser is helpful in styling those locks, nozzles are for straightening and concentrators are for taming frizz.


Unless you want to wake up your dorm mates with the sound that seems like a jet taking off inside the bathroom, you might want to settle for a hair dryer that produces lesser noise. Another advantage of going for AC motor is it also turns down the noise your dryer normally makes. Diffusers and other  unique fan design also help low down the noise.


With all the tuıtion and student loan debts that you suffer to settle, the last thing you want is a pricey hair dryer adding up to your to-play list. That doesn’t mean however that you need to compensate for the quality. There are still hair dryers that are both inexpensive and salon-quality — a great life-saver for your hair and college budget.

Some Other Considerations

There will always be a hair dryer that is best for your hair type so it’s always wise to purchase accordingly. For instance, a ceramic or porcelain hair dryer is meant for those whose hair is fine or dry while a titanium or ionic dryers are best thick to coarse hair. The condition and the needs of your hair is also something to think about. Most hair dryers are already damaging to the already damaged hair. A hair dryer that features a ceramic or tourmaline technology can help improve the condition of your tresses and a safer hair dryer to use generally. Whatever type of hair dryer you are looking for, it’s always helpful to apply a heat protectant prior. This keeps your hair protected while blow drying.

The Top 5 Best Hair Dryer To Try

At some point during the semester, you will have to deal with waking up late and missing a morning class. Instead of rushing to class with dripping wet hair, invest in a good hair dryer that is fast, efficient and has most of the key features we are looking for. Here are the 5 best hair dryers to carry out the goal.

1. Andis Ceramic Ionic Styler Dryer 1875W

Andis Ceramic Ionic Styler Dryer 1875W

Going for an inexpensive brand doesn’t always mean settling for less hairstyling features. This is particularly true if you invest in this 2-in-1 styler and dryer from Andis’ fine collection of ceramic hair dryers. The styler comes with 3 hair styling brushes you can attach to the dryer for all your styling needs. This includes a boar bristle brush to style a  curly hair,  wide tooth comb for people with lots of hair as well as a fine tooth comb for fine to thin hair — all backed up by 3 heat setting and a cool button for a more precise hair styling.

Of course, this won’t make it to our list without its competent quick drying features. Besides the 1875 watts of drying power is the unique air fan design that gives off a high velocity of air flow, speeding up the hair drying process. The ionic technology gives that hair drying an extra boost. A ceramic technology that ensures an even distribution of heat completes the key feature.


  • With the drying power of 1875 watts
  • Ionic technology and turbo high-speed fan drying hair rapidly
  • Pre-packaged with three styling combs for different styling needs
  • Cool shot button ensures a long-lasting hairstyle
  • Expect less hair damage with ceramic technology
  • Dual voltage for worldwide use
  • Economically priced


  • The bristles of the brush are way too soft for difficult-to-manage hair
  • Snuggly combs

2. Conair Cord-Keeper Styler

Conair Cord-Keeper Styler

Most college dorms have so small rooms to spare. The last thing you want is a gigantic bulky hair dryer that consumes most of the space in that bathroom cabinet that you also have to share. If this is your concern, you’ll love this hair dryer from Conair. Not only is it compact but this cute-sized hair dryer is made with a foldable handle for easy to storage. But its best portable feature is perhaps the retractable cord that can go 5 foot which means no more tangling cords!

It might be lightweight and small but it has also a whopping 1875 watts, just enough to match other big sized hair dryers when it comes to cutting down the hair drying time. The anti-frizz ionic technology adds to the quick-drying feature while ceramic technology locks in hair moisture. Additional features include a 2 heat settings and a diffuser attachment to style up gorgeous curls.


