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About Me

Welcome to my Website! My name is Kalista M, an experienced hair stylist for 12 years who thrives on creating beautiful and gorgeous hair styles to compliment my clients attributes and provide exceptional service.

At the moment I own two branches of salon — one in Chicago and one in San Diego. Each of which is cutting edge, fun and highly artistic. Our clients’ roster is growing at such a rapid pace that my Kalista team can’t just keep up with the demand. I love interacting with people and co-beauty experts in in my journey of searching hair styling tools and products to meet my clients’ changing need and wants.

You know all those outlandish combs, giant Velcro hair rollers or bonnet dryers that you never see anywhere but in the hair salon? Well, you can find these almost everywhere and cheaper if you just know where to look. And that’s exactly what this site is all about. I wanted to share you my in-depth knowledge of how to care for your hair because I do believe that beauty is meant to be shared.

So go ahead and help yourself with in depth articles from choosing the right professional gadgets – from hair straighteners, curling tools, and hair dryers. Know the right hair shampoo, conditioner, protectant and other hair products that best suit your hair type and condition. Find some Do-it-Yourself tutorials from beachy waves to sleek updos and learn updated hairstyles and trends among many others. I’ve got you all covered!