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The Best Hair Color for Skin Tone Chart – Ultimate Guide

Best Hair Color for Skin Tone Chart

Have you been in a situation where the dye applied to your hair doesn’t compliment your skin tone? Did it make your complexion look warmer and duller than before?

If your answer is yes, then you should take a look at the Best Hair Color for Skin Tone Chart below. This will help you to choose the perfect shade for your undertone.

Yes, you can choose whatever shade you want for your hair; however, this strategy doesn’t usually work. You have to remember that each hair dye works differently with different undertones.

Some shades might complement your skin, while some may not. It can make or break your whole look, so be wise with your decision.

Best Hair Color for Skin Tone Chart

Skin Color IndexAfter figuring out your undertone, you can now choose the right hair dye for your skin tone. This is easier than the previous step, so don’t worry. Take a look at the chart below and find what shade suits you.

Cool Undertones

Wella and Paris Hair

If you have a cool undertone and want to go for a lighter hair color, you can try a blonde shade that seems a little blue. For instance, Champagne Blue. It will downplay your skin’s undertone without contrasting with it.

On the other hand, if you want a brunette, you can try Chestnut to compliment your complexion. You should avoid Golden Blonde as it can add more tint in your skin.

Warm and Gold Undertones

Effortlysshair and Daniestavaringo

For warm and gold undertones, you should look for a hair color that can enhance the warmth of your skin. For example, Honey Blonde. This can help create a natural glow on you.

Caramel is also a great choice for medium to dark complexions, especially if you want to go for a lighter shade. Since it’s not too warm, it can complement your skin.

What you should avoid is Ash Brown. This will mask out your skin’s glow.

Medium to Dark Complexion

Daniestavaringo and Beautinahairstudio

As mentioned above, caramel is great for medium to dark complexions. This shade is neutral enough to bring out the glow on your skin.

Another hair dye that is perfect for this skin tone is Espresso. Ir can create a deep and rich-enhancing brown color that complements your dark skin.

Since Light Golden is too yellow, this is not a good choice for medium to dark complexions. It can be too warm for your skin tone, so you should avoid it.

Pale Skin Tone

Modernmission and Phjean

If you have a pale skin tone, you need to look for a shade that can cancel out the red tint on your skin. For example, Platinum Blonde. This color has a cool tone that can complement your skin’s pigment.

Strawberry blonde is also a good option for pale skin tones. However, you should mix a little bit of cool shade in it so it won’t look too warm.

Avoid Dark Ash because it can make you look very pale.

Neutral and Olive Skin Tone

Roshanihairandmakeup and Cladiagraziano

Chocolate Brown and Bronde are the best choices for those who have a neutral or an olive skin tone.

Include some honey highlights on Chocolate Brown and it will be perfect. This will look great on an olive skin tone, bringing out brightness at the ends of your hair and on your face.

Bronde, on the other hand, compliments neutral skin tones. It is a combination of Blonde and Brown, which can be altered to suit your preferences.

What you should avoid is Copper because it has too much orange. It can make your skin look too warm.

Finding the Right Hair Color

Finding the Right Hair Color

You should choose a shade that will work with your skin. That is why you have to figure out your skin’s undertone and what hair dye goes with it.

What is your skin’s undertone?

Telling your skin if it is dark or light is very easy. What’s difficult is figuring out your undertone. But, don’t worry because you can do different methods to know what yours.

Usually, the differentiation is warm and cool undertones. The first one includes a lot of green and yellow. The second undertone, on the other hand, includes a lot of blue or red.

If simply looking at the mirror doesn’t work, you can try this home method:

  • Take a look at your veins. Do they seem greener? If yes, then you are warm-toned. You are cool-toned, on the other hand, if the veins seem more purple.
  • Get different items with colors like red, orange, blue, yellow, and green. Get dark hues, if you have dark skin. On the other hand, get pastels if you have lighter skin.

Then, hold each up against your skin. The shade that matches and blends in – is the predominant color of your undertone.

Some people might be orange, which can be identified as cool, while others are perfectly neutral. This can be a pretty complicated method, so if you think you can’t figure it out on your own, you can go to your hairstylist or ask a professional about it.

Best Hair Color for Skin Tone

1.  L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme

L'Oreal Paris Excellence Creme

The L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme is a permanent hair dye that comes with a Triple Protection Technology that will help keep the dye sealed, replenished, and conditioned, even after a couple of weeks. It also has full gray coverage that can mask all those stubborn gray hairs.