  • Powerful 1875 watts
  • 5-foot retractable cord and the foldable handle makes an easy storage
  • Compact, lightweight, and travel-friendly
  • Features a ceramic and ionic technology
  • Attached with a diffuser with a cool shot button
  • Easy to use
  • Very affordable


  • Only 2 adjustable settings to choose from

3. Revlon Essentials Quick Dry Styler

Revlon Essentials Quick Dry Styler

When catching a deal on some good bargain options, you can never go wrong with one of Revlon’s, the leading trendsetter in the world of beauty products. Their 1875W Quick Dry Lightweight Hair Dryer is perhaps the best deal. It’s 1875 watts ensures get your hair dry in no more than 5 minutes. There’s also the multiple heat/speed settings you can play with for your favorite hairstyle with an extra cool shot button to lock down that final look.

Got that frizzy hair? Your hair could also benefit in the attached airflow concentrator attachment. All of these features at a budget-friendly price. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, ıt’s also back up with warranty, we can’t see why you can go wrong in giving this product a try.


  • Boasts of 1875 watts for quick-drying experience
  • Adjustable heat and speed settings
  • With cool shot button
  • Made with protective anti-slip handle for a good grip
  • Budget-friendly with a backup warranty
  • Lightweight and easy to clean


  • Gives off a burnt smell
  • Not the quietest among the list

4. INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR 1875- Watt Salon Performance AC Motor Styling Tool

INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR 1875- Watt Salon Performance AC Motor Styling Tool

Another product from Conair is this metallic hair dryer ( we just love the sleek design!) to prove that Conair is unbeatable in hair drying game. It’s engineered with AC motor to provide a true salon-blow but in the comfort of your own home. The powerful airflow combined with the 1875 watts is what instantly dry the hair  — 50 percent faster in contrast to other brands.

You can adjust the temperatures settings from high, medium and low in addition to the speed setting to customize air flow. It also doesn’t lack of hairstyling tools. It comes with a diffuser to keep you up with your curling styles and a concentrator to you get the most professional smooth styles. Other noteworthy features include a patented ionic technology that promises a 75 percent less frizz and ceramic technology that serves as an anti-heat protectant.  And because it runs by an AC motor, expect a balance between noise and energy use.


  • Salon-standard performance
  • Settings include a 3 heat, 2 speed, and a true cold shot button
  • Attachments include a diffuser and concentrator
  • AC motor ensures a quiet and high energy performance
  • You’ll save more as compared to professional hair dryers
  • For long-lasting use
  • Easy maintenance


  • Not for those who are into a lightweight hair dryer
  • Blows way too much for some

5. BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

With whooping 2000 wattage, a far infrared heat, and a powerful AC motor, BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer is sure to dry every single hair strands even to the thickest of thickest tresses and in the shortest time possible. The combination of two temperature adjustment and a concentrator nozzle gives you the opportunity to style effortlessly — all while bathing your hair with ceramic ions to condition your hair.  With all these built-in features, ıt’s surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to use.

It’s not the most affordable out of the bunch but it’s still practical considering it will save you money from not buying a dryer from time to time. It’s long lasting, fast, powerful and efficient — just exactly what a hair dryer should be.


  • 2000 high wattage
  • Best for thick and difficult-to-manage hair
  • Professional lifelong motor
  • Engineered with ceramic technology
  • Comes with concentrator nozzle
  • Easy to clean removable filter
  • Ultra-lightweight and easy to use


  • Only two temperature settings to choose from
  • Will cost you more

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Our top pick

We highly recommend Andis Ceramic Ionic Styler Dryer 1875W. It doesn’t only meet most of the key features we are looking for in the best hair dryer for a college student but it also goes beyond. It’s your hair dryer and styler all in one, no more juggling between hair tools. The three comb attachments included is a major plus as it has something for nearly every hair types.  The dual-purpose hair dryer is also unmatched in hair drying features; a decent 1875 watts, turbo speed fan (unique to other hair dryers featured here) advanced with ionic and ceramic technology. So next time you rush to head out in the dorm fast, all you need is to switch on the button and let this product do its job fast enough to get you into your early morning class.

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