Excellence Creme can last for up to 8 weeks and you can choose from 38 different shades to suit your preferences. From Jet Black to Ash Blonde, this product will give you a rich and vibrant hue.

Some of its ingredients include collagen, Pro-Keratin Complex, and Ceramide, which all work together to keep your locks healthy, during the coloring process and afterward.


  • Comes with five times more conditioner compared to other brands
  • Has collagen, Ceramide, and Pro-Keratin Complex
  • You can choose from 38 various shades
  • Has Triple Protection Technology
  • Can fully cover gray hair


  • For lighter hair, the result can be darker than expected

2. Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Hair Color Creme

Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Hair Color Creme

This permanent hair dye from Garnier contains different nutrient-rich oils that can help keep your tresses nourished while maintaining a fresh, shiny color for weeks.

Some of the oils included in Nutrisse’s formula came from shea, olive, and avocado, which are all known for its great hair benefits like keeping it soft, moisturized, and silky. The package also comes with an ampoule made from grapeseed fruit oil, which can be mixed directly to the dye for added nourishment.

You can choose from 58 different shades, too. It comes in a creme form with a Color Boost System to deliver great coverage even on dark tresses. You will also get a complete dye kit when you buy one, so it’s very convenient to use.


  • Comes with different fruit oils for more nourished hair and richer color
  • You will get a grapeseed fruit oil ampoule in the package
  • The package also comes with a complete dyeing kit
  • Has 58 different shades
  • Color Boost System for greater coverage


  • The gray coverage won’t last very long on most hair types

3. Phergal Naturtint Hair Color 5N Light Chestnut Brown

Phergal Naturtint Hair Color 5N Light Chestnut Brown

Do you have a sensitive scalp or damaged tresses? Then, the Phergal Naturtint might be the right option for you.

Instead of using parabens or ammonia, this product uses seed and plant oils to keep your scalp and hair healthy and protected, during and after the coloring process. You will get 100% coverage for both natural and gray tresses, too.

You can choose from 32 different shades. And since its ingredients are natural and very gentle, you can also use it to color your brows.


  • No parabens and ammonia
  • Uses seed and plant oils
  • 100% natural and gray hair coverage
  • With 32 different shades to choose from
  • Different shades can be mixed
  • Can be used in eyebrows


  • Fades quickly
  • Leave the dye for the exact time noted on its label

4. Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color

Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful ColorRevlon Colorsilk comes with a 3D Color Gel Technology that can help boost the shade of your tresses. Other than that, this feature will also help add dimensionality and definition to your locks, making it look more natural and multi-tonal.

Just like Phergal Naturtint, it doesn’t contain ammonia as well. So, if your scalp is sensitive, this is a great choice for you.

It can cover gray hair and will protect it against harmful UV rays, thanks to its enriched UV defense. Keep your locks vibrant, healthy, and shiny with Revlon’s Colorsilk Beautiful Color.


  • 3D Color Gel Technology to boost the hair dye
  • Ammonia-free
  • 100% gray coverage
  • Comes with UV Defense
  • Complete dyeing kit included


  • Doesn’t last for a month

5. L’Oreal Age Perfect by Excellence

L'Oreal Age Perfect by Excellence

Do you have a lot of gray strands? If your answer is yes, then you should try the L’Oreal Age Perfect permanent hair dye. This is specifically formulated for mature tresses, providing a more flattering shade and layered tone.

Other than that, your hair will also look thicker and fuller with this product as it comes with a Layered Tone Technology.

Age Perfect has a Pro-Keratin Complex that will keep your locks healthy and shiny, too. It comes with 14  different shades that can cover 70% gray tresses.


  • Covers 70% gray tresses
  • Choose from 14 different shades
  • Formulated for mature hair
  • Has Pro-Keratin Complex
  • Layered-Tone Technology for a fuller, thicker appearance


  • Not really great for dark hair
  • Can fade easily when shampooed too often

Best Hair Color for Skin Tone Chart – Buyer’s Guide

Buying a hair color can be a challenging task, especially if you’re a beginner. With a wide range of options available in the market today, you need a user guide that can help you find the right brand for your tresses.

Here are some of the factors that you should consider before buying:

Ease of use

You won’t be able to achieve the look that you want if the hair dye is not easy to use. That is why you should look for a brand that offers you convenience and comfortability.

Does it come with either a brush, a foam, or a comb? Take a look at the description of each item to know what’s included in the package.

If you’re dyeing your hair at home, you can also look at some customer reviews online to make sure that the result you’ll get is the same as what you’ll get in salons. For temporary dyes, make sure to get a product that can leave your tresses manageable after coloring.


Make sure that the product you’re eyeing offers full coverage. Can it cover-up the gray, old, or faded strands? If your answer is no, then you should look for another option that has it.

However, you should be cautious and do in-depth research on each product because most brands claim that they offer full coverage, even if it’s not true.

Who would want to dye their hair every two or three weeks just because the product they use fades easily? I think no one.

That is why coverage is important. A good, high-quality permanent dye can last for up to 6 weeks. Temporary ones, on the other hand, should last for one or two days, even if you’re wearing a hat, under the rain, or sweating after an exercise.


Look for a product that offers not just full coverage, but safe and natural ingredients, too.

If the product doesn’t include ingredients that can keep your hair healthy, then you should opt for another option. Some of these ingredients include plant extracts, Pro-Keratin Complex, and Collagen. They can nourish and protect your tresses from harmful ingredients like peroxide.

Ingredients matter, so always check the label of each item. By doing this, your hair will stay richly-dyed and soft.


If you only need a temporary dye for a day or two, you can opt for temporary dyes like wax or root sprays. They only cost less than $10.

For permanent dyes, on the other hand, you will be able to get inclusions like gloves and a small tube of conditioner for items that cost $10 to 15.

The products with a price range between $15 to 35 are already expensive. However, you will surely get a great, full-coverage color for your hair. Some items included in this price range are leave-in treatments, gloves, mixing bowl, and conditioner.

Keep your locks healthy and shiny

Healthy and shiny hair

Your hair color can fade after a couple of weeks if it’s not maintained properly. And since dyes contain different chemicals, it can damage your locks in the long run. That is why you should take care of your tresses and keep its color long-lasting. But, how?

Take a look at the tips below

    1. Don’t shampoo it right away.

The cuticle layer of your locks is still open after the color treatment, so you shouldn’t wash it right away. If it’s still open, the color will be washed out of your hair.

You have to wait for 3 days or 72 hours before washing or shampooing your tresses again to make sure that the cuticles are already closed. If you want the color to last longer, you can wait for more than 3 days before shampooing again.

This will allow the pigment to soak more into the cuticle, making the dye long-lasting.

    2. Avoid hot showers.

Hot showers are amazing. However, you should avoid it when you have color-treated hair because it can open the cuticles of your tresses. The dye can be washed out, too, when this happens.

You can shampoo your locks with warm water and rinse it with cold water after applying your conditioner. The warm water will help your scalp absorb the shampoo and conditioner, while the cold water will help seal the moisture and keep the dye from fading away.

    3. Use dry shampoo.

You can use color-safe dry shampoos instead of the usual shampoo, after your appointment to the stylist so your locks can still look refreshed. This can make you look like you just had a hair blowout even if you aren’t washing it.

If you need to revamp your color at home, you can opt for a color-tinted dry shampoo, too.

    4.  Add dye on the conditioner.

When washing your hair, try to mix a little bit of dye on your conditioner. This will help make the color of your strands look brighter and fresh, even after a couple of weeks.

You will be able to retouch the color as your hair grows. This is suitable for dyes like blue, pink, or purple.

    5. Wash your locks every other day.

If you want to keep the color bright and long-lasting, you shouldn’t wash your tresses on a daily basis – you should only wash it every other day so that its natural oils won’t wash off.

The color can be removed when you wash your locks daily, too. So, only do it 2 to 3 times per week.

Conclusion – Best Hair Color for Skin Tone

Young lady with hair dye

Figuring out the right hair color can be challenging. But, if you already know your skin’s undertone, it will be easier for you to determine what color is suitable for you – all you have to do is take a look at the best hair color for skin tone chart above.

For me, the best hair color brand would be L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme. This is because it offers a lot of great benefits for your locks.

It has a Triple Protection Technology, collagen, Ceramide, and Pro-Keratin Complex. Other than that, it can also fully cover gray strands and helps keep it nourished and healthy, during and after the treatment.

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